Prank Calling People But We Can’t Hear Them

Prank Calling People But We Can’t Hear Them

Here’s the fantastic original video from Hamish and Andy

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20 Responses

  1. sedatuhd says:

    I FELT SO BAD WHEN HER MOM SAID “do you not want a phone hug?” LIKE SHE SOUNDED SO SAD

  2. Mary sullivan says:

    How to care for your cermet 3

  3. Smith Mcderious says:

    DO A PART TWO!! Like if u agree!!!!

  4. Sarah Hartwell says:

    This stresses me out so much.

  5. kevdog6776 says:

    omg my friend got an uber and the driver ended up pulling a gun on him!! He recorded the whole thing and needs your help!! #CreepyUberDriver CIick the hashtag to go to it

  6. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    don’t like this comment..

    and also don’t read my name!

  7. JennaMarbles says:

    *Attention! attention! attention! I am doing a giveaway claim your free gifts*

  8. Jeremy Barrios says:

    I need more Jenna and Shane friend time!!! I love this!!!! ???

  9. Taylor Palas says:

    This was fantastic omg lol

  10. Kassidy Ingram says:

    i’m fucking crying julien talking to elijah and christine fucking GOT ME and I M CRYIGN

  11. Sharrie Bruno says:

    My cheeks hurt from laughing!! That was great!!!

  12. Jade Ballard says:

    i love you guys but this was painful to watch

  13. Bethanie Kingston says:

    Omg Jenna Hamish and Andy I can’t believe you’ve seen them! Proud Aussie ? loved this

  14. JennaMarbles says:

    *Hello I Have Reached 17M Family Members I am giving out free gifts*

  15. Haley Marie says:

    basically anytime someone gets a call from Jenna or Julien on a Wednesday they should just KNOW

  16. Sarah Carter says:

    im cringing so baD and laughing so hard holy shit

  17. Shayla Foster says:

    I’M CRYYYYYING!!! “Butthole??”

  18. goats eatcans says:

    I’m friggin dead, I laughed so hard at this. I love you guys!

  19. Madison Claire says:

    I never don’t laugh when I watch one of their videos

  20. The Book Night says:

    Look at that sad iPhone aux adaptor. Android for life!

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