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20 Responses

  1. Stevonicus says:

    me me spin boy

  2. Tora-Sama says:

    Was it worth it John? Was it worth your engagement and ultimately your marriage?

  3. six says:

    I love this new trend called “making me feel bad for using fidget spinners for my anxiety”

  4. acornheart465 says:

    I just think it’s so stupid that this became a fad. Like, it’s whole purpose is to help kids who need to fidget and everyone is just making it worse

  5. Dall says:

    This is sad that you’re supporting these evil objects. Did you know that they have been linked to 14 deaths?

  6. quinintheclouds says:

    YES! PLEASE THROW THIS FAD IN THE TREEAAASH! Fidget toys are made for people with autism, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental disorders that make it difficult for neurodivergent people to function. Play with them if you want, but stop making these things into cringey fads. When they get banned, people who need them in order to focus are the ones getting punished.

  7. «Ram•Cichlid» says:

    My cousin, who teaches 4th graders, was honestly really happy when these and the fidget cubs came out, because they were more affordable, simple ways to help some kids who have learning difficulties. She actually ended up buying two herself just to give to two of her students who had trouble in class, and she told me the improvement was almost immediate. But, now, numerous other kids in the school bought them, and soon enough kids were trying “tricks” with them and trying to throw them like frisbees, so just the other day the school decided to ban fidget toys altogether.

    My cousin and multiple other teachers and parents are trying to work with the school to make exceptions for the kids who _actually_ need them, but it’s not easy at all. Leave it to the general public to destroy something that was supposed to have a positive impact.

    But, I do love the video, Jack!

  8. BlindIcon says:

    the best spinner trick video so far. thanks jack for teaching me these as they helped me getting through my spinner career

  9. Greatguy says:

    Fidget spinners are downgraded bayblade.

  10. Don Albert Quiatchon says:

    Nah, I’ll stick with click pens… I can click it (annoyingly), do spin tricks, write with it, and occasionally stab someone with it (especially those who tells me to stop clicking my pen)…?

  11. MicoDossun says:

    I hate that what was once a helpful tool for kids with ADHD is now seen as a trashy fad.

  12. B Burton says:

    I haven’t clicked like on a jacksfilm video in a long time. But man this one deserves it. Keep up the good work, Erin.

  13. Jackel B says:

    Ah Jack trolling another YouTube trend, this is why I subbed to you

  14. SoulSearching says:

    0:52 When you fidget so hard your glasses vanish from existence.

  15. Anon O'Maus says:

    cool fidget spinner tricks: market it as a toy when it’s designed to help kids with ADHD

  16. PewDiePie says:

    a child in africa couldve eaten those fidget spinners…

  17. Reza Tube says:

    *”Once you have all 8 fidget spinners, spinning, I like to throw them in the trash where this garbage fad belongs”*
    Was the most accurate and hilarious thing about this video ??

  18. Isaac Siew says:

    Ok, honest opinion here… I seriously reckon that fidget spinners are kind of cool I have adhd and they do help a bit. I do enjoy the memes but I think the fact that it is a trend now is really stupid.

  19. Adapple says:

    It’s annoying that students with actual learning disabilities have to deal with this being a fad, having teacher take them off them because they can’t tell the difference between a disabled child and a trend follower (at first glance).

  20. Francias II says:

    How many 11 years olds clicked on this and are now atempting “The 2-timer”.

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