Play Drums Without a Drum Set!

Play Drums Without a Drum Set!

Aerodrums motion-capture electronic drum kit allows you to play drums without drums!
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What’s cooler than being a rock star drummer? How about being a rock star drummer with an invisible drum kit!

Aerodrums is a musical instrument without the instrument. Instead of reverberating skins stretched over tubes, simply drum on the air in front of you.

The reflectors on the drumsticks are captured by the included camera and interpreted as drum hits by free software you download on your own computer. The result is an amazing way to experiment with music that actually creates impressively realistic sounds without requiring a dedicated space for a kit!

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71 Responses

  1. StrongRuler says:

    like really cool.

  2. Mvp1974 PlayZ says:


  3. kremit the frog says:

    Next up: how to cry without tears

  4. 1,000 Subs Without Any Videos says:

    I’m early time to say something clever

    Something clever

  5. Cakeii says:

    Now I wanna buy this, but I suck at the drums lol

  6. King Arthas Menethil says:

    Finally I can play in the air tonight

  7. Chicken lady Chicken says:

    Thus was the first time I ever liked a video first!!!!!!!!!

  8. Danny Gula says:

    Did you know that before Vat19 Joey, Jon and myself were in a band?

  9. Kwinny Studios says:

    How to bleed without blood

  10. Jye Tucker says:

    Next up: how to eat without food

  11. kitsume bun says:

    How are people commenting before the video finish?

  12. No subs please says:

    200 dollars. Good concept, and a reasonable price if you think about the tech that comes with this. So I don’t wanna see no complaining about the price.

    • Friby says:

      I had a plug and play version of this for $15

    • Coolkids _10121 says:

      Wtf I could buy a real drum set lol

    • GrayishEyes says:

      You can buy a real electronic drum set for 200

    • Gnarly Charly says:

      A decent used drum set (from pearl or comparable companies) can be found, with relative ease, for $200.
      It just seams like a gimmick to me and I can’t see this working well. Mainly due to no haptic feedback and the reviews/demo videos having a decent amount of mishits/wrong drums being triggered.
      I honestly just don’t see it as an alternative to a beginners drum set, let alone learning to drum. I can see a lot of nasty habits potentially being born, learning with this and not a proper drum/electric drum set.

    • No subs please says:

      Tamcat 21 sorry, I’m not a real drummer or anything. I just commented without actually thinking how your wrists would feel. I just though it was worth it since you get multiple kinds of drum sets and don’t need much space or anything to do it, but you’re the expert πŸ™‚

  13. Prank LOL says:

    omg😱 5million subscribers I hope one day I gonna have 5million subscribers but I never gonna getπŸ˜•πŸ˜”

  14. Em Buendia says:

    Next video: how post a video without camera and wifi

  15. Jon Stamm says:

    My honest opinion about this product: it’s perfect for someone who’s thinking about learning the drums before buying a full drum set. Totally works. Drummer approved.

  16. DELTA 11 says:

    You know that it isn’t 1 April today right?

  17. Emily S. says:


  18. N Fus says:

    Im the invisible drum.
    _Im the invisible drum._

  19. WETT says:

    What if I accidentally walk through my invisible drum set?

  20. ValorousArcanine says:

    Fren: What instrument do you play?
    Me: I play air.

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