Players in tears! Incredible scenes at the final whistle as Liverpool win a SIXTH Champions League

Players in tears! Incredible scenes at the final whistle as Liverpool win a SIXTH Champions League

Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi both score as Liverpool win a sixth Champions League trophy with a 2-0 victory over Tottenham at the Wanda Metropolitano. The scenes after the final whistle was blow were incredible to say the least…

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47 Responses

  1. Loko JaJaJa says:

    Origi was like Ant Man in End Game. Very important character

  2. Neil Lynch says:

    ‘In a stadium called Wanda, we won it SIX times…’ 😀

  3. Mohith S says:

    Shaqiri last year – relegated
    Shaqiri this year – champions league winner

    Well, that escalated quickly

  4. Fantasy's Land says:

    Klopp is the best manager, he wins with Liverpool..

  5. khadar mohamed says:

    Congratulation liverpool fc n fans. And more specialy Klopp he deserves a trophy this year.

  6. M Amin says:

    Liverpool,Klopp,fans,beautiful to watch
    They deserve ? respect

  7. Paige Leigh says:

    From a Wigan Athletic fan.

  8. Ina Dahir says:

    Deserved❤️ Congratulations from Real Madrid Fan ?

  9. Christian Juarez says:

    Congratulations Liverpool for your title . From a River Plate fan

  10. Kevin Baxter says:

    Congrats Liverpool play good football gr8 manager awesome songs from Fans!!

  11. Arief Fajar Gumilar says:

    BIG respect for that reporter who lets mo & taa celebrate with the fans first, I’m going to get my BT sport subscription!!

  12. Mohammad Ayub says:

    Congrats Liverpool FC, A Fully Deserved Win

    Happy for Klopp and Mo Salah as my two favourite persons in Liverpool

    Love From Manchester City Fan

  13. GOTFan says:

    As A barcelona fan, congratulations to Liverpool, fully fully deserved!

  14. Dina M says:

    @3:50 lol..the boys were polite and kept standing until the reporter told them it’s ok to go
    what a night! <3

  15. Cody Murphy says:

    Coutinho:”I don’t think if Liverpool is good enough to win the champions League”
    Liverpool:hold my rebina!!! Karma at it’s best.

  16. Ricky Goh says:

    Lucas Moura hattrick hero on bench?? Kane played and hardly touch the ball. Good game plan

  17. Navas cv says:

    I wanted barca to win.. but im happy liverpool won from all those final losses.. klopp and the players deserved it better than anyone..

  18. Adrian Ramirez says:

    The players can finally touch the THE THIS IS ANFIELD sign

  19. Daniel Aritonang says:

    Final UCL 2018 : infinity war
    Final UCL 2019 : end game

  20. TheRealSteph says:

    Liverpool fan here. Much respect to Spurs who play great football, and the fans who are just as awesome and passionate as us Kopites. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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