Police: Three officers feared dead in Baton Rouge

Police: Three officers feared dead in Baton Rouge

Three police officers are feared dead after a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish Kip Holden told CNN.

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20 Responses

  1. Sean Mohamed says:

    I remember when I used to love to say I’m from America now I’m ashamed this
    is enough. I’m not white nor black and I think are county shouldn’t be at
    war with are selfs or we well become a 3rd world country people should not
    be allowed to take laws into there own hands we should trust the police and
    record if felt threatened not kill the police or kill black people. Today a
    police officer helped my family out so much with some personal matters and
    feel like we should all respect each other

  2. Boomtwack says:

    BLM are a terrorist organization

  3. SG .Hedge says:

    CNN Propaganda machine at work … pfff

  4. Tabetha Cand says:

    The klan with a tan

  5. johnathan1784 says:

    if these police officials don’t ADMINISTRATE they’re the career if the
    problem, more officers are going to die… or worse, they’re WILL be a
    CIVIL WAR in America… it’s already starting

    if there IS a war against civilians and police… it started with the
    police.. fuck em… wack em all

    we need good cops, not issued with a badge and a gun waking around all
    nervous, trained to look at everything as a threat, su they automatically
    shoot b4 they use other weapons like pepper sprey, trasers, trader guns,

    a bean bag can be refused, first pressed in the end, and can save a life…
    but no “let me empty my police issue pistol into this fool, whether armed
    or not”

  6. Black Metal Archives says:


  7. Brandon Pharao says:

    Everyone on this comment board is not stupid. people will believe what they
    want to believe, normal..your emotion’s clowed judgment, everyone here is
    frightened, me too?. the media is using “fear mongering” to make you think
    a certain way about copsblm?, they think were stupid!…if you value
    life; peace, freedom& and Pokemon! stand up for people,”your self✊” or
    allow terror, screams,chaos and your worst nightmare to roam like a black
    plague. up to you!, “evil triumph because good man do nothing”. and that’s
    completely natural.. so, whatever happens, happens. death is the lease of
    our problems really. fear is the enemy!.✊

  8. millieman76 says:

    BLM is a perfect examples of how minorities are not suppose to rally.

    Something like this makes the whole world laugh at the group and those
    around it.

    You’d have to wonder how disappointed MLK must be. Rallies these days are
    such violence.

    The downfall of humanity will be themselves.

  9. Nate Dogg says:

    Police = money making terrorists

  10. mmawilldesha says:

    Officer Harry should really watch his language War is a very strong word.
    Yeah a lot of people are upset with law enforcement, but most people would
    not go as far as some of these individuals.

  11. samantha Harris says:

    The police need a policy change … It’s funny how all the people who are
    out raged about the dead cops are acting as if the police brutality never
    happened.. Where was your out rage then? Some comments are saying that a
    black cop got killed … Ok it’s not just white cops who need to get it
    together ITS ALL COPS.. We need police period but we also need justice and

  12. andy colin says:


  13. eyedeally says:

    LIKE of course it’s a trending video and OF COURSE CNN gives little to no
    information in the description, only that 3 police died. then let you guys
    assume what happened and you run with it!
    *shakes head*

  14. Keymo Embryo says:

    Dumb human scum.

  15. holly clown says:

    People need to stop killing each other man. Violence isn’t the solution, it
    just causes more conflict. Don’t believe me? Just look in the comments.

  16. Donovan Casares says:

    As long as it doesnt affect me directly i could care less

  17. pierce crittenden says:

    even after watching this. people still say cops are pigs. assholes. they
    cop. fuck BLM. “oh one guy in a uniform killed a black? let’s kill 3 of

  18. Trusted says:

    Niggers need to fucking die. Simple as that.

  19. Michael Baker says:


    Extreme libtard! Libcucks!

  20. barulipasserulipas says:

    2016 year of killing cops