President-Elect Trump Is Tweeting To Relieve The Pressure

President-Elect Trump Is Tweeting To Relieve The Pressure

As his transition into office gets messy, the incoming commander-in-chief seeks refuge in his Twitter feed.

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20 Responses

  1. Dojocho says:

    These dirtbag comedians dont get a free pass this azzhole mocked trumped
    and laughed at him saying him becoming president was a joke…now he needs
    to be exposed as the sellout POS he really is.

  2. Ben Wasserman says:

    I feel like only now Conservatives are starting to realize how badly they
    screwed up. That or they’re still in denial

  3. Rocket Leader says:

    where do you get a crowd of liberal sheep?
    i’m interested.

  4. 》 VENGEANCE 《 says:

    all these liberal fucktards in this comment section clearly get their news
    and information from Colbert and Cnn …two completely unbiased sources

  5. the_dead_poet says:

    I’m just waiting for the day, he gets Impeached.

  6. MARC BMAN says:

    If only people died like in Game of Thrones, that would make politics WAY
    more interesting.

  7. John Gaspar-Francisco says:

    anyone else think Stephen Colbert should run for president in 2020?

  8. Piano Music says:

    Its setting up that Stephen Colbert is going to be Trump’s enemy. These two
    will be going at it for 4 years….

  9. cheers will says:

    Colbert should put some rocks in his pocket and jump in the Hudson river.
    That would be doing a great service to humanity.

  10. Camille Voyage says:

    “Won bigger and more easily” lol that’s not English nice try tho

  11. Vivek Chauhan says:

    You are making the fun of your president. Shame on you Stephen. You do not
    respect democracy.

  12. gjpotter says:

    Can’t watch Stephen anymore. His show has become a “kool-aid” stand. Drink
    up idiots.

  13. xCaptxCrunchx says:

    All these Trumptards in the comments section so salty that they don’t have
    a Conservative late night host???Its because conservatives are not

  14. UndeadSon says:

    American press just spent a year and a half either lying to the people
    about what’s going on in their country, or being clueless about it. I
    wouldn’t feel compelled to defend their rights (privileges) right now.

  15. Bicycle sunday says:

    Sometimes i think that you have too many happy tablets from drugstore. Cut
    it out. Tablets make you see trueth on halusinations.

  16. Laurie Mann says:

    your a dork Steven

  17. Stellar Zen says:

    Its amazing how many people get their political news from Colbert, all I
    can say is “you are all fucking morons”

  18. Josh Knippa says:

    Stephen Colbert is in love with Trump. That is all he talks about.

  19. RedZeshinX says:

    I’m a big fan of Colbert, but if I’m reading between the lines correctly in
    his standup it looks like he’s moved on from an incredulous despair to a
    sort of bitter animosity (suddenly all the outright cursing, and that
    sardonic “clapping for catastrophe” to the crowd felt a bit snappy). I
    understand his anger and disappointment with this entire election debacle,
    it really is depressing and in some ways maddening, but I hope it doesn’t
    seduce him into hate. Here’s a reassuring poem from Tolkien, “All Woods
    Must Fail”:

    O! Wanderers in the shadowed land
    Despair not! For though dark they stand,
    All woods there be must end at last,
    And see the open sun go past:
    The setting sun, the rising sun,
    The day’s end, or the day begun.
    For east or west all woods must fail.

  20. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Colbert is such a rube. You should check out last night’s interview with
    Marion Cotillard. It made me embarrassed to be an American. ?