protein shake

protein shake

protein shake

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20 Responses

  1. jacksfilms says:

    Hi ! We have finally passed 2.6M family members!! ? ?
    Now I got a small surprise for you, search ?ytsurp555? on Google!

  2. "Once There Was An Ugly Squid, So I Said Hi To Him, the end." -Patrick Star says:

    Do you need protein to make this??

  3. Kon Haijacked says:

    Hey jack i think there is something wrong here, i think you added more
    protein than you normally should you know this isnt how you make a REAL
    protein shake? im not sure if this is some kind of bad joke but you know
    kids are watching maybe they will go and overdose the protein then its your
    fault fucking faggot

  4. Nathan Alexandre says:

    *Too much Protein*
    — IGN

  5. ThatGuy Kacper says:

    Jack you forgot to add a spoon of protein

  6. Sn owy says:


  7. ShadowFlame740 says:

    (Insert comment about adding more protein)

  8. Fahd El khamlichi says:

    Protein shake but every time he says protein add some protein

  9. Max Himbigger says:

    I think I messed up. My shake is just a bunch of protein.

  10. Prickly Cucumbers says:

    Say hello to your new kidney stone

  11. the dead meme says:

    wait when do you add protein

  12. polelot says:

    hey, i dont have any protein, will cyanide work?

  13. Beth Blvd says:

    this started off so normal and then it got weird and i was like “ah here we
    go thats better”

  14. Bat Venom (BatVenom101) says:

    protein shake but every Protein is replaced with an Entire Reading of The
    Bee Movie Script

  15. Donyea Mosley says:

    But im allergic to ice cubes…

  16. I smoke paint says:

    does it work if I put protein in?

  17. Replicanoob says:

    now watch as this becomes the new forehead jokes of YIAY answers

  18. Aidan Gallacher says:

    No protein for Walter. He’s a very special boy.

  19. Taylor Graceffa says:

    Uh jack….This is really awkward, but I think you forgot to add protein to
    the shake :/

  20. IAmTot says:

    EW! That’s disgusting. How could you POSSIBLY drink this without adding

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