Prince Harry and Meghan Complete Final Engagement as Senior Royals

Prince Harry and Meghan Complete Final Engagement as Senior Royals

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made their last public appearance as working members of the Royal Family.

Prince Harry and Meghan joined the Queen and other senior royals at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on Monday afternoon.

The couple have been carrying out a series of public appearances in the UK before stepping back as working royals.

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Report by Hannah Barnett.

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  1. Nan Faircloth says:

    I love Kate’s hat’s. They always have the flowers under the brim. I’d like to have seen the front side of Camellia. PC looked cheerful and happy.

  2. Colleen says:

    *Beautiful flowers, women should have flowers everyday of their lives! I wouldn’t mind them.*

  3. mahjabeen choudhury says:

    Why do u crop the exit of Earl of Wessex Prince Edward and Countess of Wessex Sophie ?Sophie is my favourite. They mean nothing to the admin of this channel.

    • Wendy MacDonald says:

      mahjabeen choudhury I totally agree…she is a huge part of the RF and does amazing work

    • Marly WiVi says:

      Susan Hewett regardless of their number in line The Wessexs are and have been doing a phenomenal work serving the queen , Countess Sophie is loved around the world and I mean loved , she just doesnt put like the other true royals her engagements out like a Hollywood documentary, plushes things up to make herself look good …..she is there to do a job a job for queen and country .潑儭

    • MyMagical1 says:

      eleni Kominos I hope when they go to Canada the media save us blow by blow accounts of what they are up to. I would like there to be more written of the other royals. Sophie is great. On International Womens day she was in Africa working with women on a project on behalf of HM and the U.K. who have supported these women with their education and entrepreneurship. Her speech was so perfect because it captured the reason for the day. By comparison MM was at some obscure school in London giving a speech about herself…well basically it was.

    • Maya Johannesen says:

      mahjabeen choudhury I like her very much as well, she is discreet, elegant and beautiful

    • Warren Franklin says:

      @MyMagical1 隕o

  4. Ann says:

    This is so bittersweet. It will never be the same for our Queen. Though I understand things change it still is a loss so many of us feel deeply.

    • Heather Cook says:

      How do you think she feels,no Philip there,her rock h

    • Charlotte Vale says:

      Ann Things have not been the same without Diana

    • Maria Maria says:

      I’m feeling bit nostalgic, the Queen has devoted all her life to being the epitome of nobility and elegance. Like the last of an era from the golden age. She’s outlived most and has gone through many heartaches, such a tough soul. I hope Princess Anne would join in these occasions more, when Harry officially leaves, I hope Princess Anne will take his place, she’s the Queen’s most unsung asset.

  5. Julia Read Scottish Piper says:

    Shout out for the piper. He looks amazing and his playing (and that of his colleagues) was incredible. Really sharp crisp notes, excellent timing, wonderful playing.

    • Susan Metz says:

      My grandfather left Scotland with his family as a young boy. We arranged to have big piles played at his funeral. I love the music. They always take me back. Ill check out your videos.

    • Julia Read Scottish Piper says:

      @Sharon Sienaski Welcome Sharon, I hope you enjoy the content that I plan to post this year.

    • Julia Read Scottish Piper says:

      @Susan Metz That makes you Scottish, definitely. btw what is ‘big piles’? is it a tune, if so I don’t know it. Bagpipes at a funeral are particularly poignant, I’m sure your grandfather would have been delighted that you honoured him in that way. I hope that you like the videos on my channel. I’m trying to post 1 new clip per week this year. The aim is to create some cinematic shots. It seems a fitting way to pay tribute to the wonderful heritage that is Scotland.

    • Julia Read Scottish Piper says: Sophie and Edward actually stopped and watched (heart emoji)

    • ORLA S says:

      Julia Read Scottish Piper .

      My dog hated the pipes and started to howl ! 塔

  6. E de Montfort says:

    Duchess Catherine looked exquisite in that cranberry red and matching hat with roses. It was very sweet of her to take time to speak at length with that little girl. So glad everything went well and without incident.

    • Ansu John says:

      @Ladie Paige no its better than breathtaking its consistency which is the hallmark of a queen….and not a vacuous floozie like MeAgain who shows up for celebrity and doesn’t want to respect the culture and traditions of her husband’s family. Some “love” that is. I give their marriage another three years tops.

    • Crystal Scott says:

      @Laurie Lane the same rags that the Megan hating village idiots use as their bible to hang on to every lie, assumption and speculation about Megan is the SAME rags that said William was cheating

    • Deborah Shaw says:

      Ladie Paige Megan is a stage name even if its her middle name. Kate is a nickname.

    • EDITH NAZE says:

      @Belladonnas Art of Healing So that’s how a tart looks to you? You must be blinded by hate.

    • EDITH NAZE says:

      @Valerie Parker That’s her name or are you also antisemitic ?

  7. Razza1941 says:

    That 93 year old woman walks better than I do.

  8. Angel Dreams says:

    the queen looks so lovely and healthy, god bless her

  9. Loloma Redward says:

    What a wonderful inspirational woman the Queen is.

  10. David Hensley says:

    The copes worn by the clergy were stunning. I’d like to see the abbey’s closets some time.

  11. Anthony Clegg says:

    Are the comments on here for real. FFS.

  12. krissy beaubien says:

    Well, Im 45 years old and walking in heels usually ends up in tears. So I have respect for the Queen. 仄領儭

  13. Laurel Bozman says:

    Love the queen’s outfit.

  14. Carlos Vonstoffenberg says:

    God bless queen Elizabeth god save the queen

  15. Marie-Th矇r癡se Dubus de Rougemont says:

    The queen is incredible, she climbs into her limo much more easily than the Duchess of Cornwall! She reminds one of the Queen Mother who fished salmon well into her eighties. Good genes…

  16. maria G says:

    Long live the Queen.

  17. Susan Hewett says:

    The Queen does look good for a woman of almost 94 years old, she can even walk by herself without any form of aid such as a Walking Stick or anyone holding on to her and she can even get into a Car without any help which is unusual for someone her age. Duchess Catherine looked nice in that Red Dress, it really suits her and I must admit that Meghan looked good in the Dress that she wore.

  18. Jane Blog says:

    Kate looks beautiful and elegant as always

  19. Tamar 4272 says:

    All the best to the UK 突 from across the pond 綾詹歹綾詹歹

    • MyMagical1 says:

      Tamar 4272 Many thanks, its lovely to receive such a warm greeting from across the pond; some of your fellow countrymen and women seem determined to be extremely hostile to our Monarchy. 突

    • Lady Gaga Lover says:

      MyMagical1 And cheers from Canada too! Such a shame that there are so many hostile people in the world. Has nothing to do with Flags and borders. If only the peacekeepers could all be together. 賤歹

  20. Marie Osipova says:

    It was cold, windy and chilly, I wonder why kids weren’t clothed warm enough

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