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102 Responses

  1. kate mcnulty says:

    i never usually watch the physic twins anymore but when i seen “dolan twins” in the title i clicked straight away haha

  2. Emma Mendes says:

    Can they predict that Grayson will run me over soon ok thanks ?
    Ok wow so many likes thanks ig

  3. jeongguklol says:

    i would love to get a reading from them someday ??

  4. a g o s says:

    i literally searched dolan twins and this appeared and i didn’t think it was a collab in the beginning i thought it was the psychic twins talking about them

  5. Katie Davis says:

    Me and my twin brother were watching this , he looks at me and he goes “OMG TWINS WATCHING TWINS PREDICT THINGS ABOUT TWINS” I just look at him and slap him

  6. ILoveYou says:

    I love how Ethan was looking at them drawing

  7. ☼FFKING1140☼ says:

    Psychic twins with Jeffree Star? That would be a collab

  8. Kristiāna Krišjāne says:

    I’ve never seen Gray and Ethan so shy ☺️ lol ?♥️

  9. Lola Paddie says:

    Ethan had the most fake confused laugh at 0:47 why am I dying omg

  10. dolan wheeze says:

    am i the only one that gets anxiety when watching these?

  11. damaris costin says:

    *The fact that gray had his eyes on someone for a while now..??*

  12. etain o meara says:

    Here straight after the boys video!!

  13. Alexandra Parkinson says:

    who came from the dolan twins video???

  14. D B says:

    So I came to watch this after watching dolan twins new video… whom else

  15. rachel samuel says:

    ethan staring at them drawing is me when i see someone i hate ?

  16. Libbie Rose says:

    **literally is only focused on trying to read what it says on ethans jumper**

  17. Brittney Marie says:

    2:14 ethan looks so scared looking at the paper i’m dead

  18. Jaden Fernandez says:

    Next Shane Dawson video: The Mind of The Dolan Twins

  19. Yshark says:

    *Ethan was practically just looking at her draw circles for 30mins straight* ?

  20. ken adams says:

    *Psychic- starts scribbling on the book*
    Ethan – **screams internally**

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