President Trump’s Muslim-Targeted Travel Ban: The Daily Show

President Trump’s Muslim-Targeted Travel Ban: The Daily Show

After President Trump signs an executive order banning travel from several Muslim-majority countries, Hasan Minhaj examines the uplifting public response.

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19 Responses

  1. Why you gotta go there says:

    Out of the seven countries that have been banned none of the civilians of
    those countries have killed any American in terrorist attacks in the last
    40years, but you know who has been killed by a terrorist attack? Canadians.
    The white nationalist Trump supporter who shot up a Muslim house of prayer,
    and killed six people. I was scared that this extreme bigotry that has
    taken a hold in America would leak into my country, and I was unfortunately
    right. I just hope the decent Americans stand up more before Muslims start
    getting killed there also. It is already more than enough that your country
    has been killing Muslims in the middle east for decades. To you Trump
    supporters, and bigots in general who go around all day demonizing all
    Muslims as monsters that lead to this happening, fuck you. No long message
    today, no nothing, just my real feelings towards you pieces of shit.

    PS. Trump has made his first Military action, and it has lead in the death
    of 10 innocent people. Women and Children, one of the girls was 8. Check
    out this twist, her Brother was killed under Obama. Got the whole family,

  2. Dave SOLEMI says:

    I can’t wait for this cheetos to be impeached.

  3. Darren Mahabir says:

    Trumps the type of president the US invades a country to overthrow.#Food
    for thought

  4. Dave SOLEMI says:

    Trump is a disgrace to America and what it stands for. The Statue of
    Liberty should be demolished.

  5. Mohsin Abdullah says:

    So we just gonna forget about the taxes?

  6. Amitha Alex says:

    People in Bristol, that’s near where I live, are protesting. That’s how bad
    this is.

  7. Cloud Sin says:

    I find it sad that some Americans are not disturbed by this. Orange Hitler
    strikes again.

  8. Aaron Dennis says:

    Trump is doing this shit to keep everyone distracted. He’s only worried
    about getting wealth, by making back room deals. It’s called the “bait and
    switch”. #ConMan

  9. Francesco says:

    Since a man that supported Donald Trump attacked a mosque in Canada i
    suggest a complete total and complete shutdown of immigration from the US
    to the entire world until we can find what the hell is going on.

  10. Patrique Corniglia says:

    Way to radicalize even more moderates, Trump. You complete and utter
    fucking imbecile!

  11. PJ W says:

    Look, if you voted for Trump, just swallow your pride and admit you fucked
    Owning up to a mistake is better than continuing to try to defend that
    Look on the bright side, at least he fucked up early so you didn’t end up
    defending him for longer than a week.

  12. Nathan Rothschild says:

    This ain’t about safety or national security. If it was, Saudi Arabia,
    Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan and a few others would be on that list. But
    Trump has business dealings in such countries and they get a pass.
    And guess what, the countries on the list have zero record of terrorism in
    America. None.
    They are right, this is not a Muslim ban, but rather, a refugee ban. They
    are turning away refugees from countries they bombed.

  13. AbolishedUncle0 says:

    Neo Nazis rule America again, it’s going to be a long 4 years

  14. Artyyyooo yo says:

    Trump supporters be like: But…but Hil…lary….

  15. Clorox Bleach says:

    Trump is really trying to get impeached isnt he?

  16. Jim Mason says:

    Two things I have in common with Trump.
    – I haven’t watched Finding Dory
    – I’m unfit to be president

  17. I C Clouds says:

    Again trump supporters prove the argument that his win was the result of
    poor education and backward beliefs

  18. Dackerman says:

    holy shit….are we really only on week 2?

  19. Anthony VP says:

    I love that he only picked Muslim countries that have never killed
    Americans in terror attacks, but left the countries directly responsible
    for sending terrorists to the US out of his ban.