Police: Newspaper shooting was a targeted attack

Police: Newspaper shooting was a targeted attack

A shooting this afternoon that left five dead was a targeted attack on the Capital Gazette, said Anne Arundel County Acting Chief William Krampf.

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  1. Angie B says:

    How come white shooters never get shot dead, 3 shots in the back #JusticeforAntwonRose

  2. Carlton Smith says:

    He dindu nuffin

    • Jamal James says:

      tanya ik u mean well, and would like to construct a better path. But relax on her she is not worth it. There is a counter racism program here on you tube. Many Caucasian/////there not white. (have provided significant input, and feedback into Racism/white supremacy american style.)

      I actually refer to them and there pathological behavior as white terrorism not white supremacy.
      the counter racism experts provide very specific information background and details, i recommend this for all people of color and interracial people across the planet.
      These experts from various fields, have suggested this will be a problem with them forever. We need to focus on us.

    • Ic3y Wrist says:

      Jamal James well said, Mr. Marianne Zito here thinks he’s the shit and the smartest Person on earth and thinks he’s above everyone needs to shove a barbaque fork up his pussy and pull his head out of his pussy and stop being a racist dickhead

    • Petite. Dej. says:

      Eat shit and die

    • Jamal James says:

      right on! And the numerous plots to ravage africa did not stop in Berlin, It continues today with economic and medical apartheid.

    • Jamal James says:

      Thanks for your contribution.

  3. Micah Williams says:

    Rest in peace, all the victims of this senseless violence.

  4. Alabama Thorne says:

    MAGA has been happening since the Vegas concert..

  5. Rahim Majid says:

    Not the time to politicize the attack. More info needed first. This could be a personal issue or anything for all we know. A day or two then all you people, Trump supporters and anti-Trump people alike, can go at each other over this all you want.

    • Leeonardo di Enfield says:

      You understand what a permit is? You didn’t follow shit, they were there legally, Antifa and BLM weren’t. You’re emotional, I can tell, so bias is what fuels you, but to say one side was entirely wrong there is retarded and you know it.
      Good to see you didn’t reply to any of my other points, because you can’t refute them.

    • Ebony_Love_R_007 says:

      Rahim Majid There’s no “time” needed. It’s already been reported. The home grown terrorist did the selfish act of murder for a very insane stupid dam reason. The newspaper ( that reports ‘NEWS’) reported about his crime of harassment and HE didn’t like it. So in his warped mind he set out to get ‘revenge’. On all editors. Probably weren’t even the editor’s who published his story. The criminal should have been locked up for the harassment and threats. 👎

    • James Yeager says:

      Rahim Majid Precisely. We must call this christian terrorist a christian terrorist, no more excuses.

    • Leeonardo di Enfield says:

      James, did he scream “JESUS IS GREAT” while killing people? Didn’t think so. I don’t think you understand how patterns work.

    • BANE Helsing says:

      Leeonardo di Enfield.. Permit!? This has nothing to do with a permit. They were asked to leave by the police because of their volatile behavior not because they didn’t have a “permit”, and then they tried to flood downtown and people blocked them. You are the one who is an emotional delusional brainwashed moron 🙄

  6. S. Holmes says:

    Here we go everyone talking about everything else but the victims and the murderer. Y’all blame everyone but the person involved

    • Leeonardo di Enfield says:

      you’re aware the NRA doesn’t sell firearms, correct? they’ve taught gun safety and proper handling for over a century…
      you going to blame Sanders for the GOP baseball shooting too?

    • Ar. Bob says:

      “I can’t wait till they start shooting Journalists” Quote Breitbart News
      There’s blood all over Cadet bone spur’s tiny hands

    • allison481959 says:

      yeah but they wrote a trash article on him to

    • Teri Maddy says:


    • Teri Maddy says:

      how did he incite this? if i recall it was a dem congresswoman who called to action violence against Trump supporters. you all get shit twisted

  7. Cam Pimpy says:

    People are seriously messed up in the head.

  8. Stephen B. Smith says:

    I wonder how many cops were too afraid to enter the building during the shooting this time.

  9. JAPi2314 says:

    It saddens me seeing all the racist comments towards white people while the posters of those comments will cry racism on other topics. We will never grow as a country unless people understand this. End ALL racism.
    P.S. thoughts and prayers to those affected today. Its appropriate to mourn the loss of life today.

  10. PRO/NRA Trump2020 says:

    He’s not white. He’s brown again, media propaganda

    • Elsa Williams says:

      Pro…many Muslims are even whiter than you. We should all be proud of who we are…..good humans.

    • PRO/NRA Trump2020 says:

      Elsa Williams unfortunately some are not good humans and they want to destroy the white culture because we are the Superior race, go figure, look it Central America Africa Haiti their countries are shitholes because they don’t want to fight for their rights instead come to the U.S.A and freeload
      Go figure, Japan and Mexico same in size same in population give or take,. Yet Mexico a 3 Rd world country Japan is not lol!!!

    • al melrose says:

      Propaganda try again shitnole tne onl fa,e edia in tne e tire Free World is yours a d tru p Stalin coi ed tnat phrase on 1043 thenMusolini a d next Hit.er true fa ts must goog.e it if you a read 3 lovely dictators.us ypur di tator on cnief I ho
      E d prey you nave o cni.dren that .ived

    • Jamal James says:

      In spain they do not consider many of the hispanics in the Americas to be white. In the USA because of the numbers issues being confronted by whites they have changed their classification to fit their agenda. But if they commit a crime espeically against a white person, they will be arrested as being black, even if there status on forms are checked as white. Who controls a system like that, and why do you think that example of is done, and WHAT group does it benefit? White, what group does it disadvantage, black.

    • Trey Jones says:

      PRO/NRA Trump2020 if you are calling snow brown.

  11. Christopher Turner says:

    I truly hope that level headed and decent human beings come together and talk about a solution to this issue. However, none of those people are in this comment section. Because there’s nothing here but finger pointing, hate, and racism.

    • TDOR 53 Trouble Seeker says:


    • James Yeager says:

      Christopher Turner perhaps that is due to the IRREFUTABLE FACT that people like yourself, will ask for “no finger pointing” when it’s a pinkskin christian swine, yet if they’re something else you blare “terrorist!” at the top of your lungs. You’re in favor of equality are you not??? Then we must label this a christian terrorist, and execute him immediately as one. Swift justice, no more pampering, no more _Burger King,_ no more privilege.

    • american native says:

      James Yeager what about blackskin swine Christians who do mass shootings that you don’t hear about. There are plenty.

    • Ze Filthiest Of Franks says:

      Satch Mahoney and the right will do the same exact thing. Both sides of the aisle are tearing the country apart.

  12. GageD says:

    Im not trying to insinuate anything but why are hispanic men always referred to as “white” in these situatuons? Nick Cruz and now this Ramos guy? Why is race relevant at all, and why intentionally misrepresent it?

    • BrokenTengu99 says:

      Nick Cruz was a white boy adopted by Latino parents. In the majority of Latinos self ID as white.

    • lolazal1 says:

      GageD I agree with you. Personally I don’t think that “race” should come into it.

      However, some hispanics are white.

    • Jamal James says:

      Its another one of their tipping points. when he commits a crime there black, if you can find time do the research, I sure you can find hundreds of cases, so predictable! You will see exactly what I mean.

    • Trey Jones says:

      GageD we know he is white, lol.

  13. demon child says:

    *Civil war is gone, it’s battle royale*

  14. XxCle420xX says:

    The dislikes lol

  15. fluer Dumal says:

    Is CNN going to call the mexican a ‘white hispanic” and of course photo shop his skin color lighter until you see him in court ten shades darker,, CNN are race baiters.

    • Adrian Martinez says:

      Mr. White Nikolaus Cruz was born white but was adopted you idiot.

    • Henok Assenu says:

      fluer Dumal you so stupid . The police said the suspect is white male, late thirty . I think you are duff as a fuck

    • BANE Helsing says:

      His last name contains Warren which is white. His name isn’t José Jesús Ramos, it’s Jarrod Warren Ramos. And he looks like one of those heavy metal heads that hates liberals.

    • Leeonardo di Enfield says:

      Yeah, “white.”
      Look at all these “white” dudes police say are “white.”
      lmao wake up, look at this: https://imgur.com/a/s6Lo1Uy

    • Deborah Freedman says:

      The cops called him white because he looked white to him. It was a descriptor, not a social comment. Race is a stupid construct anyway. I have Israeli friends whose skin is much darker than many Americans that identify as black. Perhaps, the police should just say light-skinned, rather than white, but that takes longer.

  16. Sarin VX says:

    Sounds like a disgruntled employee

    • Mickey Rob says:

      Sarin VX He was mad because they wrote an article about him stalking a woman. He tried to sue, but the judge threw it out. This goes back around 6 years or so.

  17. Building Maintenance Professionals BMP says:

    he is a trump supporter

    • damien bernier says:

      It actually stands for Bowl Movement Ponderer. Its obvious you are good at
      your trade…keep at it, your heads full of shit anyway.

    • Building Maintenance Professionals BMP says:

      lmao.. you’re tuff on that keyboard bro aint you? fucking youtube gangster. No content on your page bro go troll someone else.

    • The Hashtager says:

      What do politics have to do with this? Conservatives are wanting to keep their guns, and this is another price to pay…

  18. corvus1970 says:

    A white male in his 30’s? I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

  19. Jabo says:

    sounds about white..

  20. King says:


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