Pokémon Legends: Arceus – A World of Adventure Awaits in Hisui – Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – A World of Adventure Awaits in Hisui – Nintendo Switch

Get ready for a new kind of grand, Pokémon adventure in Pokémon™ Legends: Arceus, a brand-new game from Game Freak that blends action and exploration with the RPG roots of the Pokémon series. ESRB Rating: EVERYONE.

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49 Responses

  1. Matias Keränen says:

    I’m looking forward to this one as it seems to be driving pokemon in a new direction, which is something the series has needed at least since sun/moon. The one thing I fear though is how well this runs on the switch. Most trailers we’ve seen have had at least a bit of framerate inconsistencies. Botw proved that it’s very much possible to do a great and a good-looking open world game on the switch, so I hope the guys working on this will succeed at that too

    • Rowlet says:

      @Madness Arcade What fake fan would be concerned about a game they don’t care about. Its not like people here don’t like pokemon but there is a point where you have to draw the line. You are speaking as if its wrong for fans not to like something.

    • Olam Daniel says:

      @Mason Colangelo I’m not in charge of the hiring department but do know that Gamefreak, the staff that create the majority of Pokemon games, and The Pokemon Company which handles almoat every other Pokemon related product are two entirely different teams.

      I WOULD LOVE for Nintendo or Pokemon Comapany to support Gamefreak like Nintendo supports Mario, Zelda, and Metroid when it comes to staff for the creation of the games. But unfortunately they don’t. And Gamefreak still has to push these games with the small staff they have while people compare products to other products when its all apples and oranges.

    • Mason Colangelo says:

      @Olam Daniel they are different teams, but they work together, and there is more than enough money that comes around to them to employ more than 100 people (or whatever number it is) for such an important and largely anticipated game. I’m not complaining as I’m not critical of Pokemon generally and I enjoy the games either way, but I think mentioning their staff size as something to take into account is something that should outrage fans even more because they are choosing to work on these massive games with a small number of people when looking at the grand scheme of all the work that should be going into it. I think it’ll be a great game, but it’s sad to hear it might not scale up to a different, similar game because they have less staff, when they had all the money to provide more staff to create these games to the best of their ability

    • Mason Colangelo says:

      @Olam Daniel I understand all you are saying though. It’s just a shame if either one of them (Pokemon Company or GameFreak) aren’t fully supporting each other when they very well could

    • Hanskah says:

      What if it sucks?

  2. Patterrz says:

    I’m excited that we’re getting a new take on Pokemon games, hopefully the overworld doesn’t feel empty

    • Xolerys says:

      @Mr. Fox that’s how breath of the wild looks like from gameplay, but it’s absolutely alot of fun playing it

    • The Gamers State says:

      I feel bad for all the pour souls that are going into this game expecting it to be like Zelda BOTW.
      For those of you out of the loop; It’s been confirmed that this game isn’t open world and is more like small areas similar to Monster Hunter. Is that a bad thing? No, it could actually be a good thing, but expecting it to be “Breath of the Wild Pokemon Edition” is only gonna disappoint you.

    • Andy says:

      @The Gamers State f in the chat for those who don’t pay attention

    • Mr. Fox says:

      @Xolerys What? Breath of the Wild looks nothing like that …

    • Xolerys says:

      @Mr. Fox breath of the wild is the #1 comparison to this game…. That’s what everyone is saying Legends Arceus looks like

  3. Hawlo says:

    So Arceus HAS to be the final boss… right?

  4. Pommfritzon says:

    I am looking forward to this, but at the same time I’m a little sceptical. It looks a little rough visually, and my biggest concern is that the world is going to be too empty. I really hope I’m wrong because this is exactly the new direction that Pokemon needs and I really want it to be good.

    • Psuedo Nym says:

      @Min point to the part of the video with framerate issues anywhere near the level of first trailer Chingling, and I’ll take you seriously.

    • Min says:

      @Psuedo Nym its a promotional video not even a month before release, you think they are gonna allow to show framerate issues in the video? Use your head. Just cus theres no framerate issues here doesn’t mean its not possible we wont see some in the actual game. Of course its possible that there will be none but this is gamefreak were talking about

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot says:

      @Min Can u stop the “BUt iTs gAMe FReAk wE’rE TAlkiNg ABouT” crap? I understand they made mistakes but to act like theyre cramming MicroTs down out throats or that they became the new CDPR is stupid. They’re trying to do something new and the framerate in later trailers look alot better (plus, botw had some of those too)

    • Hanskah says:

      Considering the short development time, your fears are going to be proven righter than you’d like.

    • Murasaki Renea says:

      Same,like I don’t want it to be another BOTW. Visually pleasing but after that it just feels empty

  5. Nikachu says:

    0:22 Damn, that poor chimecho got TORCHED 💀

  6. Nikolas Alexiou says:

    Cautiously optimistic about this game. I would really like to see a more hands-on gameplay video of this game to get a better feeling of how the game runs & is played. So far we’ve been seeing more of the same snippets every passing week with a few small additions.

    • Rachad Lendar says:

      @BaconNuke because nothing they showed was good

    • Konig der Welt says:

      I definitely agree but also for once pokemon isn’t spoiling the entire game in the marketing

    • 9to10 Gaming says:

      You shouldn’t be. It’s gone be trash. They would’ve shown some extended gameplay footage if it wasn’t

    • Laggalot101 says:

      @BaconNuke It’s a balancing act in the end, isn’t it? Showing much, or showing little, it’s not a binary question. I think it’s fair to be concerned that them showing so little may indicate that there simply isn’t much *to* show.

      I’m of the opinion that BDSP had this exact issue before its release, communication on the game was rather light. And when we finally got more concrete information, the concerns proved substantiated. That was of, of course, a remake, so naturally it is at a disadvantage in this argument, but still. It would be a terrible shame if that ended up being the fate of Legends Arceus as well. Let’s hope we are wrong.

    • KingWill143 says:

      @David Camarena and this is why Pokemon will never evolve because of people like you. Even if we’re not the target audience anymore, it still doesn’t mean they should do the bare minimum. It’s disrespectful to older fans who’ve grown up playing these games and also the new fans too.

  7. Storm Reach says:

    This seems like such a great idea, I can’t wait to sit with my fingers crossed until weeks after the release when reviewers have showed us whether it’s worth the price or not. Not to be cynical, I love Pokemon, but the last time I truly loved a Pokemon game was ORAS so here’s hoping this release is a breath of fresh air

    • My Uncle Works For Nintendo says:

      ​@SuperVini310 Right, I was just saying what I want ideally. This is a step in that direction. They’ve at least altered the flow of battles a bit. It also looks like they’ve mixed in some of the Let’s Go mechanics too, where you can throw a pokeball at the start of an encounter and there’s a chance you will catch it without having to battle.

    • Hanskah says:

      You can’t always trust reviewers, and that goes for both the corporate ones as well as independent reviewers. The Cyberpunk 2077 disaster wasn’t just a case of professional game reviewers shilling a game they clearly had little experience with. It was also a case of independent reviewers doing that same crap. Look at Skillup and YongYea. They both lied about how great Cyberpunk 2077 is.

    • Storm Reach says:

      @Hanskah True, but better to get some footage of how it plays. I don’t care too much for the reviews themselves, I just want to see the game, maybe watch the first couple hours of a stream on it

    • BLZRDD says:

      Lol if you’re a Pokémon fan and you don’t buy this.. you’re definitely NOT a Pokémon fan… end of story

  8. Man Quail says:

    I like it conceptually but idk how well this one is going to tap into its potential given their current track record. If nothing else at least they’re trying new things.

    • Senseless mind says:

      @Zero1 Action If that’s the definition of an RPG, most games would be one.

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot says:

      @Zero1 Action Ok then, explain how Metroid isnt an RPG

    • Hanskah says:

      Isn’t Game Freak in the habit of giving younger, inexperienced staff members control over their projects?

    • Zero1 Action says:

      @SkullerClawer Bandicoot Metroid is not a RPG because you aren’t given choice that gives consequences.
      Majoras mask shows it the best in the series because in that game choices affects the world of Termina .
      In OoT there is choices like planting beans and the future shows it grows into a plant that you can ride around.

      The OG Zelda would be classified as RPG because during the time games like metroid and Castlevania because they didn’t give you a choice of buying an item or having simple NPC’s like merchants

    • Kirayne says:

      This is my thoughts. Optimistic but cautious.

  9. AidanB says:

    I’m gonna be honest, as much as I like the concept the game looks pretty bare and we’re like almost 3 weeks out from launch. It just looks really unpolished and uninspired to me right now, and knowing Game Freak nowadays, I’m probably right on the money about that. I’m going to wait to see what people say about this one.

    • AidanB says:

      Also as a side note, the game in general looks like a PS2 release, especially compared to Breath of the Wild, since that’ll be the game that this game is compared to most.

  10. Whoever I am says:

    This looks like it can be really good, I just hope that the world doesn’t feel to empty. Even if it is kind of empty, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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