Production Begins on Fear the Walking Dead

Production Begins on Fear the Walking Dead

Take an early look at the set of Fear the Walking Dead with Executive Producers Dave Erickson, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, and Greg Nicotero. Fear the Walking Dead premieres this summer on AMC.

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18 Responses

  1. JennaTheYovilleActress says: Go
    like #FearTheWalkingDead on the link that I posted , The page will be
    posting any news or updates about the series moving forward. I can’t wait
    til the spin off comes on… it’ll be epic

  2. Yulia “TVSerieshead” Dimina says:

    Fear the Walking Dead. Съемки начинаются

  3. Place To Be says:

    *Lyly* [Actu série] petite video behind the scene du spin-off de
    ‪#‎WalkingDead‬ : Fear the Walking Dead

  4. Know It All Joe says:

    Fear the Walking Dead behind the scenes featurette.

  5. balls2411 says:


  6. Ricardo Galindo says:

    “Fear the Walking Dead” ??? Why not call it “The Walking Dead: Fear The
    Living” or “The Walking Dead: Fear The Dead” or “The Walking Dead: Fight
    the Dead”. .. I is all over the original “Walking Dead” series’s
    famous quote “FIGHT THE DEAD/FEAR THE LIVING”…Why reinvent the wheel, if
    it is already perfect to begin with?? Personally, I like “The Walking
    Dead: Fear The Living,” cause of how the show should dwelt into the
    psychology of what happens to people when they have to confront the
    “walking dead.”

    PLUS!! “Fear the Walking Dead” does not sound like a great title. >_<

  7. razeeksz says:

    +Ricardo Galindo just shut up.

  8. Ricardo Galindo says:

    +razeeksz why?? just an opinion. you feel like you can make everybody shut
    up online…hmmm?? I have a voice too, you know! just cause your parents
    told you that your voice matters, Does not mean that another person’s
    opinion does not matter too. -_-

    egotistical brick

  9. Jornal O Globo says:

    Série derivada de ‘The walking dead’ começou a ser gravada hoje. Veja as
    primeiras cenas de bastidores:

  10. Thiers J. Silva says:

    Eu não entendo o gosto por esses filmes de massacres humanos. Parecem com
    aquelas pessoas da antiga Roma, que pagavam para ver cristãos sendo
    devorados por feras, mortos covardemente por gladiadores ou, queimados

  11. LUIZ ALPIANO VIANA Alpiano says:


  12. GoldTurkey l says:

    We wont a DATE !!

  13. IcedEarth1231 says:

    0:06 “Original”

  14. River Martins says:

    Fear The Walking Dead behind the scenes featurette

  15. Popcornplay Media says:

    Con motivo del inicio de la producción de la nueva serie de AMC “Fear The
    Walking Dead”
    Nos presentan un nuevo vídeo detrás de las escenas, donde nos prometen que
    será totalmente a la serie que ya vimos.
    ¿Qué les parece?

  16. Jose Mendoza says:

    Nice another TV show of TWD.

  17. Red Meat says:

    Can’t wait!

  18. Ashley Hogins says:

    Did you seriously say orginal?
    I have a feeling i’m going to hate this show. The only way I may like it,
    is if it answers some unanswered questions like how the virus started or
    showing us the start of the outbreak.
    Apart from that no interested at all, all I see is a director with no