Pregnancy Terminology with Dan & Phil! | MOTHERHOOD

Pregnancy Terminology with Dan & Phil! | MOTHERHOOD

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20 Responses

  1. King of the Trap says:

    What is this cancer

  2. Daniel Jensen says:

    Daniel is a fantastic name

  3. Emily Grace says:

    “You’d make great dads”

    yes, we know, Louise

  4. Marína Urbanová says:

    Aww my mother is a Doula. And a very good one too.

  5. Chlo Fo Sho says:

    *_P l a c e n t a_*

  6. D V says:

    Otomy is a root word meaning to take out right?

  7. Thea U. says:

    So basically to avoid the scissors, you can get someone to massage your ladydoor

  8. Kyla Smith says:

    When Dan and Phil know more pregnancy terminology than you do 😂

  9. Claire Gould says:

    I want kids but the whole pregnant thing is terrifying. I don’t know how you do it Louise, go you👏👏

  10. ashley ann says:

    I love how they managed to talk about this subject in the least awkward way possible

  11. Otaku_Queen :3 says:



  12. ImHereTo ObserveTheEnd says:

    This was both funny and hilarious

  13. Olivia Howlter says:

    The baby is not even born yet and it has already achieved my one life goal

  14. invisibletara says:

    As a second year biology student, I’m embarrassed I didn’t get more of these

  15. dopple the flopple says:

    I think everyone needs the dan and Phil birth challenge

  16. I lost my jams slipping into the diamond life says:

    I’m taking medical terminology and I actually understood some of the word parts I’m so proud of myself.

  17. Vicky Melerine says:

    She’s so tiny sandwiched between them omg it’s too cute

  18. milaisonline says:

    “It’s kept secret until you need to use it.” xD

  19. Jordan Reid says:

    Phil totally dissed Louise saying how he wouldn’t have known that she was pregnant!

  20. Wind Song says:

    Jeez Louise, (😂😂 see what I did there?) But seriously tho, you look gorgeous. Hope I look as good as you when I have a baby

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