Punny Gifts for Rich People! (Dear Ryan)

Punny Gifts for Rich People! (Dear Ryan)

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20 Responses

  1. Double _ DownR says:

    Your buns looking fine and fluffy what kinda meat did u get in there
    Me – 😮 does he even know what that means OMG


    Dear Ryan,
    go outside where there are many people and scream “the floor is lava”

  3. JaxBlade says:


  4. Charles TubeHD says:

    Who else is waiting for a RyanHigaVEVO channel

  5. RG GAMING - Clash Royale says:

    Dear Ryan

    can you do Asian trickshots plz

  6. Necrotic Speed says:

    Dear Ryan,
    Can you do a fidget spinner trickshot video

  7. Zaynab Kanji says:

    Dear Ryan. Can you make a parody for Jake Paul’s “Its Everyday Bro”??

  8. Enzo Renoux says:

    Dear Ryan, can you please teach me how to have my degree ?

  9. Xavier Savage says:

    Hope this gets number 1 on trending

  10. swaagg50 Productions says:

    Dear Ryan make a song about minecraft 😅

  11. Amy Lim says:

    Dear Ryan, can you do an actually ASMR

  12. Odysseas Karamouzis says:

    Dear ryan, can you make your eyebrows the same colour as your hair?

  13. Hamster Gaming says:

    dear ryan can you do a roast battle

  14. 6oSlicer 6oSlicer says:

    Dear Ryan do a epic WWE match with your friends

  15. PapaBless says:

    Dear Ryan, what’s the meaning of life?

  16. Kyla Heaton says:

    Dear Ryan why are you so attractive

  17. Salma Saribudeen says:

    dear ryan can u recreate the ankle swear from icarly

  18. NateTube says:

    Dear Ryan,
    What would you do if the floor is lava

  19. trusting virus says:

    Change your hair color now, you look a confused 13 year old mine craft player.

  20. Mammut says:

    Dear Ryan, see how many famous movie lines can you tell in 45 seconds.

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