President Obama’s official portrait unveiled

President Obama’s official portrait unveiled

At the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, former President Barack Obama spoke about parallels between his life and artist Kehinde Wiley.

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97 Responses

  1. H_w Mahu says:

    Amazing 😘

  2. stereotyp says:

    wow… full sentences

  3. Grim Reefer says:

    Excellent portrait, but bud leaves would have been so much better as a background foliage! Now living in Trump’s world, my respect for Obama has increased a 1,000 percent!

  4. steelersdadkb says:

    I don’t know anything about art or this artist’s perceptions, but I really wish he had gone with the traditional presidential portrait. I don’t understand why he’s sitting in a bunch of leaves.

  5. MagicalPotato FromAnotherDimension says:

    The Portrait Looks Awesome,
    But Sadly Like All Great Things, Barrack Obama Being President Just Had to end 😭😭😭

    Edit: I Did Not Expect Theese Responses From My Dramatic Comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Nick says:

    CNN is NK lovers

  7. Lovelife Fact says:

    Trump supporter are mad

  8. tarnoldful says:

    Lol i thought this was a Photoshop joke what a cuck.

  9. single batch23 says:

    #wipeyoazz…all hail kim jong un,CNNs favorite son

    • nebraska farmer says:

      Yeah, what’s up with their love for all things Un? I guess murdering millions of people through starvation is their idea of good public policy. At least people aren’t fat in North Korea.

  10. Candace Yvette says:

    Michelle is looking beautiful and elegant as ever! Her beautiful complexion just glows, she have not aged at all! Also, it was really nice to listen to her and President Barack speak today.

    • Trick Q says:

      Please don’t lump Trump and Obama together. The reasoning behind Trump and Obama’s elections are worlds apart. First of all, Obama’s campaign didn’t run on racism and xenophobia. Let’s get that much out of the way. That Russia had anything to do with meddling in the 2016 election is something of which Trump has been, and is currently under investigation for. Trump’s lawyers have recently advised him not to talk to the special counsel, by the way.

      Second, all the policies regarding the environment, science, education, healthcare, gun control, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, women’s issues, lgbt issues that were made under Obama are being rolled back by Trump. Third, Obama was never thought to be nor is he thought of as a racist, a xenophobe, a serial liar, and a misogynist.

      Lastly, the people who voted for Obama didn’t consists of alt-right lunatics. Richard Spencer, David Duke, Ann Coulter and every racist in America who feels embolden under Trump’s presidency. And of course, the religious right. Intellectuals voted for Obama because he an intellectual. His voters were not only the white majority. There was much diversity. The people who voted for Trump definitely didn’t do it because of his intelligence, and the majority of his voters were poorly educated white men. Last year and even this year have proven how Obama will be remembered as president.

    • Anna karma says:

      Trick Q I will lump them together because I have done extensive research on Obama and I paid attention. what a politician does and what he says are two different things. But this will go over your head, as you are filled with illusions someone put into your head.

    • Anna karma says:

      The artist originally decided to paint Obama on a throne of drone missiles holding the head of a dead Iraqi baby, but thought better of it.

    • Trick Q says:

      Anna karma You can’t possibly believe Obama is like Trump or worse. As a woman, what’s your stance on Trump’s views on the women who’ve spoken out against him, and the women who’ve been abused by all the men he’s defended?

    • Anna karma says:

      Trump is a scumbag. No question. But does that mean I should worship the “lesser of two evils”. I am tired of the political games. For 4-8 years, one party dominates over another and the other party sees them as evil, and vice versa. But nothing changes, while people are distracted and driven to hysteria over their games. It is really sickening. Meanwhile, the government is run by banks and corporations who profit from keeping the world in a damaged way. And politicans lie while smiling in your face.

  11. King Monkey Mon says:

    so anyone noticed how CNN reacted to kimmy jong un sister being at the olympics i guess we can finally called them communist News Network and before they earned the name cuck news network when they tried to push cucking is good for marriages

    • TdotSoul says:

      I’m guessing you adore your Russian President though right? lol

    • King Monkey Mon says:

      TdotSoul except thats it hes called president trump not premier Vladimir Putin might want to do some research but hey quick question for you any snowflakes who want to come here why dont you move to north korea or canda if you hate america so much i mean stay in a place you hate is kinda illogical dont you think?

    • Richard Troullier says:

      King Monkey Mon Dude, if this is what you came up with after pondering. Please …..just don’t say anything else. ……..please.

    • Minimal says:

      it’s really about how his sister is a sign of slower tensions on the Korean peninsula but ok

    • Eric Douglas says:

      The fuck are talking about, this is a video about a portrait of Obama. Im pretty sure you could go comment on the video yall are talking about, but this video has nothing to do of it.

  12. Willy Yeut says:

    Trump and his pornstar wife will never deserve anything like this

  13. Frieda says:

    It was never about President Obama.Β  Everything he did was for our country.Β  History has recorded him for the greatness that he was and continues to be.Β  It’s been a long tough first year without good leadership, and I fear our country will never recovery from the damage now being done.

    • tableshaper says:

      Luka….. WRONG! Β  Giving aid creates a false sense of wellbeing, as if everything is okay now. Β In foreign language that means…. okay lets have MORE kids. Β The west needs to leave these people alone, we have our own starving and neglected.

    • kingtorta79 says:

      Frieda oh please, drama much πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

    • Noah King says:

      CNN Sucks And still managed to turn the economy around. He inherited a war and a recession.

      And as usual Republicans come in, make everything worse and then bitch and moan the next 4 to 8 years.

      Pathetic and disgusting party.

    • Tobias Forge says:

      All President Trump has done is repair the damage Obama caused … Democrats are so consumed with hate and misinformation that many fail to see how well this country is actually doing now that someone with some experience is running it.

    • hrlaej says:

      Frieda ❄️ you’ll survive

  14. Ahlam Massoud says:

    Missed President Obama speach it’s always amazing and loving charming

  15. Hope Smithson says:

    The best president πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ†™

  16. A'e Laiafa says:

    We miss you too Obama’s.

  17. wolfppo says:

    Where the artist on crack?

  18. Ann Del Tredici says:

    Why didn’t Trump and Melania host this unveiling the way all current presidents do for the past First Couple? Trump has no respect for history and he isn’t learning how to be a leader of a nation. Trump was a No-Show.

  19. Kathryn Byrd says:

    OMG crooked chair, sitting on a vine… NO NO NO.

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