Police officer fired for pepper-spraying Black and Latino lieutenant during traffic stop

Police officer fired for pepper-spraying Black and Latino lieutenant during traffic stop

Bodycam and cellphone video shows how a Virginia officer pepper-sprayed a Black and Latino Army lieutenant during a traffic stop in December. Christina Ruffini reports on the details of the stop and the lawsuit against the officers.

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53 Responses

  1. WamBamE says:

    Made the right choice of keeping his hands shown. If he tried unbuckling himself to get out of the car, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shot him and claimed they thought he was reaching for a weapon with how quick they were to take out their weapons.

    • John Davis says:

      He did not fully comply they said to put both hands out separatist not together

    • Nolan Johnson says:

      @LeviathanTechWiz You’re the one lacking in understanding. I’ve had more guns pulled on me than most people have and I always complied with commands until the situation was resolved. I was taught that if you resist a police officer, bad things may happen. The, “instincts” you mention should have been to take the safe way out and comply with the law, not resist. I will ask again, why did he refuse the orders of a law enforcement officer?

    • LeviathanTechWiz says:

      @John Davis lol just stop, your a laugh.

    • LeviathanTechWiz says:

      @John Davis the whole thing should have stopped once they saw the tag, but noooooooooo we are too gun crazy to see anything but what we want to see.

    • LeviathanTechWiz says:

      @Nolan Johnson you can’t follow orders if their contradicting itself. Instinct says to not move once orders contradict themselves. End of story. Don’t really care how many guns you have had pulled on you. Doesn’t make you sound smarter, just further drives my opinion on you.

  2. lostinbatcuntry says:

    “I’m honestly afraid to get out..”

    “Yeah, you should be!”

    This is a problem…

    • joseph pattison says:

      @Hurricane milli It has to be properly displayed. Cops can’t see it in the car window at night, so it looks like you don’t a plate. They can only see it when they walk up on the car.

    • Traylo Ultra says:

      @Nexus Six but did they not pull him over for a non display License plate which was definitely visible and you already had your guns drawn out because why of a license plate that y’all saw they was already in the wrong to begin with why comply with mother fuckers who starting off lying

    • Rochlem Odanodlam says:

      @Nexus Six Just say you blow cops for a living and we all understand.

    • Hurricane milli says:

      @joseph pattison man stop people put license plates in windows all the time .. in the video you can clearly see the tag through the cops video on the top right hand sign and the cops saw it

    • K. J. says:

      @Andrew T. cops need to stop being murderous animals

  3. JB says:

    You know a cop knows he is in trouble when they try to get you to forget it ever happened.

    • truth be getting told says:

      That is how you recognize psychopaths.. That is so many charges, using uniform and official power to use fear to get what you want, “dont report me and i wont press charges on you”.. Using false charges where none should be applied. Giving orders that contradict one another, keep hands where they can be seen but get out which requires reaching for the seat belt. This is why fat nerd cops should be cops, these eagle scouts look ridiculous.

    • Syreeta Hollis says:


    • Vlad The impaler says:

      The fact that the cop said that.. speak for itself.. he will be fired and sue

    • smoberdeen says:

      NO! The cop is also a veteran or the Marine Corps. Go watch the complete video from the body warn cameras and the cell phone footage. You’re being lied to again.

    • J Howard says:

      Training day in real time

  4. Nicole Johnston says:

    Wow. The fact that he admitted to being scared to get out and the cop acknowledges his concerns and says “you should be” wtf!!!! This is a big issue!!!!!!!

    • Clinton Johnston says:

      The police asked him to get out of the car because they can’t see who is going to shoot them from behind the tinted windows, so what does the lieutenant do start an argument instead of complying with their wishes, do police have a reason to fear for their life with every traffic stop.

    • Serveria Manning says:

      @Churrofornia 7 these officers shouldn’t be cops if a BLACK OR BROWN face scares them.

    • Ebrake Ramires says:

      @Lamar Taylor ig he woulda got out.. That wouldn’t happen

    • xevious21 says:

      @Churrofornia 7 dude he kept asking them why he was pulled over. Just because they have badges doesn’t give them the right to harass people for no reason. Why do you think they were practically begging him not to press charges. Military or not this was B.S and I’m shocked but thankful it didn’t end worst than it did. Check your privilege.

    • L P says:

      @Churrofornia 7 They still shouldn’t have been that aggressive with him.

  5. Joseph C. says:

    The saying applies here, “I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6!” THANK YOU LIEUTENANT FOR YOUR SERVICE!

    • Lgndry says:

      @Peter mrui The fact that people are defending and justifying the actions of the officer is beyond words for me.

    • Roland Turner says:

      @sam james I disagree, even complying black males get shot. Philando Castile was shot reaching for his wallet which the officer had just requested him to do. Levar Jones was shot after stopping at a gas station just like the LT. There is no guarantee of safety with compliance. Found 2 instances of this after a 5 minute google search. Imagine how many of these exist which are not reported by the media.

    • Kevin Arreguin says:

      You stole that from joyner dont take credit for it

    • Kathryn Geeslin says:

      @sam james Except that they gave impossible commands: “Keep your hands out of the car” & “Get out of the car now” over and over. It was impossible to keep his hands out in view while opening his seatbelt and car door, impossible to unlatch the belt and door while keeping his hands out in sight. Obviously! With their guns drawn and agitation apparent, the “hands in sight” order was most important to obey to stay alive. Had he withdrawn one hand to “get out” (for the seatbelt and door handle) he would have been shot, probably killed, and they would have claimed he was “reaching for a weapon” rather than obeying their order. How can so many people not realize they need their hands to take off a seatbelt, to open a door? He asked to unlatch the belt and the cop shouted again “keep your hands out”, along with “get out of the car”. I think the big cop wanted to shoot him, wanted to rattle him into moving one hand out of sight.

  6. redfog42 says:

    The arresting officer was so excitable he was tripping over his words, and with his gun in his hand waving it about like that! Scary!

  7. S H A W N E X I S says:

    The audacity of the policeman to try and convince the lieutenant to let the altercation just go , after you almost ended his life is mind boggling

    • LuLu Marie says:

      @Rebel Arms I guess so, lol what a snowflake!

    • Hypocrite Troll Bot says:

      “Hey I know I almost killed you over nothing and I was wrong at all, but you think you could forgive me for this one?” This would have been 100% better to say than what the cop actually said. Straight a$$hole

    • Roy Hoy! says:

      @Cee Edwards Just like African-American people.

    • Colin Boone says:

      @Rebel Arms Ik, what a freaking 🤡

    • smoberdeen says:

      The officer is a Marine Corps veteran and gave the soldier 2 options. BTW-CBS didn’t mention the gun that was positioned at the soldier’s right leg while he sat in the Tahoe. You’re being lied to again.

  8. Logical Counsel says:

    The deeper message I came away with was that if America doesn’t respect its protectors, why be protected. This is embarrassing and it shows our enemies how weak, we are becoming.

    • ROYALTI DIXON says:

      Thank you I was looking for this comment. We hear about this in other countries but it’s no where as bad as ours!

    • Harsh bhadouriya says:

      If a police officer has tried to do this in my country they wouldn’t just be fired , judiciary would have them behind bars for 20 years .

    • Just Some Werewolf With Internet Access says:

      We’re only strong when we’re UNITED why don’t people f*cking GET THAT

    • Donald Criola says:

      Exactly and whether you’re military or police officer you are never Above the Law and you should always respect any and all authority. This 2LT was dead wrong and I hope the Army makes an example out of him.

  9. Cheese Meister says:

    When a Police officer doesn’t recognize a Military Officer, he’s in the wrong occupation and should be dishonorably fired.

    • Hawkeye Mods says:

      @ElFederal01 yeah maybe one from ww2

    • Timothy Haynes says:

      Just a comment. The entire thing is horrible.. should have never happened. but.. to this comment the seat belt (shoulder belt) covers the rank on the individual’s uniform sometimes. It happens.. so it is possible from the coverage that the rank was hidden until he was ” pulled” from the vehicle. Again.. horrible and as a military member makes my blood boil

    • ElFederal01 says:

      Wearing a camo uniform dont make you special

    • Hypocrite Troll Bot says:

      @Timothy Haynes – doesn’t matter if the seat belt covered it. The cop asked him what his rank is and he told him.

  10. Bxrry says:

    The guy was scared to unbuckle is seatbelt so he kept his hands in sight of the officer, no need to even pull a gun

    • Hypocrite Troll Bot says:

      You’re wrong, he didn’t keep his hands in sight of the officer, he kept both his damn arms all the way out the window! His arms couldn’t have been more in the officer’s sights!

      In all seriousness, those officer’s actions are complete bs. Based on the Lt’s actions, the cops have zero excuse for the treatment they made that man endure.

    • Ebrake Ramires says:

      @Hypocrite Troll Bot shoulda did as told.. This woulda not happen

    • Private Donut says:

      @Ebrake Ramires Do stfu.

    • A Goat says:

      @Ebrake Ramires what? He did everything he was told 😂 you’re just racist

    • Brian Rosado says:

      Retards trying to explain police corruption, its really sickening.

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