Poland v Senegal – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 15

Poland v Senegal – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 15

Senegal become first African nation to win a match at Russia 2018,
joining Japan at the top of Group H.

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77 Responses

  1. DELTA38g says:

    Poland played awful today, but the referee counting the second Senegalese goal is very upsetting. This should have been a 1-1.

    • Pro Nightmare says:

      yes when your player was apparently injured and then got back up good one

    • KDB says:

      How? The Referee did right because before Krychowiak passed the ball back, the referee gave a sign to Niang that he is allowed to get in. Unfortunately Niang came in where the defenders were just recieving the ball and sadly they didnt notice him and made a mistake.

    • Titus Oneil says:

      Zuzia Bodek dont cry, poland lost thats all nothing unfair about that

    • Andrew P says:

      Poland gifted Senegal two goals.

  2. Marija says:

    Love Poland from Croatia.
    I hope Poland would play better next time. ❤

  3. X-Ryder says:

    Congratulations to Senegal from Costa Rican 🇨🇷🇸🇳

  4. Chrzanek says:

    I tak senegal przegra i te bramki fartowne zdobył, symulowanie co to ma być.

  5. Pan Plastuś says:

    Bambusy nas owaliły

  6. Feuz john jay says:

    Congratulations senegal 🇸🇳 😘😘😘

  7. munze srb says:

    Support for Poland from Serbia. You’ll beat Japan and Colombia don’t worry. But you have to play much better. Slavic brothers! Both goals classic KURVA!

  8. Naveed Khan says:

    Senegal will upset others just like Cameron did in their first WCup appearance!
    Best Wishes from Pakistan 🙂

  9. Christopher Engish Eubank says:

    Defender should have fouled him outside the box for that 2nd goal!!

    Yes it would mean red but they’d only get a free kick and only 1 goal would be in it

    • Pranit Deshpande says:

      He would have tried but he was too fast for him

    • Hussain Akram says:

      How’s Jr doing ? Heard he left you and is now training with mayweather sr

    • WDDW Group says:

      Christopher Engish Eubank I agree with most replies. It was Poland’s entire team to allow for such shitty pass. If you watch it over and over again you’ll see that the returning guy was well in the field when the pass occured. I have not witnessed so many back-passes in whole tournament Poland did in a single game. It was very frustrating to watch. Weak performance. If Poland would score that way – it probably would be all right with rest of us. Well done Senegal! Keep it up – big heart for big sport.

  10. Al - Adarisa says:

    Great African team 👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Marketry says:

    2nd goal shouldn’t be counted

  12. TakiTamJa says:

    Całe życie mamy pecha do sędziów

  13. Emmanuel Michel says:

    Congratulations Senegal. Keep up the good work.

  14. tymektoziomal says:

    Cały czas nie rozumiem tej drugiej bramki… dlaczego on od tak se wszedł.
    Gościa boli noga i nagle dostaje zrywu żeby wejść na boisko

  15. Love Fist says:


    • titto 79 says:

      Respect from Poland to Senegal and to the rest of the countries. We all need some love and kindness in this world, I think. The Earth is our home – we all should be like brothers and sisters, my dear friends. Congratulations and love from Poland.

  16. Troofey says:

    This world cup is becoming so unpredictable

  17. sHadow says:

    Tak to jest jak się nie gra na bramkę przeciwnika tylko z naszym bramkarzem :/

  18. Edson Joinville says:

    Tem meu respeito seleção joga muito

  19. PolishGopnik Janusz Kurwa says:


  20. EL_DORADO TOP says:

    Firest team Africa Winer today ..all loss of match ..only sengal win .. super

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