Pokémon: Twilight Wings | Episode 4 | Early-Evening Waves

Pokémon: Twilight Wings | Episode 4 | Early-Evening Waves

Reintroducing Nessa: beloved Galar region Gym Leader and model! She strives to be the best in both fields…but Chairman Rose advises her to focus on one path to have the most success. Will she sacrifice one dream in pursuit of the other?

Find out in the newest episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings!

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78 Responses

  1. Nadia Blue says:

    I just love the way they animated Nessa’s hair and facial expressions they are so cool!

  2. Rhythmloid says:

    Rose don’t make that face

  3. Eric Dewell says:

    QUEEN! She looks great, and this whole series is wonderful. I wish the anime also had a similar tone and style.

    • James 4theDoctor says:

      When you say the anime do you just mean in general, or do you know about a Sword/Shield anime release that I don’t know about?

  4. Shark bite 792 says:

    I love how they showed Nessa and Sonia’s friendship in this episode! There wasn’t really an interaction between them in Pokemon Sword and Shield though… and don’t think I didn’t see my girl Marnie with her Morpeko in the back of the cafe!

  5. KitKat 12 says:

    I saw marnie in the cafe

  6. Ride Wild says:

    1:12 marnie in the background

  7. Dazed says:

    Wait, that was a shiny Milotic in the credits!

  8. Seaborn Gaming says:

    Aww I love Sonia and Nessa’s friendship. Also Marnie in the background 😂. I’m loving these animations. Nessa is my favorite.

  9. Ben Roa says:

    Dude, three poses with no feedback needed and no retakes? She’s incredible!

  10. D Strom says:

    Sonia: Says yomp
    Everyone else: Confused screaming

  11. Nol OfTheQuest says:

    Huh, the milotic in the ending art is shiny. Maybe it was originally intended to be. That certainly would have added to the wow factor, and it would have recontextualized a few things pretty well, but if so I wonder why it was changed

    • Axl Nieves says:

      BluemanGaming that’s super well put!

    • mealo the otter says:

      Nol OfTheQuest yah wasn’t the feebas aslo

    • Cocoa Spots says:

      @BluemanGaming Shiny can also mean unique and rare, like an example of not many people are unique and strong and beautiful. That’s just my theory though.

    • Dog says:

      @Cocoa Spots Having it shiny would have made the scene a bit less relatable, as shiny-ness is so rare and draws attention. Having it not shiny shows that normal people get hurt, too. Plus it avoids the trope of “my one thing is special and different, so it was bullied as a child and is a vampire half demon and can kill people in two seconds.”

    • Zac E says:

      I think maybe they designed feebass too late and didn’t want to redesign it as purple so they just left the original shiny Milotic in the ending and made the milotic in the part of the episode normal

  12. Cris PSI says:

    Here before this gets classified as content for kids.

    • Cintrón Productions says:

      I think they briefly made it for kids so peeps wouldn’t fill the comments with l*wd stuff. XD

    • Vukes77 says:

      Adorable Pikachu That is one unpopular opinion.
      When classified for kids, You aren’t able to find the video by searching, you can’t comment (which can be important feedback) and on top of it all, 90% of your income is shortened. There are NO advantages

    • MVN VGC TCG says:


    • Cintrón Productions says:

      @Vukes77 Weird, I do find Coppatized stuff by searching.

    • Adorable Pikachu says:

      @Vukes77 The search thing isn’t true most likely, why do you think that? But yea even comments make more revenue due to people coming back for replies.

  13. caleb says:

    everyone is talking about how nice this series is
    meanwhile im over here like: 5:41 who tf wants to fly in a taxi when they have wailord blimps

  14. Tootsie says:

    Im surprised Nessa never had a milotic.

  15. Kitties Corporation says:

    I need Nessa and Elesa to do a shoot together. STAT! ASAP! NOW!
    They’d look soooo awesome

  16. Soybean 194 says:

    I swear to God, this Corviknight taxi driver has some secret lore we need to find out.

    • Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition says:

      He’s actually a Zoroark in disguise that fought in the Kalosian Pokémon war and protected Alola from Ultra Beasts.
      …If I drop all of the theories, one of them’s gotta be right. MC’s dad, maybe?

    • Im just a comment says:

      No he’s the *secret* *main* character of Pokemon Twilight Wings

    • Razakalalao Ny says:

      @Im just a comment not sure that it is a secret but i agree

    • Absolute Zero says:

      Think About it, Pokemon “Twilight Wings”, Corviknight is a flying/steel type.

    • LightningZeraOURA says:

      @Absolute Zero Pokemon Twilight is a series because Corviknight was always into the series, I got it.

  17. generalgibby says:

    “Sonia steals food”
    Me: so it’s treason then…

  18. Meyene Etuks says:

    Yo these twilight wings shorts give so much more personality to the characters than the games ever did lol

    • DarkLord tK says:

      Better than the main animes with ash too

    • 18 - 11D - Pedro Paiva says:

      Gamefreak should do little sidequests so that we would be able to know the gym leaders and the other characters better and add world building. In USUM and a bit in ORAS with those little cutscenes they were going to the right direction in my opinion.

  19. Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition says:

    Isn’t the water just the best? Seriously, both in real life and fiction, it always has the COOLEST creatures.
    Props to Nessa for showing that Feebas some love, Feebas is a good bean!

  20. Death Usagi | Kantai Collection says:

    0:56 Rule34 Artists: “WRITE THAT DOWN. WRITE THAT DOWN!!!”

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