Protestor off-screen interrupts Colin Powell interview by sonofthebronx CBS This Morning CBS

Protestor off-screen interrupts Colin Powell interview by sonofthebronx CBS This Morning CBS

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20 Responses

  1. kd says:


  2. Paolo Marinelli says:

    +1 million of deaths because of his lies and he smiles.

  3. Temujin says:

    murdering scum powell. no better than bush. lying sack of crap.

  4. AF A says:

    He is the least evil among the gang, but he is also a war criminal.

  5. MonopolyRSV says:

    colon Powell has been getting rammed for so long that he couldn’t fart
    properly if his life depended on it

  6. avantifl says:

    Powell, Cheney, Rumsfeld, BUSH are War criminals’ Traitors of America, and
    should be jailed by the World Court in the Hague . Think of the
    Americans service men who died and the 100’s of 1,ooo’s Iraqi women and
    Children that they murdered . They created ISIS.

  7. Gypse Guera says:

    Well,you gotta figure when a House Nigga like Colin Powell let them send
    him to the United Nations with lies of Chemical Weapons,which led to all
    those innocent Men,Women and Children being killed at some point somebody
    is going to call it on his Bitch Ass. FUCK COLIN POWELL EVIL MOTHERFUCKER

  8. Art Zavala says:

    It sounds like someone could use a Snickers

  9. D. Val says:

    Am missing something what is the thing that he did that was so bad

  10. corruptedkiller says:

    damn I had to go to school when this first started rip

  11. Bach Lati says:


  12. Aluta Continua says:

    He scared the shit out of Powell LOL. And Gale was getin ready to take off

  13. PhilanthroPwn says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

  14. Steven Nguyen says:

    Can someone explain to me why he was so upset towards Powell? Sorry I don’t

  15. Isaac Cruz says:

    We should just let the middle East settle things themselves. Let them
    behead gays and continue practices of their old barbaric religion. Let them
    murder each other. Let them build weapons and form a full army filled with
    west hating individuals. Let them destroy themselves, and once they’re
    done, let them destroy western civilization.

  16. Milan Borizovski says:

    “Is he one of ours” ?????? No he is not one of yours, he is one of the
    people who are being lied I think.

  17. Lexi Browning says:

    Why are 99% of youtube commenters complete idiotic assholes? Can you people
    just shut your “WIKI-based” facts up

  18. BAC says:

    These people like Powell are so out of touch with the American people as
    whole. They don’t give a shit about you and me. It’s all about special
    interest. There all in one big club, and you and I will never be apart of
    that. The only thing they fear the most is the liberties of the American
    people, the sooner they can slowly take away our rights in the disguise of
    security the better off they will be to accomplish any goals they have.

  19. Xtremedia01 says:

    He sold us the white sample in a bottle at the UN…. he’s FUCKING SCUM as

  20. Luke Alsup says:

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