President Trump gives an update on coronavirus

President Trump gives an update on coronavirus

President Trump gives an update on the coronavirus pandemic.

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70 Responses

  1. Weeping Willow says:

    May God protect our country and may He also rest the victims of the new strain of coronavirus, both in the U.S. and others who have died in other countries. Hopefully this can be eradicated at some point in the near future.

  2. Mast Cell Guy says:

    Here now I have The Fever. My location is Pierce County Washington. Due to my mast cell disease, I have only traveled to King County Washington, Seattle VA Hospital of Doom the past several months. I have The Fever. Breathing is extremely difficult. Use a CPAP machine to help breathe. I sweat uncontrollably with headaches as I desperately struggle to remain within any aspect of normalcy. My wife displays the symptoms of a simple common cold. Something is so wrong as I have never experienced this before. My military expertise combined with the intelligence from my brothers and sisters leads me to believe our government is lying to us. The virus is more than they want us to believe. Prepare now, right now. All my overseas contacts are no more. N95 they had., they are all believed dead. You need more. God Bless

  3. Stevie Ray Klon says:

    Doing my part. I’ve extended the 5 second rule to 8 seconds. Stay safe y’all.

    • chadkincham says:

      Stevie Ray, I believe you went the wrong way with that – the 5 second rule would need shortened, not lengthened…

    • 100 000 subscribers without a video challenge says:

      ghost500e it could be a biological weapon too not just from an animal but if that’s the case we are doomed

    • Millionaire Hobo says:

      As the coronavirus as it spreads
      that equals 90 million people .
      2% of the 90 million people will die . That comes to 1.8 million deaths.

    • Dinkin Flicka says:


  4. Like _Spark says:

    My respect to all healthcare workers and their families 🌟💚🧡🖤❤💖💛

  5. Ilene whitney says:

    God Bless our Service men and women. It really breaks my heart to see our wounded warriors here at Scott AFB Il………………….

  6. Night Owl says:

    Priceless, as always!

  7. chai momma says:

    I’m immune compromised and I’m taking golden seal.

    • First Lady says:

      Please know that you should only take goldenseal for a limited time… no more than two weeks. Also, if you have any ragweed allergies, this belongs to the same family… Be cautious.

    • Dessek says:

      @Amy Lou It takes a long time to recover from the effects of pneumonia. Check with your pharmacy for BronkAid, it’s over-the-counter and can help loosen up phlegm and it’s a bronchodilator to help you breathe better. Ask your doctor though if it’s appropriate for you.

    • PJ Campbell says:

      @Top Shelf Kratom,free samples. I’ve been taking “GINGER ROOT” for yrs. I also take Turmeric,Ginseng, & Ginko. I also cook with the Ginger Root, and Turmeric.(For the hardheaded people who refuse to take it.) EVERYONE should read the back of your LYSOL and LYSOL WIPES. It will shock you to know that, ONE of the VIRUSES LISTED on the (VIRUSES IT KILLS) is.. HUMAN CORONA VIRUS! This is a new strain, made spacifically in CHINA! The difference between the two is an element straight from nature itself. I have an INTERVIEW that I recorded that shows the difference between the two. It’s with a VERY PROMINENT SCIENTIST, and it explains the entire story.

    • chai momma says:

      First Lady you have to take a break because it depletes your vitamin B, a week is sufficient. Same for Echinacea.

    • chai momma says:

      I add in EmergenC while taking it.

  8. Leigh Barry says:

    Warriors lay down your swords and rest in peace, even though you’re gone YOU are NOT forgotten😔🇺🇸💗

  9. AnimeEpicAdventure says:

    6:25 here yall go its where the update starts

  10. ikexis says:

    5:45 corona virus

  11. nuran arrowood says:

    I Salute them all blessings

  12. miss kitty says:

    We never should have been in Afghanistan! Bring all our ppl HOME!!!

    • Ranger11413 says:

      Huh ? Someone has to guard those poppy fields ? Lol

    • I love noodles says:

      The good thing is that most people are coming home. And our troops get rotated so that the same individual troop isn’t there for years straight without a break. Sheesh people!!
      America is not a coward. We are not going to pull out every single troop all at once.
      That would be foolish! If you don’t know why, then you are part of the problem that just runs your mouth.

    • Danius Von Gailis says:

      He will bring them to new home base to next door country. How can you listen this gutless plant

    • David Wheeler says:

      Actually, we should have never been in Iraq…but lies prevailed didn’t they? GOP lies.

  13. K9 says:

    Trump: I would like to ask the media not to incite panic.

    Media: *Challenge Accepted*

  14. Michele Prince says:

    We the PATRIOTS stand strong…We are mighty warriors. GOD BLESS US ALL.

  15. jennie walsh says:


  16. Swoody says:

    I don’t know why but I remember that line from 2012 “WHEN THEY TELL YOU NOT TO PANIC THAT’S WHEN YOU RUN” lol.

    • Teddy300 says:

      Nancy Beegle Trump did act aggressive. He shut the border down long before this was public. There would be many more sick if it wasn’t for him. China has more sick then what they say. They believe China was having mass deaths and burning the bodies.

    • Chad Kent says:

      @Stephen Werner two words….
      Electoral college

    • Anton Jackson says:

      @David Mosher he sounds like he has the flu.

    • Anton Jackson says:

      @gao88gao a white lie is, somebody saying your butt ugly child is cute, how does this compare? Did you just want to turn it into a racist statement?

  17. John Dotson says:

    My dad was a veteran for 22 years and give his life for this country 44 years ago i was 11 years old now i am 55 years old

    • SOUTHERN REBEL . says:

      Wow what greater love then a soldier lay down his life for his country God bless you and God bless those have to say bye not knowing if it’s the last bye and God bless the gold star families ⭐🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅

  18. K L says:

    I hope that my little “thank you” is appreciated by all people who were involved in the Afghanistan War…it’s not much, but it’s extremely heartfelt. My husband fought in Vietnam in the Mekong Delta and I cannot imagine what either of those wars felt like…but I am filled with gratitude for the massive experiences you all have had, and everything you did for me, and for America. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU and your wonderful, sacrificing families.

  19. Jill jarrett says:

    He’s Right get Americans Home quit all the blood shed on money in war and make America Great

  20. D Oj says:

    Becareful what your sending out god said what you send out boomerang back in time just trust in his word and stop speaking about things give it to god he is in control of all amen peace be with you

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