Q&A With My New Boyfriend!

Q&A With My New Boyfriend!

Q&A With My New Boyfriend!

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88 Responses

  1. Rohid Nablayy says:

    “He decides to give me a call on valeMTIMES day”

  2. Lucija Mrkonjic says:

    Mikey is her person. Stop the drama.

    • Kyana Turner says:

      😂 Why are you guys so pressed, let them do them. You guys are over here steaming,like it’s you’re “14” year old sister dating an 18 year old, your not related to her, both of them can make their own choices, so just leave them alone. Worry about your own sad lives,cus she over there living it up

    • Fatima Khan says:

      yea he also happens to be the person who went on live with diego to expose dani. how you gonna run back to her after hating on her publicly lol

    • Jezzbeary. says:

      larissa ackerman Dani and Mikey have been caught kissing and I’m gonna guess that they’ll definitely continue to do that. Also a video showed, not really leaked but it was in one of Dani’s videos, it showed Mikey about to rub her 🙀, his hand was down there until Dani saw the camera and turned around. I’m guessing they definitely do way more than that since they seemed so comfortable about doing that with each other for it to be the first time.

    • Laney Lewis says:

      I thought of greys anatomy… not even gonna lie😂 but I agree @Lucija Mrkonjic

    • Taylor Shyane says:


  3. Scarlett M says:

    Then can date even if he does turn 18. It’s legal. They just can’t have a sexual relationship since in la the legal age of consent is 18.

  4. Mia R says:

    “ *We DonT wAnT to POsT OUr ReLaTioNsHip On SoCiAl MeDia* “

  5. Kiarra Shane says:

    Idgf they cute

  6. Emma Hanson says:

    Who else knew they would get back together?

  7. Lo-Fi Sloth says:

    Dani: *if you dont shut up*-
    Mikey: *i f y o u d o n s h u d u p p*

  8. Kudzaishe Setayesh Makoni says:

    So she was also talking to him when she was with Ethan??? or……….

  9. alex snell says:

    does no one remember when mikey literally told everyone she’s 14-

    • Kids Yancoskie says:

      Maybe u should just ur business and let them be 😑😒💀

    • Jezzbeary. says:

      VeeTheGamer laws interfere with certain relationships you know?

    • Meena B says:

      This man wants to go to jail💀

    • Jezzbeary. says:

      PineappleGamer they have been caught kissing before and I’m gonna guess they still do and will continue too. Also a clip from one of Dani’s video, people noticed that Mikey was about to rub her 🙀 on camera until Dani forgot her mom was filming and turned around. Not only was he reaching down there Dani was moving his hand down as well. And they seemed pretty comfortable doing that for it to be their first time. I’m guessing they definitely do more than that.

    • bunnylover roblox says:

      alex snell that was last year so she be turning 15 and Mikey is turning 18 it’s just a 3 year difference

  10. Kudzaishe Setayesh Makoni says:

    She was answering one question for 9 minutes😂🤣

  11. Whateverrr Sir says:

    I like how it’s a “q&a” but they only talk about how they got back together :/

  12. Catherine Ortiz says:

    bruh in the beginning when she said “ if you don’t shut up “ and then immediately kissed him i want that

  13. Zamm M says:

    Ok whether she’s 13 or 15 or 16 he literally said that’s she’s 13 soooo we jus gon pretend now…

    • jasmyn erin says:

      Mecca moo i just think that if she wasnt actually 14 then theres literally no reason they would be going *this* hard to keep them apart. like, i understand not agreeing with her content, but thats not a deal breaker, they were in her videos and they were polite to her, and then it literally changed over night, as if they found something out. idk just a thought

    • Aneurin's Awesomeness says:

      Mecca moo nah dude. Even Mikey Tua confirmed it in an Instagram live back last year. That certificate was leaked by her OWN FATHER. Also there was an old post from 2013 from Jen celebrating Dani turning 7. If born in 2004, she would have been Turning 9 in 2013.

    • Mecca moo says:

      Aneurin’s Awesomeness I saw that live He was upset people say things they don’t mean when there upset. I don’t understand why hate on someone you don’t know personally you just listen to rumors in all it’s kinda sad really. I don’t care about all that cuz I’m not a hater she’s not bothering me but she clearly bothers you cuz you care so much. And I’m not a dude BTW I’m clearly a Female not Male but thanX. But I’m not telling you what to do if you wanna hate on someone you don’t know personally then fine but she still living her life tho.

    • Jada Nicole says:

      Mecca moo nah, Mikey said he thought it was fake too until police typed in the serial number validating the birth certificate.

    • Rachel says:

      Vlogs school/house she’s 14 u fucktard

  14. Maria Aladlouni says:

    this is like those forbidden love stories

  15. Umm Child Anyways Sooo says:

    She said they’ve been on and off and been in a secret relationship…. so technically she cheated on ethan. Idk but in my opinion that explains a lot about why he broke up with her and not cause of the free trip to Hawaii 💀

    • Petra says:

      Omg and then ppl tried to make ethan look like the bad person

    • Petra says:

      Not ethans fault dani takes her friends and boyfriends to Hawaii and plus dani was never greatful when ethan gave her presents

    • •*- The Fullest House says:

      She didn’t specifically say she was doing the whole on and off thing whole dating Ethan. She could have stopped talking to Mikey while she was with Ethan

    • Lorelai Grace says:

      •*- The Fullest House but Ethan did say she cheated on him and she kind of admits that she was talking to Mikey while she was dating Ethan

    • •*- The Fullest House says:

      Lorelai Grace Ethan May have said that but Ethan also used Dani for fame and free trips. I wouldn’t trust what he says Lmao

  16. Adeeba Khan says:

    I want a relationship just like dani has with her bang energy drink

  17. maya watfa says:

    no one: mikey: touching his hair throughout the whole video

  18. Alyson Garcia says:

    i like how she blacked him out in the thumbnail like we didn’t know who it would be😂

  19. Iyanna Mckinstry says:

    didn’t he say like a year ago that dani was lying bout her age and now all of a sudden he want to be with her again. and didn’t he say the police put the serial number of the birth certificate in the system and the police said it was real. or was that a lie too. haha

  20. Yarel ASMR says:

    so y’all saying that he called her a “literal child” and then goes back with that literal child smh

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