The Sony PlayStation 5 launch event gave us a LOT of PS5 info.
Our hands on of the Xbox Series X:
The PS5 DualSense controller:

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83 Responses

  1. Mohamad Mziri says:

    When I saw Gran Turismo I knew Austin was loosing his mind watching

  2. Infinity Master says:

    Austin: ” Who’s going to buy PS5 disks when PS5 game sizes are like *100 GB?”*
    Me: THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I’m going for the physical edition. Not only do I like to collect (and physically OWN) my games, but also I don’t want to *spend 1000 years downloading a large game* thanks to my garbage local internet speed.

    • Riverdale tales says:

      Not to mention Sony has said most PS4 games will work on ps5 so all your old disc games will work

    • Googaba123 says:

      I have really good internet speed and I still prefer to have disks it’s just nice to have physical copy’s

    • MartinYTCZ says:

      @Riverdale tales That’s why I’d get the regular one as a PS4 owner (if i get one). To be fair, I might get it later down the road for exclusives, as I own a PC

    • Zavier says:

      Press Kevin To Continue the discs only exist to preserve the used game market

    • Drake Schmidt says:

      So what exactly is the digital PS5? Like how is it different from the regular PS5? Can you download games with no disk? And also can you get extra space for the PS5, like an add on chip or something that gives you more gigabytes for the console? And he digital edition, does it have unlimited space, I don’t understand how it works or what it is. Can someone smart please answer all of these questions?

  3. Kondri Janos says:

    “If your friends bragging about their framerate…”
    *Austin proceeds to brag about framerates
    “Lets be real. How many people are going to use the disk drive?”
    *Ken proceeds to jump out for the little folks

  4. Mr.LightSite says:

    Sony: The loading time will be much faster

    GTA V: Am I a joke to you?

  5. Mlungisi Dlamini says:

    Whell getting the Ps5 will be in my dreams

  6. ajyman 124 says:


    except the price lol

  7. Joel RL says:

    Sony: releases the PS5
    Wallet: OUCH!

  8. MKamTech says:

    The ps5 is gonna be the next “YouTuber giveaway “ console!!

  9. Po Lander says:

    I think this is the first video where he isn’t constantly talking trash about PlayStation

  10. Brodie Van Heumen says:

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  11. ShinChan 575 says:

    Sony : PlayStation 5 will have faster loading times
    GTA 6 : Let me introduce myself

  12. Zack Spicer says:

    Sony: PlayStation 5 Digital
    GameStop: faaaqqq….
    Everyone: RIP GameStop

    • 1000 subs for shout out says:

      F for game stop

    • lostsky says:

      tbh gamestop deserves it they trash for what they give there customer for what they turn in. i remember returning destiny when it first came out it was 60$ and they gave me 10$ thats dumb

    • MasterChip says:

      lostsky $10? I only $3 for a new game that I payed $100 for. No cap

    • Dr. Waffle says:

      Let’s be honest ppl are more likely to buy discs than digital because it means they can sell them on, they have faster download time and they use less space

    • Omni Phantom says:

      @MasterChip I got 15 member points for my xbox 360

  13. AbnerJadeAlexson says:

    where I’m from, there ain’t no one gonna buy the digital edition.

  14. Raeshaan Appalraju says:

    Austin Evans:

    “Generally speaking”
    “Takes advantage of”

  15. Lu Las says:

    Ps5: exists
    My wallet: ah sh*t here we go again

  16. Finger Uke (Stephanie) says:

    “But is it going to support media features?’ – *Sony shows first party media remote (which there hasn’t been since ps3) with a microphone for voice commands and a TV button…* Umm…

  17. Benjamin Pavel says:

    Must be nice living a nice big city with really high optic internet speed to able to scoff about the Disk Edition…100GB is A LOT of data, not to mention how nice is to have a physical disc because then you actually OWN the game and can resell it when you’re done with it and is not something you want to keep.

  18. Joseph Pawlowski says:

    The fact that the disk drive looks like an afterthought 😂😂😂

    • Tomasz Starzyk says:

      I agree. Maybe too many people complained about they can’t find the slot in PS4 😂😂😂😂 I actually prefer PS4 design then the futuristic router PS5

    • John Guilford says:

      Regardless, looks better the a big box that the Xbox is. 😆

    • AJG Vlogs says:

      @John Guilford yeah the series x design is pathetic. They were so lazy all they could come up with was a box? At least the PS5 looks interesting

    • AMZ says:

      All that matters is how the console performs, your not going to be staring at your console when your playing

    • Roger Espinoza says:

      @royalwave15 who doesn’t want to advertise their games that’s how they make money

  19. Prashant Vedula says:

    Wow this was not bad, I expected a biased review straight from the start.

    • anugrah goyal says:

      Prashant Vedula wow I didn’t know many people knew he was biased because Microsoft is its major sponsor

  20. Mikio Norton / MrStrawCloud says:

    Xbox : We made the Corsair One fridge.
    Sony : We made the Alienware router

    Side note: why did this start a whole war jesus christ these replies are just crazy. Why can’t we accept the fact that some people like xbox and some people like PS5. It’s purely preference.

    • Mikio Norton / MrStrawCloud says:

      ​@Lxthium I never said that PS5 was weak compared to xbox. However, xbox does have the edge in raw spec to spec power. I just said that power doesn’t tell the whole story. A lot of it just depends on the games you like to play and whatever you prefer to get.

    • dripdrop1400 says:

      @polmatchu u talking about the camera ?

    • Shadow Shod says:

      @Hazy likes Acid OH US xBoX PLAyeRS NeEd a FuCKInG FrIdge tO hAVE BEtTER spEcs than THE pS5

    • Shadow Shod says:

      OH US xBoX PLAyeRS NeEd a FuCKInG FrIdge tO hAVE BEtTER spEcs than THE pS5

    • Lexvon 777 says:

      @Mericaman11 Nope, the ssd is 2 to 3 times faster than the xbox, which means overall the ps5 will be faster than the xbox, the xbox, frankly sucks, both in hardware, and in looks, and in price.

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