Pokémon Presents | #Pokemon25

Pokémon Presents | #Pokemon25

February 26
7:00 a.m. PDT

Set your alarms now, Trainers. We’ve got some exciting news to share that you won’t want to miss!

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90 Responses

  1. Jeremy Judkins says:

    How is this lagging 😆

  2. noekje says:

    lets go bidooooof

  3. Retro-Spect says:

    Pokemon Arceus is my childhood dream!

  4. Sethica says:

    13:55 The Pokémon finally walk up to each other YES

  5. PhantaSm says:

    I just hope the starters in legends can evolve. I want a Decidueye walking around with me like a woodland shepherd spirit of the forest.

  6. Trevor Jamieson says:

    Ok, a question about the remakes that can be summed up in one word…


  7. Richard? says:

    Gamefreak saw links awakening remake and said “oh, ok!”

  8. ProtoMario says:


  9. Stoned_Muppet says:

    I’m trying my best to be cautiously optimistic here but man this has to be the best pokemon presents in years.
    Huge step in the right direction, but not quite there yet. The Sinnoh remakes just feel kinda off, Pokemon Legends is absolutely what gen 8 should have been.

    • ElixD.X.L says:

      To be honest, you don’t seem that optimistic but Ok it’s your opinion.

    • M Fielden says:

      @May the Science be with You algud 😂

    • illumisupremacy :0 says:

      @May the Science be with You I don’t even like the remakes that there gonna send out i only care about the open world one, i’m just saying this because the reason game freak keeps making bad unfinished games is because they are afraid to change, so i’m just happy that they r making games that fit both sides because let’s be honest they r never gonna change their formulaic ways.

    • BekkfXst says:

      I kinda hope they decide to continue with the Legends style of play even if they have to ditch the standard 8 gyms RPG format. Like c’mon, PKMN Legends Kyurem would be super cool.

    • sontraxOFFICIAL says:

      @MrSupersonic2012 they look like 3ds or mobile games

  10. CJ Mitchell says:

    Everyone finally got D/P remakes, then it’s immediately overshadowed (in my opinion, anyway) by Legends: Arceus

    • Fox Chandler says:

      @Ltlw21 they REMADE the game, down to how basic the characters are

    • Adrien Fuchsia55 says:

      No shit the graphics of the remakes were worse than sun and moons’

    • Radical Dreamer 1029 says:

      I actually kind of like the art style! I’m just hoping for megas to make a comeback. Maybe z-moves too, but I can live without them, honestly… they were fun, but megas were better. And a complete. Fucking. Pokédex. No lies or excuses, this time. With a new company at the helm (which, given the debacle that was Sw/Sh, doesn’t surprise me) I am hopeful. Still having my doubts, honestly, but I’m marginally hopeful.

    • Rukh Talos says:

      @EvilStorm101 We’ll probably still see Giratina involved in the story, or at the very least, some kind of tie like the delta episode.

    • V Down says:

      It is not D/P remake, it’s shit

  11. Alpharius Omegon says:

    The amount of nostalgia in this video is almost too much to bear

  12. Understandable Have a nice day says:

    Pokemon Arceus of the Wild!

    To be honest, this is what Sword and Shield should have been.

    • london says:

      I’m glad this is the game that’s s getting this after x/y pokemon felt garbage we finally get to feel that experience of fun again

    • Nico Dalusong says:

      Yeah sure but we wouldn’t have gotten PLA without Sword and Shield being their test bed game.

  13. Logan Renfrow says:

    Pokemon: Breath of the Wild? I’m down, especially if I get a Decidueye.

  14. Benjamin Schmitt says:

    The most important thing to take from D&P remakes: Furret’ll make it to the top of the escalator

  15. hopelyss romanteeq says:

    As long as Cynthia still beats me into a pulp I’m happy with this remake

  16. Hi Anime says:

    The whole video I was like…” Hey I remember that and that and that…Wait… Pokemon been around for 25 years, and I am 30….Oh I am old.”

  17. SILVER SPADES says:

    Pokemon is making a HUGE comeback

    • Xoreign says:

      @AnarickTheDevil Yeah, an open world pokemon game redefining some of the larger systems that have been in place for 25 years is a lazy cash grab.

    • May the Science be with You says:

      What comeback? Clearly you don’t know what the word comeback means. Pokemon ist he number one media franchise in the world has been for quite some time now. It is worth 100 billion. This is just the usual cash grab of that cheap greedy company. Little effort for max profit.

    • big'chz says:

      @AnarickTheDevil kid you’re stuck in 2019 find help

    • May the Science be with You says:

      @Alexis Padilla It’s fans like you that are ruining the franchise and preventing it from improving.

    • Sandslash Productions says:

      @May the Science be with You either that of you are ruining it for yourself by going into every new release with the mindset of it being a cash grab.

  18. Heather Irwin says:

    As cool as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are, it’s a bit of a shame we aren’t getting something like ‘Tempered Platinum.’ I was looking forward to watching Cyrus getting swallowed by the shadows of Giratina in HD.

  19. Finanzas En Familia says:

    So nostalgic

  20. Skyebunny777 says:

    so excited!

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