Popeyes 16pc Family Meal Challenge (8,000+ Calories)

Popeyes 16pc Family Meal Challenge (8,000+ Calories)

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Popeyes, because, WHY NOT!
Coming off eating 10+lbs of Chicken Sandwiches this weekend, I for some reason was craving even MORE chicken! So that’s how the Popeye’s challenge came to be..


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20 Responses

  1. Help Me Reach 2,000 Subs With no videos says:

    Matt stonie can eat a hole family

    wait thats wrong

  2. tej films says:

    ur videos makes me soo hungry..i actually suffered from anorexia in the past…ur videos helped me a lot…actually gained more than 5 pounds…thank u stonie…

  3. CashKiiiD says:

    Eating Fried Chicken faster than any other black guy out there

  4. Joey Boricúa says:

    Popeyes is so much better than KFC ????

  5. tristan says:

    He needs to try popeyes fries

  6. Aurora says:

    Go to Yuka kinoshita channel, she eats more then that but she doesn’t time it, she just eats a lot and doesn’t get weight. Weird right? Check It out, search in YouTube Yuka kinoshita ?

  7. Box Gaming says:

    Try Indian food

  8. BM_Pr0duCtionS says:

    Can you u eat pussy like dat?

  9. John Smith says:

    I’m a vegetarian, just think about all the poor chickens, and the milk that had to go into the mac and cheese. Why kill chickens?!?!?!??!!?!

    HELL NO! Why do you think there are chickens on this planet? To be eaten! No one cares about them dying or not, that’s not wrong. They are chickens. They are a source of food for humans. That’s what they were made for. No more whining about how chickens shouldn’t die.

  10. TriForce Sounds says:

    He eats so much chicken .. can’t believe he isn’t fly away

  11. Augustin Kim says:

    Matt before I’m able to watch this video I need to know if the food is vegan and gluten free. Can you please assure me that all the food you’re eating is vegan and gluten free?

  12. Vothy Sy says:

    That is not how an Asian clean his chicken bone

  13. Legard says:

    Lol, i’m sitting here eating my cereal and trying not to be fat -,-

  14. Legard says:

    No dieat coke? Man you are living unhealthy !

  15. iiSeverus says:

    His metabolism is faster than my internet connection …..

  16. L.A GAMING Ltd. says:

    Guys pls give me a reply how does he not get fat im very curious ive been watching you for over 6months now and i enjoy your videos pls tell me how is skinny

  17. Daily pancakes says:

    Pancakes are the best food

  18. HeyItsNyan says:

    Oml how do you eat so much but you’re not fat?
    When I smell food gain weight

  19. Edanur Aydin says:

    Enes Batura dua et sen xööxöxxxkxöd

  20. Jimster 101 says:

    Try 30 packs of saltines no drink

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