QnA with future Wifey

QnA with future Wifey

Me and marzia answer questions from twitter
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75 Responses

  1. Tempura says:

    Took me a while figuring out what phone felix is using, its the honor v20.

  2. HYPER 77 says:

    I thought it was Maria’s Channel cauz the quality was 720p

  3. slayer veganer says:

    petition for Jesus to be their priest

  4. Georg says:

    This is u Voice After 2 Months watch Barbie

  5. Yadav Asit24 says:

    How to beat Tseries = get married in india

  6. JigJig gt says:

    Invite elon musk to the wedding

  7. Benjamin Grimm says:

    Have you both learned Japanese yet?
    Felix: I’ve been listening to emmmmmmmmm…
    Community: hentai Felix?

  8. Momo says:

    8:17 “We’re not marri-” pewds just got engagement-zoned

  9. momo mikitty says:

    Is it me or felix keep doing pikachu meme “Aahh!”

  10. Nigerian Prince says:

    If you’re from the time machine incident that will happen in 2039 and came back here. Like

  11. Argenteus Eagle says:

    I don’t know why but I didn’t realize I was smiling the whole time when I watched this video.

  12. Retriever says:

    #1 On Trending, YouTube is doing their part!

  13. narayan says:

    Im not your regular viewer but im watched this video

  14. godlisa says:

    *Her voice is like a mixture of jellybeans and candy floss*

  15. YOUTUBE Gaming says:

    Their wedding is in INDIA.
    In front of T-Series HQ

  16. Ege Zorlu says:

    8:15 ….. that was cute
    Pew: maybe before we were married
    Marzia: *confused* we are not married
    Pew: °O°

  17. HellRaider _ says:

    Hands up if you are an old member of the bro army and spent your childhoold seeing fridays with pewdiepie and saw marzia in a video of pewds where he introduced her to us its really old

    Damn time flies i feel old

    • Jonathan McCann says:

      HellRaider _ I specifically remember the first time I started watching. It was 2012 I was 10 years old on a family vacation and during the drive I was very bored so I started watching one of his happy wheels videos and I got hooked, been watching every since. I’ve literally grown up watching his videos and seeing his content evolve as the years went by its crazy.

    • Vini Nobody says:


    • Artmir Krasniqi says:

      Amnesia days

    • Charlotte Storey says:

      Absolutely mad. I remember seeing him for the first time back in like 2012 i think from accidentally clicking the video and been watching him ever since. Gonna be honest, Felix now is way better then Felix a few years ago.

    • Dont Know Don't Care says:

      HA your old XD

  18. Investing Hustler says:

    It’s official we’re all invited to his wedding ! Let’s all show up ??

  19. Life am I right says:

    Petition for Mr Beast to be their priest

  20. Can we hit 4200 subs without videos? says:

    *_Marzia is so lucky ! Gloria Borger is such a beautiful Wamen !!!_*

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