Police. Protesters. People: Jocko Willink

Police. Protesters. People: Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink’s message to ALL PEOPLE.

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60 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    This man’s advice so powerful he abandoned his body to deliver it

  2. AllTheOthers says:

    This man knows exactly what hes talking about. Saint. Pure goddamn saint.

  3. Gourd Lord says:

    “That person that you’re looking at, that is a person. Unless it’s a politician in which case it’s most likely an alien reptile masquerading as a human.”

    • ZXIBEAST says:

      The Ancient One that’s not true. I know some Jewish people and there really nice and polite, much diffrent then what you would treat a cattle smh. People are always finding ways to divide and separate one another and your doing it right now…..

    • The Ancient One says:

      @ZXIBEAST look up some quotes in the talmud you’ll be surprised. just because you know some jewish people doesnt mean you can ignore what the rest are doing. look up the word ‘g0y!m’ i can’t even spell it properly on youtube because they delete it instantly

    • ZXIBEAST says:

      The Ancient One I’ll 100% belive you if you can tell me which part or verse says that because I’m curious 🧐 I don’t wanna belive you but if it’s true I’ll have to because facts are facts 😪😔

    • The Ancient One says:

      @ZXIBEAST https://rense.com/general86/talmd.htm take your pick lol

    • Gourd Lord says:

      The Ancient One you know, normally I wouldn’t entertain some anti-Semitic bullshit but the anger you are directing at a particular religious group should be redirected at the 1%. And maybe some of the people in that criteria are Jewish. But to spread hate against a group of people without viewing each as an individual is naive and bigoted. Greed and corruption is the enemy, not a single group or religion

  4. Ariella McCall says:

    “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike” – Maya Angelou

    • J R says:

      She was right but I wish more people truly believed that because obviously a lot of people(CORRUPT police included)DON’T believe that.

  5. Ok Ok says:

    Notice how soldiers and warriors like Jocko who have seen combat often preach for peace while those who haven’t often seek the opposite…

    • Drunkyboi says:

      It always seems like the people most capable of killing just about anyone with their bare hands alone, seek to try and build eachother up instead of destroy

    • Big Time says:

      @Wood Chopper These riots are for anything but peace. Firstly the premise is a lie, per instance of police interaction for black and whites the number of unarmed deaths at police hands is roughly equal. Check out this and compare the crime stats, keeping in mind the percentage of population each race makes up: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/topic-pages/tables/table-21

      Secondly the riots are further destabilizing the US politically and economically, which benefits any foreign power who wishes to inferfere in politics, not the people. The “protestors” are only achieving the destruction of their own communities, stealing free shit and setting back race relations. Go LARP as revolutionary elsewhere.

    • k c says:

      @Wood Chopper You haven’t seen war. You haven’t lived through a world war. AM black but damn!!! We are all human. We get it the worst I know but when will we preach peace.. All of us. Preach love!!!! nothing will work if not love and fighting for humanity together. Black people don’t even value their black women lets start there and we will be stronger and more respect comes. White people who are for peace fight with us using love, integrity and having no room for people who hate a skin colour or oppress them but not killing one another, looting.. Treat others as you would like to be treated. That officer needs to be brought to justice. Libya they are slaves now.. They are freaking SLAVES being tortured especially black why are we not trying to help? We need to come together. Forgive and work together damn. Let me say for those who think its ok to loot. Please accept for people to come at your house and loot and break your utensils or anything. Not all directed to you except the you haven’t seen war

    • Rojas-messilia says:

      @Jezreel Pabustan You are correct the best peace is death. MLK, Gandhi, who both led armies of superhuman discipline also emerged in the background of police riots as now. The police have never viewed it as their job to stop the rioting – the police attacking shops and leaving looters is hardly something they started doing now – rather it is their job to stop the peaceful protests. Thus it follows the peace you want for those you want to be without a future is death. This is an age when experts’ experts are freely available on Youtube monetised or demonetised. People know when there is no excuse to be silent, in America or in Palestine. The problem here is coincidentally partially IDF training, the same force that allowed Netanyahu to squat unelected more than 18 months before a “deal” was brokered.

    • Hu Mann says:

      @KAKADOUJACK It’s funny. Rener Gracie was once talking about his brother Ryron (5th degree black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu). He said Ryron was the most peaceful, zen guy he’d ever met. More peaceful than people who try and meditate etc…
      Someone once asked Ryron why he was always do calm and Zen. Ryron said it was because he knew he could kill someone with his bare hands and it would be very hard for that person to stop him. He’d tapped out so many big tough guys over the years he had that certainty of his own abilities. He said when you know you can do that, really know it, you the need to prove anything to anyone evaporates. The fear of confrontation and insecurities that blight so many men don’t trouble you. That’s why he was so calm and peaceful.

  6. MACK BAT says:

    Today’s the anniversary of d-day. May a day like that never happen again.

    • Adrian says:

      D-day was prolly the best and most important day of the 20th century, i hope it will happen again when the circumstances are there

    • Simon says:

      @Adrian It was not the most important day in 20th century, come on

    • LifeisA Dream says:

      Cops kill people for sure, but when its in the MSM its planned race war psy-ops as well! We need to come together and LOVE one another and stop falling for these stories that are designed to divide us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khGKGWew2mU

    • valleysofneptune says:

      Yet the morons protesting in London have desecrated war memorials of our fallen. These types of people have no shame , it’s everyone else’s fault . I’m disgusted how disrespectful these acts are against the fallen soldiers who gave their lives so Europe was freed

  7. Akuma Plant Studios says:

    You know, I’m really glad that you mentioned this. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been in a war, I have however had family members who have fought in them.
    This story right here is the main thing that has always stuck in my head. From the first time that I heard it as a kid.
    It’s for that reason why I never see other people as my enemy. We’re all so massively similar. We’re all given an idea about what we should be and how we should act.
    Sometimes we have no choice, in other cases we do have a choice.
    That being said: Anyone out there who is going out to protest, Keep it peaceful and stay safe.

  8. J K says:

    Thank you for this, Jocko. I’m reading the other comments and my mind is stuck on the fact that so many of our elected officials have never served in the military. That’s why they can’t speak like this. Hell, hardly any of them have ever had a real job. But I digress … Jocko is obviously a stellar leader and an example of a man realizing his potential, but anyone who has been in the military has had versions of speeches like this, sometimes of more or less gravity. And these speeches were not always from who you’d suspect, but rather from corporals and sergeants and petty officers who stepped up when people needed them to. And some officers who earned the respect of their units could also find ways to make their words felt in the minds and spirits of those they led. My point is that this kind of leadership is metabolized up through the ranks in the military. Ask yourself why none of our elected officials seem to be able to bring us together, and you might find their lack of military service to be an indicator of larger patterns that will ultimately inform your answer.

  9. Kaiser says:

    “It stops becoming a fight for justice and right when you see the face of the man you are shooting at”
    -my dad

  10. Anthony Poulin says:

    “We are more alike my friend, than we are unalike”

  11. Zack Keiser says:

    This was really well said, Jocko. I hope this gets heard over and over again, we ALL need to hear it.

    • NashoCheese says:

      It’s amazing how many pro-cops or protesters that will completely disregard this message due to the dehumanizing that Jocko is talking about. It’s what politics have become, make your side the moral high ground, and tell everyone that thinks differently than that, they’re stupid and wrong and are essentially lesser humans.
      BLM isn’t even a political move, it’s just very interesting to see what politicians worry about when there’s protests.

  12. Nemo Sundry says:

    For a moment, every person had the opportunity to realize, and remember, they were already free. And their actions were up to their own choices. Nobody else. You never have to hurt someone or commit an action that disrespects their autonomy. You can always choose to stop causing harm, step back and take a break. I would hope this underlying lesson sticks for people going forward, and lasts beyond the authoritarian ideologies competing to distract us from the reality of abundance and peace that is always here.

    • P.I. Staker says:

      Racism, xenophobia, and violence still to a large degree have systemic roots (black people didn’t start the oppression when they were crowded like cattle in African slave castles). You can’t just blame it all on “bad apples” or individuals, that is way too much of an excuse for leaning back and doing nothing about it.

    • tehamill1 says:

      Thank you, beautiful sentiment. Praying that we can move forward together in love and respect.

    • White Steve Harvey says:

      ​@P.I. Staker Systemic racism is not real. There is no proof or data that points to that being a fact in the year 2020.

  13. Alejandro says:

    “Nothing dies like hope…..but nothing survives like a smile”

  14. Ralegade says:

    When your dad calls you into his room and you think you’re about to catch the belt, but he drops a speech on you.

    • Eddie Chavez says:

      Lmao 😂😂😂 you start getting speeches when you can defend yourself

    • J.E's Hobbies says:

      Me: * asks something *
      Dad: so in the beginning there was light, dinosaurs, asteroids, humans.
      Me: I was asking who was the the second guy on the moon?

    • llower says:

      @J.E’s Hobbies who cares…if you aunt first you’re last

  15. Your Older Brother says:

    We’re all just trying to survive another day on this rock.

  16. D.A. Champ says:

    as far as floating heads go this is probably the smartest one I’ve found

  17. Covah Redro says:

    I’ve heard that story before, and they even had snowball fights. Brings me to tears everytime I hear it.

  18. Meener Man says:

    Maybe the “generals” should be the only one’s who are fighting

    • Ryan Sawin says:

      I’m telling ya, trump vs Kim wrestling match would be an easy way to decide it

    • • Lynn • says:

      @Ryan Sawin bruh

    • six.string.king says:

      Maybe we should think of the outcome if those men weren’t overrun by fear. Maybe if they had the strength to tell their superiors that they’d have to kill them all. Maybe we can’t take from that, and remember that we too are afraid of what will happen if we don’t shoot. Any maybe we won’t shoot at all…

    • high life 1320 says:

      @Ryan Sawin Right!?

  19. Aidan Rupert says:

    “I am a human being. All that is human cannot be alien to me.” A quote from a slave

  20. Jacob Freeman says:

    2,000 dislikes?… who doesn’t like a positive message that spreads the REAL TRUTH

    • Artur says:

      Extremists. Left wing extremists who want people to be more violent against the police . Right wing extremist who want the police to be more violent against the people. Its not left or right wing ideology that are dangerous. Its their extreme ends that are. Peace!

    • Ryan Sawin says:

      Ancient wars were probably more brutal than wwi I ain’t gonna dislike it, but technicalities

    • Tony T says:

      Easily lied to, blindly acceptant, n hateful MAGA simpletons.
      Its a good message from Jocko but sadly USAmerica has been this way from the beginning of time, and, Imany times have felt like its a waste of time to hope for equality.of any kind in the USA. Rodney King, and now. Shit will stay the same.

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