“President Trump” Crashes The Daily Show: The Daily Show

“President Trump” Crashes The Daily Show: The Daily Show

Donald Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) of The President Show explains how he’ll pay for his U.S.-Mexico border wall, reform taxes and make Comedy Central great again.

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

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20 Responses

  1. Get Rekt says:

    It doesn’t what Trump does anymore. His supporters will continue to tell themselves that any criticism of him is just a ‘triggered libtard’, or someone who can’t get over the election. It’s funny, considering these are the same people who claim they are against safe spaces and putting labels on your opponent.

  2. perrie's eyes says:

    i came as soon as i heard

  3. Nicholas Sok says:

    Still smarter than the real Trump

  4. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    100 days is how long it took the swamp to drain Trump.

  5. Ikki Kaijima says:

    Build a wall around Trump

  6. Zikry Shaharudin says:

    who the fuck is this impersonator??????????

  7. Ben Rigney says:

    Most accurate sounding Trump in terms of voice

  8. Ghostdialoog says:

    Best Trump, small hands down.

  9. Hikuri says:

    That was the best Trump impersonation I’ve seen by far.

  10. Briana Borja says:


  11. Self Made Trillin says:

    America is so progressive that 8 years after electing their first black president

    They elected their first orange one

  12. TheKingOfKiros says:

    Extremely good trump impression in terms of voice and body language and gestures !!! Though he needs to be more orange.

  13. MightiestArm says:

    Scary how accurate this impersonator is

  14. Rodrigo Basoalto C. says:

    A group of racist is called a Trump

  15. Abhishek Krishnan says:

    Holy crap, this is the most accurate Trump impression I’ve seen. Like, people like Baldwin exaggerate Trump’s weaknesses, but this guy actually sounds like him.

  16. Metham Phetamine says:

    This whole thing is just… (unintelligible)

  17. mccarraa says:

    so slaves were not human in Trump eyes?

  18. Yawo Elevn says:

    This guys is killing it for real. He is probably the best trump impersonator so far.

  19. Lisa Feisthome says:

    Trevor, you amaze me cuz you always make your show more & more hilarious ??❤??. Thank you for your brilliant wit ???. Love you

  20. Spooksandooks says:

    There is actually someone who can do a better Trump voice than Trevor Noah? I am impressed

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