Protests rage in NYC over George Floyd’s death as mayor appeals for calm

Protests rage in NYC over George Floyd’s death as mayor appeals for calm

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the Barclay’s Center where bottles were thrown at officers. Some officers were injured in the exchange. Police eventually moved in and made some arrests.

Outside the 88th Precinct, there was another clash as large crowds gathered with vehicles vandalized.

Also at the 79th Precinct, protesters tried to breach and enter the precinct, but they were pushed back by police and some arrests were made.

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82 Responses

  1. Camerashy says:

    No several minutes over 9 minutes repeat after me news anchor 9 minutes

    • Ian Bonnar says:

      They mean 7 minutes after he stopped moving.

    • ryvr madduck says:

      Autopsy reported Floyd did NOT die of the knee on his neck.

    • IceCream KownBrave says:

      @ryvr madduck yeah ight you sound stupid believing an autopsy, those people are criminals to began w, you’re a walkin L

    • ryvr madduck says:

      As soon as I heard the county coroner in Minneapolis reported no strangulation or asphyxiation I knew many people would claim it was false, the coroner was paid off, someone changed the report, Trump colluded with the Russians to write the report or some such nonsense. The report said strangulation or asphyxiation were NOT the cause of death. I just tell it like I heard it here on youtube. It’s on the internet too, so go check it out for yourself.

    • Zenigundam says:

      The media exaggerates any details that threaten the hierarchy of power. Just like how they painted Trayvon Marton out to be some 6’4″, 230lb street fighter and Zimmerman to be a peaceful 5’4″, 115lb churchgoer.

  2. A Z says:


    • TF2Fan1 Exact shots says:

      @plazid1 ummm yeah they do…..

    • TF2Fan1 Exact shots says:

      @lamar chapman not every department is like the one officer mate

    • TF2Fan1 Exact shots says:

      @We say no to pay to win bruh people are using an innocent man’s life as an EXCUSE to rob places, burn down building, ruin peoples lives by destroying their cars, stealing from stores, it’s not right

    • MIKE LEMMON says:

      Yup and it’s never your fault 😂

    • muffet nellon says:

      @Hedgehobbit Yes, millions by abortion, millions by War, millions generally ignored that are hurt by the US system.

  3. JCP Irish says:

    Interesting, no one talking about the correlation between pent-up anger and frustration over Covid lockdown’s boiling into the violent outbursts connected to George Floyd.

    • cuss word sayer says:

      It could be a factor but constant brutalization looks like the driving force

    • YangGangForever says:

      I’m so glad someone is finally saying it. Everyone seems to be ignoring this. The protests are honestly about much more than George Floyd at this point

    • Winter Hippo says:

      I think the whole covid pandemic and the lost of jobs and quarantine is playing a huge role in providing kindling for this fire.

  4. The One says:

    So covid-19 is now off duty while the roiting starts?

  5. LIBBY LEE says:

    Como needs to be arrested for the deaths in the rest home

  6. Sickle VVV says:

    “Several minutes”? Don’t lie!

  7. Madwrestler 145 says:

    Bad time for my cousin to move to New York City before spring

  8. Doggy Style says:

    I want justice too…but let me steal an air fryer from Target first.

  9. Guilbert Patrick Servando says:


    • S M says:

      Right? How self righteous. Is it perhaps because it wasn’t your loved one that senselessly murdered? Keep your self righteous drivel to yourself.

    • Guilbert Patrick Servando says:

      S M it’s my mere opinion, I don’t really care about being righteous. This is causing more problems. And that’s a bad thing especially during a PANDEMIC.

    • Greendro Emzzy Emerali says:

      Facts 😡

  10. Show Me What I Need To Know says:

    SO SUDDENLY COVID-19 ISN’T DEADLY ANY MORE and ya’ll feel comfortable in large crowds rioting. HOW CONVENIENT.

    • its not rael xx says:

      @NorthernLeigonare it’s just another one of those crazy people

    • Mat Hew says:

      @Debra Frazier can you speakusomeEnglishu

    • Xavier Sprister says:

      So deadly… Probably has one of the lowest death rates oh how deadly. People who recover show no after effects. Not only that people want us to clean everything even though our immune system relies on viruses and bacteria to strengthen itself. Keeping us inside raising depression and suicide. Damaging small businesses because of a virus with such a low death rate. Some people need to feed their families.

    • Behemiian says:

      Logic is not allowed here good sir.

    • TF2Fan1 Exact shots says:

      @Xavier Sprister mate my grandma died because of this, listen if u gave me one hundred Skittles, and told me that one would kill my instantly well I’m not taking that chance

  11. FACTS DC says:

    Don’t protest in Brooklyn. Protest Wall Street and Park Avenue and the Hamptons

    • Hal Walinski says:

      A protest in wealthy areas would like more like a Bolshevik revolution.

    • Mist Reviews says:

      People aren’t there yet. Too many Gawains; not enough King Arthurs.

    • Yeetwch Y Baban says:

      @Mist Reviews wym

    • Wwe2k #Annus says:


    • Mist Reviews says:

      @Yeetwch Y Baban Sir Gawain was a brute stuck in his ways that didn’t put things in perspective until the end game. He was on the fence with Arthur’s ideas, letting his brothers get out of control, but he finally saw the bigger picture when his enemies sharing his own blood finally got the ball rolling. King Arthur realized the old ways of violence, of subjecting the lower class of the enemy until the nobles ran out of “human fodder” was pointless. He sent his Round Table to bypass the drones of the monarchs and to assault their manors/castles/hiding behind their lines directly. Often, when the “Kings” hiding saw the battle on their doorsteps, they reformed quickly to Arthor’s peaceful reforms. Now on what I mean by, “They aren’t ready,” you can’t march into upperclass areas trying to destroy stuff, or your movement will die along with you. You have to be peaceful and more organized than things have been, and you have to go to the right neighborhoods, none this attacking your allies (*Cough* CNN) crap.

  12. Laurie Toma says:

    Protesting against injustice is justified, but violence is not. Violence is violence, whether it’s from the police officers or the protesters.

    • cuss word sayer says:

      It’s criminal to teach people to not fight back when they are constantly brutalized.

    • Laurie Toma says:

      @cuss word sayer You fight back with the people who brutalized you, not innocent people who just happen to be nearby when the rioting starts. You can’t just blindly strike out at anyone…

  13. TataSDF says:

    Mark my word📝

    There’s gonna be a movie about 2020

  14. eriksven says:

    1:52 Literally 3 or 4 other officers stood by, effectively condoning it. Cut the BS. Make real changes.

    • Vanessa Louis says:

      That’s what I said the officer had 19 complaints can you imagine? And that’s the ones not afraid to report him …they def condone it it’s just back firing now.

    • Jo Jo says:

      No. They helped. If anything they should getting manslaughter charges. Chauvin,who is a serial killer, that’s his 3rd victim, should get 2nd degree murder. Life in prison. And solitary confinement.

    • TF2Fan1 Exact shots says:

      Oh ALL the officers are being punished with up to 25 YEARS in prison

  15. Alexander Lacaden says:

    I’m glad I left New York before the virus and protests 😂 I stayed in Brooklyn so I’m dam lucky.

  16. Doge Bro 200 says:

    0:33 the start of the seance of an apocolypse………..never thought the future will be like this!!!

  17. Jack Thompson says:

    Everyone in May: Finally, it’s happening, a month without disaster

    The U.S: Hold my McDonalds

    • Ian Barreda says:

      @DARDANIA AL AND u are “Christian” hope covid discard you racist garbage

    • Ian Barreda says:

      @Andrew Richardson back to TV useless millenial.

    • Bad Man Jones says:

      Democrats: Hold my stop and frisk laws.

    • Dimon'te Harper says:

      @Ifrizzedlz no there wouldnt be protesters bc if this happened to a white guy then all those cops would be fires and there would be justice

    • Hindo Budh Kush says:

      @BB.8IDEN you ain’t seen nothing. watch when the typical briggas 🇵🇰🇮🇳 hit extra. The typical wiggas 🇺🇸 will be shook. The typical chiggas 🇨🇳🇯🇵 will be the new global policeman. Your lot 💞🇹🇿🇯🇲💞 will be kings and inherit the earth the new typical.

  18. Nikhil Bhardwaj says:

    Stock market will fall big on Monday morning I’m assuming ….

  19. lasvegasrockero says:

    In the words of Darnell Turner:
    “I’m sure with time we’ll find some comedic value to this”
    To me for example it looks like a metal party 0:28 that celebrated justice for all people. RIP George Floyd

  20. las vegas says:


    • TF2Fan1 Exact shots says:

      Do u hate the term people of color? I do! A lot! Black and white are both shades, let’s see humans as humans

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