Pups running for dinner, timelapse style

Pups running for dinner, timelapse style

Golden retriever cheese pups Colby & Bleu make the run for dinner over the course of about 9 months. Watch them grow!

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Here are the slow-feeder bowls we use:

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20 Responses

  1. Cris Castillon says:

    Drifting is hard.

  2. RAJohnson713 says:

    What are those bowls?? How can they even eat???

  3. Lawrence Bader says:

    you would wax that floor before feeding time wouldnt you??? ;)

  4. rusocabron says:

    0:52 food! food! BALL!! fuck it, FOOD!

  5. frarjen robbery says:

    am i an idiot for thinking that they just had a lot of puppies at first?

  6. aaaaalllss says:

    the buggers wa hungry on 29 weeks…

  7. TheVinceBros * says:

    Need For *Feed:* Tokyo Drift.
    *Okay i’ll let myself out.*

  8. Kittycat Girl says:

    So adorable!

  9. Deb Nwood says:

    Does anyone know the piece of music please? 

  10. Be YOUnique says:

    1:30-1:35 Oh stop being shy. 

  11. wadever05 says:

    The music makes it cuter! Bleu makes me laugh

  12. lolcutepeoplez9 says:

    Haha yeah dogs man. Tho my dog just stalks me while I get her food ready

  13. Ss Rampage says:

    cool timelapse style

  14. ProphetzProductionz says:

    You think they’d learn to drift a little better by the end! Awesome video
    though! Really cute to watch them grow up!

  15. bakerXderek says:


  16. Daniel Slaughter (Danielmore) says:

    you have so many dogs

  17. HMSDaring1 says:

    It’s like me trying to take a corner in Project Cars :/

  18. Blake Presley says:


  19. Chad Hotelling says:

    Today I went to Pet’s Mart. I walked into the store, searching for kittens.
    When found where they were located, I looked through the window. I saw a
    beautiful tiger kitten. There was also a black cat, with glowing yellow
    eyes. Then sitting in the corner of the case, sat a very young kitten that
    was missing it two hind legs. I was so heart broken. I walked to the front
    register and told them I was ready to make my purchase. I went back with
    the employee and they asked what kitten I would like. I raised my finger
    and pointed at the tiger cat and the black cat. “I want those two”, I said.
    I walked out of Pet’s Mart with my two new cats, because it broke my heart
    to see these two perfect cats caged in with some deformed monster. The End.