QB turned Psychic? Tony Romo Predicts Future

QB turned Psychic? Tony Romo Predicts Future

Tony Romo, former QB for the Dallas Cowboys now Color Commentator for CBS says what is going to happen before it happens in the NFL Game between the Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans on September 10, 2017 in Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN.

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19 Responses

  1. ITz Flipper 0k says:

    That’s my quarterback. Good job Tony!

  2. Austin Knighton says:

    What a legend

  3. rockzom says:

    Nobody can compete with this right now.

  4. Nukem567 says:

    Proud of you, Tony!

  5. Political Revolution says:

    Redskins fan here,

    Tony is about to be a legend in the broadcast booth! Listening to him narrate the game was like was like eating a nice steak after years of being fed Ritz crackers on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays.

  6. WORKSbaby says:

    Lmao he sed that’s aaaaa 7.5 lol

  7. Derek Purvis says:

    Romo showing off lol pretty cool.

  8. Faulk Akers says:

    Phil Simms gone forever

  9. smarioredd says:

    I came here like “There’s no way he could possibly…”

    WTF?! 😲

  10. Brian Dawkins says:

    grade A addition, I can’t believe I’m actually excited for Romo to call an Eagles game

  11. S CW says:

    Always remember when he was our QB.. miss him so bad already

  12. Claudia Salazar says:

    Tony coach for dallas

  13. K S says:

    Puts Phil Simms to shame. Just can’t help thinking how great Peyton would be at this as well

  14. JS8222 says:

    Spoilers, Tony!

  15. Man of Low Moral Fiber says:

    GOAT color commentator

  16. SaintsCanucks says:

    That man needs to coach

  17. Chrys Perdue says:

    I almost wonder if he shouldn’t be on a defensive coaching staff.

  18. Jeff Scott says:

    Tony is already a legend commentator

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