Prince George leaves Justin Trudeau hanging on Canada visit

Prince George leaves Justin Trudeau hanging on Canada visit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fails to get a high five from Prince George as the three-year-old arrives in Canada with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte.

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20 Responses

  1. Melanie says:

    They are adorable together

  2. Thomas Xiong says:

    Not important news.

  3. V Beauchemin says:

    Those kids are adorable. I guess it was a long flight for George, he wasn’t
    feeling it.

  4. Cookiopuss says:

    “Daddy, why is this colonial proletariat instigating conversation with me,
    Duth he not know his place!? avert thy eyes scum, your gaze offends me!”.

  5. Christinellie says:

    He waved at the end at least? cutee

  6. Eirikr says:

    Good kid.

    He’ll deal with Trudeau and his kind, in time.

  7. Ramon Brandão says:

    He was thinking: “I’m not gonna touch this filfhy liberal”. WHAT A BOY

  8. Theultimateseb says:

    ohhh I think a little someone needs a nap. Grumpy Georgie.

  9. iTube22100 says:

    Prince George has pronounced knee valgus :((

  10. D3C3n50r says:

    Even a 3 year old knows not to shake the hands of a cuck.

  11. thekingchrissyg says:

    he doesnt associate with peasants

  12. Nikola Tesla says:

    Royal family is kinda like the Kardashians. They are of no use but they are

  13. Nate says:

    The trending page is almost as messed up as YouTu… oh.

  14. Kevin Cadet says:

    damn son Gegore is to MLG get rekt Justin ya noob

  15. Cho0segoose says:

    look at these lizards socializing

  16. Cristiano Isidoro says:

    Shitty parents that don’t teach the kid how to be polite.

  17. Syed Ali says:

    Hilarious how William and Kate don’t even bother

  18. ainteeeeeee says:

    The prince is like: I don’t shake hands with filthy libtards

  19. AletheAce says:

    Title should be: “Little boy in stockings doesn’t shake Canada’s biggest
    cuck’s hand”

  20. Sky Wolf says:

    “Because its 2016″