Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl & Pokemon Legends Arceus Reaction | Austin John Plays

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl & Pokemon Legends Arceus Reaction | Austin John Plays

The Pokemon Presents February 2021 unveiled two new pokemon games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as well as Pokemon Legends Arceus, here’s the reaction

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61 Responses

  1. REVERSAL says:


  2. TheInspirationalMind says:

    I am so glad I wasn’t the only one who had buffering issues 😂

  3. Shiny Eevee 14 says:


  4. Cameron Moore says:

    Pokémon: says anything
    Austin: I have an intro for that.

  5. CeriMonNGP says:

    youtube servers when more than 445k people watch a premiere: windows xp noises

  6. Furret of the Fall says:

    Me: About to point out he called Rowlet Rufflet

  7. Moonstone says:

    At first when they revealed the Legends of Arceus i was hoping we’d finally be getting our Pokemon MMO. But the mention of the starters being from other regions hopefully means this game might expand over time. Fingers crossed

  8. Sharon Yaroshetsky says:

    Fans : “You botched the old Arceus event”
    Nintendo : “Here, a game that is focused around Arceus”

  9. Jelena E says:

    Legends is literally what I’ve been waiting for from Pokémon, some type of open world where you can explore everywhere and everything. So excited for that

  10. Lumiose Trainer Zac says:


  11. The Nintendo Gamer says:

    Sinnoh Remakes = okay
    Sinnoh Premakes = YES OMG

    • Saltysweetteeth says:

      @Merciless Freak the games haven’t even been released yet. so stop complaining we just have to wait and see.

    • Redstonecat123 says:

      @Merciless Freak Are you kidding? Breath of the Sinnoh looks great!

    • LofiFuture 06 says:

      @Merciless Freak I have hope for Legends, especially since it’s releasing next year although it’d be nicer if it were postponed even later so it can be better, but I’m super disappointed with the DP remakes

    • Spider-Man Can’t see says:

      Sinnoh premakes look great and it’s a really smart idea, and the remakes really arnt the best but I’m glad they are making them anyway

    • artery says:

      @PHAT PANDA wow you got him there bro ! how dare he has an opinion !!!

  12. Triston Stringer says:

    AJ: “Pleasant Pearl”
    Me: yes

  13. Kylie says:

    So funny seeing Austin’s calm reaction to the leak being real vs watching aDrive having a stroke on his Twitch stream earlier

  14. Real Black Lion says:

    2019: pokemon fans upset over the trees in the wild area
    Game freak: “fine we’ll get someone else to make the next main series game!”

  15. Echoxz MOVING CHANNELS says:

    “But another story awaits “

  16. Fiasco Jones says:

    See, I feel like SwSh was GF’s testing grounds for how they’d approach a switch game.

  17. minefish says:

    Austin called my favorite starter “rufflet”

    • PenguinFlames says:

      My favorite grass type starter is rowlet
      But point for is sinnoh is sinnoh, I never played D/P/Pl, so these switch games I will be buying up (BP and legends arceus most likely)

  18. IDKHQ 4 says:

    Im happy that the pokemon dont teleport to a different dimension when in a pokemon battle in pokemon legends arceus, im also happy that it seems like the pokemon actually come in contact when using an attack

  19. Thunder Bro says:

    It actually makes sense that Pokémon legends arceus dosnt have the sinnoh starters since the sinnoh dex didn’t even exist so those Pokémon probably weren’t even considered starters and so you use a Pokémon that are starters from the visiting regions.

  20. Jake Streams says:

    All those “Furret Walks Up The Escelator Until D&P Remakes Release” are all quaking.

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