“Premature Electrification” | Ram Trucks

“Premature Electrification” | Ram Trucks

Premature Electrification is worth talking about. Find out if the Ram 1500 REV is right for you. Coming late 2024. Learn more: https://RamREV.com

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25 Responses

  1. PremierAutoMan86 says:

    …probably will be best car commercial of the Super Bowl 🤣

  2. Meet Kevin says:

    Bahahah, best ad of the Super Bowl! Genius on all counts

    • Youtube Account says:

      It’s well-done but it doesn’t actually make any sense for their offerings?
      It says go to that website for options but there’s basically nothing there.
      In particular not what you’d expect which would be a plugin hybrid truck to let you run electric for short trips but still get range and towing.

    • Jeremiah Fear says:

      Hey, at least they own up to it, first step in recovery.

    • Nick Garrett says:

      Yes! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. TheHappyFlier says:

    absolutely brilliant! The game hasn’t even started and I’ve already found my favorite Super Bowl commercial of the year!

  4. Mike Price says:

    I’m literally in tears! This has gotta be one of the best Super bowl commercial ever! So creative thank you for this even though I feel a little attacked on some parts!

  5. Thomas Lohrman says:

    Easily the best commercial from this year’s Super Bowl! Well done RAM!

  6. Jason Herron says:

    In a year where everything outside the game was pretty bad this was a great commercial. Good job.

  7. BMANNZR2 says:

    Chevy should have definitely followed this with a “LIKE A ROCK” commercial if RAM got away with this one.
    And maybe added the “HARD LIKE A ROCK” to the slogan for their EV.😆

  8. Lee Edens says:

    Wow, Ram made a TV Commercial talking about their upcoming EV pickup everyone knows Ram is also planning an extended range EV (or EREV) version, the only problem is others have already done this and stopped doing it for a good reason, the biggest problem for Ram is their competitors full-size EV pickups can do a similar TV Commercial, but instead of (Premature Electrification), they will be like is your EV a true EV, hence, if you have to stop at a gas (or fuel) station to put fuel in the vehicle vs electric, then you aren’t an EV (you’re just pretending to be an EV), you are an EREV, Nissan did this to the Chevy Volt vs Leaf, awhile back, Ram adding a range extender means extra weight and maintenance

  9. Qualified at best says:

    Hats off to the marketing department

  10. Tyvek Homewrap says:

    Made us cry with “God Made a Farmer”, made us fall over laughing with “Premature Electrification”.

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