R. Kelly disputes sexual abuse allegations in explosive interview

R. Kelly disputes sexual abuse allegations in explosive interview

In his first interview since being charged with aggravated sexual abuse, R. Kelly told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King the accusations are lies. The charges involve four women, three of whom were underage at the time of the alleged events.

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88 Responses

  1. Mr.Robert Broadway says:

    The media can make an innocent person look guilty and a guilty person innocent-Malcolm X

  2. BRIAN GARRETT says:

    I’m very surprised that his lawyers would allow him to do this interview in the middle of the case. Either they’re incredibly stupid or they think their case is rock solid. This is crazy.

  3. Graphik Dezigns says:

    If you’re too emotional, they think you’re lying.
    If you’re not emotional enough, they think you’re lying.
    You can’t win. It also doesn’t help when you’re on video pissing on minors.

    • Alexis Stewart says:

      +Namor Here unfortunately he uses it in an attempt to imply/invoke objectively when replying to specific questions. Which could be seen as manipulative and deflection. Cases in point body language in his reply to his past and how far back that was.

    • Philip Tucker says:

      The man couldn’t even form a coherent sentence and was stumbling and mumbling his words. The thing that gave him away was when he said absolutely, then said no it’s not right after.

    • Namor Here says:

      +Alexis Stewart of nothing else this will play out in the public sphere for better or worse

    • Jordan Crass says:


  4. BriMichelle G says:

    The truth lies in the middle of the girl’s story and his. It’s clear he isn’t holding girls hostage as we could tell the girls came and went as they pleased but the sexual abuse and underage sex who knows. I will say the story Jerhonda Pace told The Real about finally escaping by going to her uncles house next door to get shoes never made sense to me. Why do you need shoes when your held captive? You’re not going anywhere. And if your uncle lived next door the whole time you were held captive why did he never attempt to come get you ? There are liars on both sides in my Trump voice lol

    • What you were thinking says:

      It is sickening to see this happen to all of the greats. Bill Cosby, rkelly now Michael Jackson. Smh

    • Felisha Willis says:

      +What you were thinking no what’s sickening is them abusing they’re power and taking advantage of people. What’s even more sickening is your willingness to ignore it and condone the behavior. Idk about Michael Jackson, that’s still yet TBD. But this monster was caught ON TAPE now MULTIPLE TIMES with underaged girls. Have several seats…

    • StePh LePew says:

      I’m sorry but until you can provide some new evidence we’re going to stick to what has already been proven. He’s a pedophile and he took advantage of Aaliyah period?

    • isaiah says:

      And the girls parents deserve the same sentence as kelly if not worse.

  5. Patrick Astrel says:

    He’s just scared to go to prison.

    • Sanyc Arenales says:

      +Jawan James l

    • Johnny Renteria says:

      Naw he good Chicago Chicago prisons ain’t going to do nothing to him because he ain’t raping little kids it sounds f*****-up to say but there’s a lot of people f****** girls under 18 out here in this world they don’t make it right but there’s a difference between rate and a girl letting you f***** and I’m not sticking up for him I’m just saying how many peoples grandfather’s and Father’s done did the same thing back in the day

    • Mark Watkins says:

      He know he gonna see first hand about tossin salad and golden showers now…..Went in Robert Kelly coming Home Rebecca Kelly

    • J N says:

      Patrick Astrel more like scared to go broke

  6. jonahsmom99 says:

    A narcissist at his best! Such a shame because he is a truly gifted artist.

    • yumyumpeople says:

      “after everything I’VE been through”, like he wasn’t filmed urinating on some poor girl… Narcissism at its finest. Me me me

    • Marie Soto says:

      He’s a complete narcissist who lacks a conscience. His consciousnes is so seared he can’t see the truth even if it hit him in the face. He has deep deep seated fear and rejection. Notice how he won’t Answer this the questions directly? He’s gaslighting and acts like a baby throwing tantrums. Narcissism at its best.

    • Hol M says:

      They are all narcissistic!! All actors and actresses are not who they appear to be in real life…everyone thinks their gods but their really not, theyre humans too

    • Edie K says:

      Typical narc! Just like my ex. And they think they can get away with s…t without consequences.

  7. Phoenix 94 says:

    Innocent people don’t say, “I beat my case.” He thinks his pattern of behavior is irrelevant or something.

    • PEDROJELLO says:

      stop lying this white dude lied to the police about me trying to shoot him
      and once the court was over I was saying I beat the case every time someone asked me about it

    • Phoenix 94 says:

      +PEDROJELLO That’s a completely different scenario but ok. You see, he’s not being retried for that child pornography case. He can say he “beat” that case all he wants but his history of pursuing underaged girls is coming back to haunt him. People who have known him for a long time will come out to testify against him. Watch. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    • Mister Physics says:

      Innocent people don’t hand over 20 million dollars, MJ was harming minors, so obvious now.

    • DJ Roberts says:

      I’m sure he was trying to say I was proven innocent the first time, innocent still.

  8. Judah Cochrane says:

    R Kelly should’ve stopped while he was ahead these prosecutors are coming for him

    • Opinions, Facts And Logic says:

      They were coming for him since that Documentary, it’s good that he finally spoke up and gave his side of the story.

    • christian Williams says:

      Exactly he got away the first time .. this time the prosecutors got their sights locked on.

  9. ITTIBeats Jr says:

    This interview is possibly the worst thing this guy could have done for his situation

    • Jack1uptone says:

      ITTIBeats Jr Anything he say can be taken out of context or misconstrued. He almost have to say something at this point because the public been fed too much of these other people’s stories.

    • DJ Roberts says:

      I’ll give him credit, he went on one of the most watched news shows in the world.

    • Judi Gemini says:

      Probably did it for money to pay those legal fees, it would make sense if he’s really broke

  10. Leeta Lauxkeyy says:

    I’m sure there’s definitely some wrong that he did, but I have a strong feeling that a lot of these stories were made up or exaggerated to make him look worse or to get money out of the whole situation.

  11. Don Biggs says:

    The News media & the entertainment industry is wicked & full of Lies they did this same thing to Michael Jackson, & Whitney Houston

  12. reavleeful says:

    I would cry and be emotional too if I was getting ready to go to jail And I got caught. Those tears don’t move me.

  13. Ms BeautyBoss says:

    Why on earth would R Kelly’s team set up an interview with Gayle King (Oprah’s best friend)? Where is his lawyer?

    • D. C. says:

      His lawyers knew NOTHING about this. No way, no how. What lawyer who genuinely wants to ensure your freedom would tell you to walk into a lion’s den? Lol!!!!!

    • Nei Mamin says:

      He doesn’t have any money to pay his lawyer anymore. At least not a good one.

  14. Nathan Moore says:

    Crisis management: R. Kelly you can’t give interviews. It’s not gonna help.

  15. MrSugardove says:

    we won’t believe r Kelly because he supposedly lied before……. but the media that lies all the time we believe in a heartbeat… stop talking to me please…. negativity is what the world wants and that’s what they push for

    • legendary-1 seandisso says:

      Foreal they dont give a damm about the people he raped because they do it too this must be a ritual to elavate his career after this he will get off scott free and be making music again or in tv shows and talk shows this is just a joke to rub it in our faces that they are above the laws people have been killed amd throw in jail for years for less then what he did but he gets a tv interview rightttt!!!

    • StePh LePew says:

      Awwwww we’re so glad you’ve seen the light!

    • warriorpluto says:

      +legendary-1 seandisso he didn’t rape anyone though

    • A Harrison says:

      That ain’t the point mf? this dude is sick. He’s a pervert and he needs help

  16. Mac Cheminais says:

    This man takes no accountability. He belongs in prison.

  17. Add Love!™ says:

    He’s also an? ACTOR, in his “TRAPPED in The CLOSET”…

    • Andrew Walker says:

      Yeah but the girl in the video wasnt 14 and Jocelyn was 19 when they met and is 23 now soo. I dont see how theres a crime ?

  18. AH says:

    “When you say teenage girls, how old we talkin??”

    • christian Williams says:

      +Russell Evanslol yeah and the second dumbest thing he said was in this interview when he says “first of all I already beat it.. How
      They going to come after me again when I already beat it”

    • Starfire10982 says:

      Ant Mccoy Except he didn’t mess with 18 and 19 years old. He was messing with girls that were 12/13 years old at the time. Aaliyah was 15 when she married R. Kelly.

    • christian Williams says:

      +Starfire10982 exactly. He needs help. I knew a guy like this who is now in jail for statutory rape. 18 + 19 is too old for them… They like underage they like the Innocence the virgin aspect.

    • Karo James says:

      Do we even have holy teenage girls these days or back them…what where they doing with R.Kelly these people are destiny killers..men fear ladies they’re destiny killers it happens to samson in the bible

    • Karo James says:

      +Indigo Mojo idiot that’s what you’re…..your sense is very shallow like pig

  19. sean white says:

    “I beat my case.” Probably not the best choice of words.

    • Paul Stewart says:

      Clearly uneducated

    • Jamie Pruitt says:

      Paul Stewart well yeah he uneducated r Kelly is illiterate he can’t read or write so yes.

    • Juan C says:

      I bet he wish he could ‘fly’ out that interview!

    • Juanita Finney says:

      It’s just too much
      He said a bunch of

    • christian Williams says:

      This man’s got to have the worst lawyer in the history of lawyers. All that money and he can’t get a better lawyer? first of all I beat the case how you going to come after me again when I already beat the case. LOL. And his lawyer couldn’t give him a quick definition on double Jeopardy. Dam R stop talkin! Lol

  20. Triva Gravia says:

    Whoever is lying, from either side, God will expose and sort you out..you better believe dat….a lot is at stake here…its no joke….

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