President Trump holds a post-election press conference

President Trump holds a post-election press conference

President Donald Trump holds a press conference the day after the Midterm Elections.

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81 Responses

  1. Ricardo Corrie says:

    The media is the boy who cried wolf. They have been so abusive with the truth and so hypocritical, the day they actually report something real, people just won’t care anymore.

    • Patrick Proctor says:

      +Frank Genner You do need to convince them to go through with it. It’s cheaper to keep it abroad and apply it through subsidiaries. You can always pay for things in joint ventures and keep the government’s claws off of business’ money if you really want to. There is absolutely no benefit to most companies bringing their money back from overseas.

    • Frank Genner says:

      +Patrick Proctor LOL how hard is it to press a button give me a break. Rebuilt automobiles, machine things, run blast freezers, make steel, all using robots, it was not so long ago when we were the manufacturing Powerhouse in the world don’t give me some cop out ridiculous excuse like we don’t have the expertise to manufacture something LOL

    • johnny aa says:

      @Ricardo Corrie
      Ignorant can be temporary. Stupid is forever. You qualify for both. Do some fact checking my simple minded friend. Your hero has the biggest track record for fabrications, alternative facts and downright lies in presidential history.

    • Patrick Proctor says:

      +Frank Genner It’s not just pressing a button. It’s highly advanced design, machining, construction, and QA, things the U.S. has sucked at for decades.

      You don’t in this era. You don’t have the precision, or do you seriously think Tim Cook is lying? Do you think Boeing and GE are lying? They’ve all said it’s a pipe dream for another 20 years unless you get an engineering diaspora in this country. Good luck.

    • A S says:

      +Lady Tee orange man bad

  2. Tammy Whatever says:

    Thank you, President Trump!!

    • Dr. DaYEETbruh says:

      Tammy Whatever He might help you find your long awaited husband to change that ridiculous last name and take care of your child 😁

    • Tammy Whatever says:

      +Dr. DaYEETbruh Huh? My husband isn’t lost, that child is my Grandson & I wouldn’t make fun of other’s names, with one such as yours. MAGA, President Trump!!!

  3. Thomas Schwabe says:

    Rude Bogart Jim Acosta wants to hog up question times with nothing but critical and loaded questions that stir up strife!. He finally got put in his place! Ashamed!
    And so throwing rocks at police on the Southern border and at helicopters and ramrodding and pushing down gates is not an “Invasion”? How about Ten Illegal aliens push down Acosta’s front door what would he and others call that? 🙄

    • Akash Sharma says:

      +Cherie Cullum Jim Acosta is a despo – craving and begging for attention. He needs to be replaced by some proper professionals who know their job.

    • Evan West says:


    • Evan West says:

      +Bly Cat what did he lie about then? Trump lies on average 8 times a day…

    • Thomas Schwabe says:

      Cherie Cullum both words have very similar characteristics and both words incorporate a love for their Nation. When you become a citizen you become loyal to your Nation and it’s values not so with a traitor. Your Definition is a present day twisting of the term to make it a racist term as they add the word “White” to it. Anybody who reads your post can look up on Wikipedia or any other source for the definition of the word Nationalist and find it’s not a Negative term! Wherever your treasure is there your heart will be! If you value your Nation you love being an American Citizen!

    • Thomas Schwabe says:

      Cherie Cullum So then the positive historical impact upon thousands of Black, Asian, Mexican Americans economically is a a fruit of selfishness? 😂 He has earned enough money for himself before ever becoming President and now doesn’t even take a salary for himself but puts it into other groups. And you say he’s selfish! 🤣The selfish Narrow mind seems to be in you! You should learn to celebrate the success of others, and perhaps then you will have a better attitude. Do to others what you would have them do to you!

  4. Hartbleed says:

    58k people waiting to see the president and 380 for Pelosi… More and more people are being awoken to the fact that being honest may offend, saying what you think may hurt some feelings. I say, good! Fake outrage is being called out everywhere by good honest people. Bring meaning to your lives and get off the social media bandwagon, learn or discover a skill you have, raise your kids don’t just take care of them and stop crying racism or sexism just because you are an unstable person that has no direction in their life!!

    • John Iverson says:

      Nosebleed. Nice demonstration that you have the spelling and grammer talent of a 5th grader. Now moron…grit your three teeth and scream…lock up Congress…burn science books…and tractor pulls for everyone. What a rube!

    • Dustin Phillips says:

      YouTube is a social media platform… and posting is bandwagoning for such platform… so… I guess you’re also looking for direction in life???

    • Herman47 says:

      At an Obama event, 58K would be the number just waiting in line for the popcorn.

    • Hartbleed says:

      +John Iverson When one’s measly existence, such as yours, has no meaning they write comments like you did. Being an incel with high levels of estrogen must suck for you John but there’s no need to be bitter at the world for it! Stay marginalized!! 😉 👍🏻

    • Mr. Snarky says:

      Hartbleed Say it louder for the people in the back!

  5. Dylan Ryan says:

    Thank God we FINALLY got a great President. I was worried I would never see it in my lifetime.

    • PalmerEldritch666 says:

      +Cory Walker I’m able to multi-task as I listen to the Trump comedy hour Looney Rant. I’m glad you had nothing better to do than read my comments. They must have held some amusement value for you (i think you got your typical self-congratulatory Trumpian answer right there).

    • PalmerEldritch666 says:

      +Cory Walker + i’ll give Trump credit for creating a new kind of art-form. The Interactive Stand up comedy show. He does carry on for-ever and ever, agreed ?
      Always the same lame old jokes…..

    • Roman Brown says:

      You will, when Beto runs this fool out of office.

    • compositecapitulum says:

      +PalmerEldritch666 LMFAO!! Good one!!

    • Covfefe says:

      Roman Brown he lost to the weakest Republican! he himself said he doesn’t want to run he if he runs he won’t make it out of the primaries if he gets the nomination it’s shows how weak the democrats really are Trump has tactics he campaigned for the senate not the house that’s why they lost the house by 2020 the house will be back in red hands

  6. Hexic Dragon says:

    Trump begins speaking at 53:00

  7. Cassiopea456 says:

    Oh look at them, how wonderful is the circus of shameful “reporting” activism calling themselves journalists. I’m gonna vomit.. Let’s give our Potus a second term so we can see some heads rolling and passes removed. Shameful trash.

  8. oellinas says:

    The media don’t realize how disgraceful they look to the American people. No one thinks the president should get a free pass. We expect the media to question the president and his policies, but they go about it in such a condescending, childlike manner. Not all… but most. Just terrible.

    • Sunflower Roark says:

      Minions believe the media is “special.” This means they are for this crazy and abusive BS. What has American come to?

    • Oved G. says:

      Go back under ur rock ur nothing but a dying breed

    • Emily says:

      There’s a lot of people that agree with them and they like how they behave like children. You can’t talk to those people though, I’ve tried having a discussion with someone like that and all they did was throw insults at me lol it’s ridiculous.

    • Vulcaneer900 says:

      oellinas – If they cared about the American People that would mean something. But they only care about what their Globalist Banker Supporters care about.

    • GrowLLLTigeRRR says:

      I too was thinking that they are childish.

  9. D D says:

    Ban CNN from White House or put them in the back of room

  10. katie barbarossa says:

    I can’t believe how these so-called press people have the gall to speak to our President in this disrespectful manner. Who do they think they are? Questions are fine.. repeatedly overspeaking and interrupting the President is something else. Shame on you!

    • Mr. Snarky says:

      katie barbarossa Really shows how spoiled we are. If they had pulled that on another countries leader, they’d be publicly executed for treason.

  11. Pastor JC says:

    It is a real shame the way LIBERAL MEDIA harasses the President.

  12. Pastor JC says:

    Rude Media should be escorted out and prohibited from attending.

  13. Jane Scar says:

    Guys like Acosta should just be kicked out or suspended from the media pool.

  14. Surfer 10 says:

    ENOUGH WITH THE RUSSIANS ALREADY. There is nothing there and Mr. President please END IT NOW!!

  15. Helen Yochum says:

    Oh my goodness! The reporters are so insanely rude! Then they turn it around on him and say he is throwing a tantrum? Ridiculous! They joke on him because he can’t understand their accents, yet turn it around and make it seem like he is being rude because he couldn’t understand them? He did a great job handling the children at daycare today!

  16. Batou says:

    Nice mob control mr president.

  17. Matt Murdock says:

    When Trump shuts down Acosta I couldn’t stop laughing. Almost fell out of my chair. Sit down and shut up CNN!

  18. Angry Liberal says:

    It’s actually A-M-A-Z-I-N-G how few questions were asked that had any substance. Racism this, white supremacy that, collusion conspiracy so and so. These people call themselves journalists? Hilarious. Guess they graduated in gender studies.

    • compositecapitulum says:

      Enlighten us with your intellect. What question would you have asked?

    • Angry Liberal says:

      +compositecapitulum I think you got lost. Back to Tumblr with you.

    • Knowyour Love says:

      compositecapitulum I know you didn’t ask me but my question would be: “Sir The caravan started days after Jeff Sessions put a 10mil bounty on El Mencho and gave us a clear framework of the drug cartels in Mexico, Central America and China. Is there any connection between the two?”

  19. ZERO says:

    This would be an extremely exhausting job. Being beaten up by media constantly. I understand being held accountable, but the slander, & manipulation is why I cannot trust mainstream media. CNN deserved to be called out here. I get Trump’s anger toward them. They have purposefully deceived a lot of viewers, while trying to drive a narrative. It’s disgusting. Get some rest Mr. President.

  20. me biquitous says:

    load the courts mr prez. maga

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