PS5 – The Future of Gaming

PS5 – The Future of Gaming

Join us for a look at the future of gaming. Watch the live stream June 11 at 1:00 PM (PDT).

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85 Responses

  1. rebelphaan. ツ says:

    *”The Future Of Gaming”* more like the future we will never see if it gets delayed again 😂

  2. Kim Jong-Un says:

    Will you ship to North Korea?

  3. Zeach says:

    playstation bold for leaving the comments on.

  4. Gewoon Bry says:

    Sony on 11 june: Join us on 29 december….

    “The future of gaming”

  5. Psycho Mantis says:

    When Sony delayed the last event… Top 10 anime betrayals

  6. Sarab B says:

    Playstation: “It’s Rewind Time!”

  7. Bader Muhammad says:

    Everyone: *Waits patiently for the sony event*
    Sony: “So the reason we decided to keep the logo design similar to that of the ps3 and ps4 is because…”

  8. For The Love Of Noise says:

    Join us June 11th, where we will finally tell you the date that we reveal the PS5.

  9. Darkish says:

    Sony, after riots: LET’S F*CKIN DO IT AGAIN!!!

  10. Moody Blues says:

    June 8 Sony: Join us for the Future of gaming on June 11

    June 11 Sony: We saw that you guys enjoyed making memes and funny comments about the delay of the the event, we have decided to delay it further so that you can keep on making memes and funny comments.

  11. Melo Bee says:

    Any other year: The future of gaming

    2020: The future of delaying

  12. Dr-Easi says:

    Me: I hope the world doesn’t mess up this time.

    10th of June: *World get invaded by Aliens*

  13. aerorain says:

    “Join us on June 11th”
    Giant enemy crabs: *It’s showtime*

  14. Arda Arda says:

    Sony: “The future of gaming”

    Patient Fans: “The future is now, old man!!!!!”

  15. gian says:

    Who else clicked on the video only for the comments?

  16. Führer says:

    People : Waiting for June 11th
    Sony : we haven’t declared the year yet 💀

  17. Kxneki says:

    See you guys in 7 years when this shows up on our recommended.

  18. Nightmare Raven says:

    Sony: June 4th is the past, June 11th is the future 🧐

  19. Ahmed ElCheikh Ali says:

    Sony: “Join us on June 11th”
    Giant Leviathan emerging from the sea: “I don’t think so.”

  20. Cass0nva de Generate says:

    Look up “proof of a spider-man simulation” for the terrifying reality of gaming

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