PS5 isn’t as powerful as Xbox Series X

PS5 isn’t as powerful as Xbox Series X

The PS5 is official and…can’t QUITE hang with the Xbox Series X. 😅
Our Xbox Series X hands on and teardown 🔨
Can the PS5 beat the Xbox Series X? 🤔

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56 Responses

  1. Spenzey's Gaming and memes says:

    7:05 audio drastically decreases

  2. Scantily-Clad Platypus says:

    If Xbox can hit the right price point it’s gonna be one heck of a box

    • Fallen Fox says:

      TruthHurts less power on the PlayStation and we have backwards compatibility which makes us have more games soo what where u saying 😂

    • Derpler says:

      @Franz Kuntschnig You are essentially talking as if you know they will have the better immersive experience

    • Fallen Fox says:

      TruthHurts because the Xbox is gonna be like half the price and have similar power 😂 so have fun buying a pc that’s over $1000

    • Derpler says:

      @Andy Sales The only ones I have ever heard of is God Of War and Spider-Man…. The other ones are not that popular

    • Derpler says:

      @Oh No No Have you been living under a rock for not knowing the amount of exclusives xbox has?

  3. Sasuke Uzumaki says:

    Both consoles looking great, can’t wait for next gen

  4. Qui3t Storm says:

    I fell like if I get an Xbox, PS5 or gaming PC, I’ll still have buyers remorse either way. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

  5. IzzOne says:

    Why do I feel that they are gonna use ray tracing as a reason for a price markup?

  6. Ardijan says:

    The only winner in this is AMD

  7. Matthew Rickard says:

    Austin, you can just take the heatsink off and most dont come with them attached.

  8. NK Everything says:

    That waveform shirt is so distracting

  9. jamakasis18 says:

    Aaaaand you will still buy for the exclusives

  10. Zemby says:

    “there will be no load times”
    Me: Good Luck with GTA 5 loading screen

  11. XXSefa says:

    lets just remember until test groups gets defective units , so after that we may know how consoles are , its like a tradition now

  12. Aleen Baruah says:

    Feel sad for that laptop hinge :'(

  13. LilConnie14 says:

    Why is logic teaching me about consoles

  14. Schneduard says:

    Sony will need a beefy cooler aswell to take full advantage of their bosst clocks. Everything else would be wasting performance

  15. Ammaar Peerbhai says:

    I’m gonna wait till both consoles are released and reviewed by various people. Then will I make in informed decision on which to buy

  16. CrimsonSlayer7 says:

    7:45 – summary starts here

  17. PSN Apollo24zZ says:

    Damn i feel like Digital Foundry did this better

  18. Amigps01 says:

    I’ll probably get the PS5. Ive never really liked XBox games.

  19. Dreth says:

    Choice 1: A golden box which is empty
    Choice 2: A silver box filled with gold.

    You choose 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. dante devilhunter says:

    20% SLOWER than the Xbox Series X… oh snap, shots fired by Austin Evans!!!

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