Pixels – Official Trailer (HD) – Summer 2015

Pixels – Official Trailer (HD) – Summer 2015

This summer, it’s game on or game over! When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games. Watch as the arcaders

Join the Arcaders to save earth:

Download Dojo Quest, inspired by our female heroine, Lady Lisa (played by Ashley Benson)

Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Ashley Benson and Brian Cox
Directed by: Chris Columbus

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19 Responses

  1. Ersan Seer says:

    If you want to see a grown-up movie about video games, wait for Ready
    Player One. If that movie is half as good as the book I’ll be happy.

  2. DaileyWithBailey says:

    This looks like a fun movie. 

  3. MrGaryTOnline says:

    To all the people that say Futurama did it, it didn’t look that cool

  4. Smirky says:

    I feel as if this is one of those movies where the trailer is better than
    the actual movie itself. While I too am admittedly skeptical, and even
    willing to go indulge in the cheeziness, I don’t really think I’d like to
    find such a comical effect in a video game movie that this appears to show.
    What fans want to see is action, and while I sensed a few exciting tidbits
    here and there, the concept just comes out with an dull reveal.

    At first, I was excited to see the trailer, having not seen a video game
    film since Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph. As a matter of fact, I personally
    enjoyed Wreck-It-Ralph for the unique, action packed storyline it brought
    to the table, truly bringing out an exciting concept towards the audience.
    When I finished seeing the movie, I wanted to watch it again, since I was
    just that excited from the first second to the ending credits. Sure, part
    of me could say this due to certain appearances from Sonic, Bowser, and
    characters in that area. However, despite originally seeing the movie for
    that reason, I actually fell in love with that plot, which surprised me
    considering certain character appearances had really urged me to go see it,
    rather than the initial storyline.

    Who knows, I could totally prove myself wrong after seeing the movie, and
    find out that it’s worthwhile. Yet, despite a few moments where I laughed
    to myself, this trailer provided me with that cheesy, unsatisfying reaction
    that I despise of with movies. Let’s face it, the fans want to see an
    original and captivating twist in the specific franchises they love.

    In the end, this movie could go either way, but I don’t see as much success
    in the long run. I do have lots of high respect in the process that went
    behind the movie, absolutely. It seems as if the script is lacking in
    selling to the modern-day audience, I suppose. I’ll just wait for Sony to
    finish up that Sonic the Hedgehog movie they mentioned back in June 2014.
    Hopefully then that “live action/CGI film” will provide more of a modern,
    action-packed experience without getting too corny.

    #QOTD : Any franchises you guys would like to see made into a movie? I’ve
    overheard lots of Zelda fans wanting some love. For some reason, I’d like
    to see a live action film of a *crossover* between Mario and Sonic. That’d
    definitely be something more exciting, rather than some silly olympic
    games. :P

  5. Noah Gonzales says:

    This movie looks good. No matter what you people say. We all have our own
    opinions but this movie is going to be awesome. 2015 is going to be the
    year of all movies. I’ve been saying it since 2012 people. 

  6. Travis Lester says:

    1:38 Did anybody see the Lady Lisa Dojoquest pop in?

  7. BOSS says:


  8. LaughingWolf131 says:

    i gotta see this

  9. JSeamo TheGreatAndPowerful says:

    Looks rubbish

  10. silencio117x says:

    This will be so….so bad.

  11. JSeamo TheGreatAndPowerful says:

    Stuck a destiny reference in there. Not sure if it was intentional thpugh

  12. Dougla Don says:

    Looks like crap but will still watch cuz its fricken Oac Man n Donkey Kong.
    Any movie with them and Mario I will watch.

  13. Jordan Faust says:

    The alien’s need quarters, a million allowances worth of quarters, so they
    can do their dirty laundry. Have you smelled Donkey Kong’s loincloth? I
    wonder if they come from planet Nintendoo 64. Tremble in fear at their 3
    different kinds of ships. Drop down, reverse direction!

  14. Macmillan Campbell says:

    My dad’s band member and friend is in this movie xD as the news person at
    the end of the movie

  15. Madara Uchiha says:

    Watching this….

  16. Eamonn Kelly says:

    What the hell is that at 1:38

  17. Mario1080p says:

    Not sure how I feel about Tōru Iwatani be a victim to a predictable scene.

  18. Boozer the Artist says:

    worst movie of all time ?

  19. The Klespyrian says:

    Was that Tyrion? This was quite a place to hide from his family.