PM schools reporter on quantum computing during press conference

PM schools reporter on quantum computing during press conference

Justin Trudeau responds to a flip question from reporter with a good-natured, not-so-flip answer. To read more:

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20 Responses

  1. Sherman Herritt says:

    Wait, your PM knows science?!

    Can they do that in politics?

    I don’t even anymore. My whole life is a lie.

  2. Style Division says:

    A tech geek somehow managed to sneak into public office and I couldn’t be
    happier :)

  3. Zurassh says:

    Goddam, Canada. Here I thought Obama was smart but PM Trudeau is a genius.

  4. Banka says:

    C U C K

  5. Anne-Marie J. Small Officials says:

    I also vote for Canada as the next president of the United States.

  6. 5Oblivion says:

    Canada, please, *never* let this man leave office

  7. daguchful says:

    Wow he memorized that real well! No TelePrompTer or anything! And look at
    all those equations behind him, this definitely wasn’t staged or anything.
    I bet he was working on that board right before he started his speech. Nope
    definitely not staged at all! Wow

  8. Progressive Report says:

    Please elect Bernie Sanders, USA. Maybe in the future, we can get a leftist
    like Justin Trudeau.

  9. Alexander Breems says:

    Guy reminds me of a Disney hero.

  10. Oliver Clozzoff says:

    Girl on the right wants to smash right there.

  11. sirRoby18 says:

    I want to see the face of that reporter :)

  12. RememberTheElephant says:

    nice work reading the wiki article trudeau, a true substitute teacher.

  13. Andi Pee says:

    Wait…. This guy is the leader of a country? And we about to be stuck with
    Trump? Wtf!?

  14. Mike Jones (MC Beast) says:

    Hehe, what if Harper was still the PM?

  15. 460leylmatt says:

    He repeats himself 3 times.

  16. yankeeluver100 says:

    I hate this guy.

  17. Abdelhafidh says:

    I remember my first presentation at the univ, it was about Quantum Computer
    and I was so stressed :p

  18. Sumi Xavier says:

    He just became a lot hotter :D

  19. Latent Soul says:

    Yay everyone loves Justin Trudeau – now does anyone wanna talk about the 12
    billion dollar arms sale they made to Saudi Arabia?

  20. johnnyr25 says:

    Can I propose a United North America under Trudeau?