Pikachu uses… Foot Massage?

Pikachu uses… Foot Massage?

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  1. Melvin Shine says:

    If that Octillery was helping make takoyaki it would be strangely ironic.

  2. Rebecca Burk says:

    Lol when psyduck speaks after putting his foot up to pikachu it was adorable lol

  3. ASH3R 1 says:

    This cured my Sonic Trailer depression

  4. TNovix says:

    Never knew how much we needed a talking Pikachu.

    Thank you, Ryan!

    • Joslyn Vazquez says:

      TNovix If we’re gonna have talking Pokemon, can Tom Holland at least play..like a Minccino or an Oshawott next film since he couldn’t voice Pikachu??

    • Dev Alphamon says:

      +Joslyn Vazquez i hope we get to hear pokemon fron pikachu’s perspective atleast once in this movie

  5. Balloon Person says:

    I needed to cleanse my eyes after watching the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer.

  6. Mixey says:

    Why couldn’t they make Sonic this adorable

  7. Rachel Taylor says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us after the monstrosity of sonic was shown yesterday

  8. Goku Black says:

    *looks at this*
    Ah how they have made pikachu into such an elegant creature

    *looks at sonic*

    *Look how they massacred my boy*

    • Chibi says:

      +gokaury They would have been better off just using the Sonic 06 model instead…

    • Anthony says:

      Apparently, the studio that designed sonic was also the studio that created the cutscenes in the later Halos and Halo 2 Anniversary. It’s baffling to know such a talented studio ended up creating… sonic.

    • GK Killzone says:

      Anthony your right is is baffling, I guess doing realistic cartoon is just not there strong suit

    • Keely May says:

      ??? Tbh

    • I_360_No_scoped_JFK says:

      Goku Black Looks like one of those Down syndrome cat videos but the cat fell in blue paint.

  9. Chimichanga says:

    *watched first Detective Pikachu trailer*

    *watches sonic the hedgehog trailer*

    *watches another Detective Pikachu trailer*

  10. Talendale says:

    After that Sonic abomination, I at least needed a Bouffalant rampage to cleanse my mental palate.

    And Ryan, you delivered. With a foot massage. We are forever in your debt.

  11. Maha says:

    The animators did an amazing job with the pokemon. They look great.

  12. RobertoTV says:

    It feels refreshing watching one of these trailers after the hedgehog

  13. FrameRxter says:

    This Movie really makes you feel like pikachu

  14. MrWarNoob says:

    Ryan Reynolds secretly knew that we needed a Detective Pikachu trailer to cleanse our minds of that Sonic model


  15. Ixpextion says:

    Well I got revived from that nasty blue hedgehog

  16. Average Internet Surfer says:

    Through out my entire life, I never had an interest in Pokémon. This movie might make change my mind.
    Also I want a Pikachu plushie.

  17. Adam Rapey says:

    Detective pikachu: *outsells the sonic movie’s entire time in theaters in one day*

    Sonic: Meow?

  18. Kittytoast says:

    god, comparing this to the sonic trailer, i knew this was better i just forgot HOW much better this was (visually mainly but also story wise)

  19. Spongebob SquarePants says:

    VFX Artists: How cute do you want Pikachu

    Director: Yes

  20. P D says:

    When this movie’s trailer got released, I was skeptical, but after finding out about Dora’s movie, I realized how much better Detective Pikachu is. Now, with Sonic on the line, ah, I surely find peace watching Pikachu instead, lol.

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