R. Kelly Interview: members of the Savage family address interview with Gayle King

R. Kelly Interview: members of the Savage family address interview with Gayle King

Members of the Savage family along with their attorney, Gerald Griggs, will address remarks by R. Kelly during his explosive interview on CBS This Morning with Gayle King.

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89 Responses

  1. Miss Maynard says:

    The savages aint genuine I knew from the moment I saw her mom trying to promote her boutique in an interview about her daughter being held captive by R. Kelly.

    • Qualeen Randolph says:

      I feel any parent who is comfortable enough to allow R Kelly to do anything for their young daughter after the first tape and after Aliyah, you don’t care about the well being of your child. That’s saying I’m going to let my child be in a room with a known pedophile, as long as I’m there. Ik my child won’t be sexually abused I’ll just let the pedophile imagine her naked, and let him imagine the things he can do to her. I’ll let him look but not touch, THAT’S CRAZY. R Kelly is a musical genius and yes he has help make a lot of people’s careers but, comparing him helping a young girl start her career versus him making songs with Lady Gaga and Keke Palmer their not underage, so with them it is just business, with young girls it’s not the same. That would be the first thing you would be able to tell as a parent. A lot of parents fed their kids to R Kelly which enabled him to do the things that he did, and a lot of parents kept what he did a secret which allowed him to continue knowing the horrible things he did. In the documentary about him and the Spanish girl was first, she ended up in the hospital with a disease and he and her I think $100. Why would her parents not press charges? He needed help, and he made a song about her, so he’s a cocky disrespectful pedophile he needed to go to jail immediately. There’s no way that this man will be out here singing this song that I know is in reference to me in a bad way because he stole my innocence and I know that he’s doing it to other young girls and I’m going to just let it go this was a start to something terrible and parents just let it go. HE WAS A TERRORIST and the parents failed their kids, which all played a part of a horrible a domino effect. It’s sad that the only reason why these women and parents come forward is because of tapes being leaked or money being offered to do a documentary. Then after the documentary everyone completely went mute on R Kelly, and everyone made their apologies for making their songs with and took them offline lol. Ummmmhhhhhhhhhhh it doesn’t matter now they’ve already made the money on the song, and they knew about the tape with the pee, him marrying Aliyah, and all the other allegations. It’s just in the #metoo day and age these allegations can’t be ignored but, one girl suffering back then could’ve saved 10 girls suffering along the way.

    • AprilReign says:

      +K_Money416 It’s on account that he is a complete narcissist – Like textbook case. Even turning everything around like HE is the victim. Or how it’s always about his self-aggrandizement, i.e. HIS career at ALL costs. In fact? Everything he’s been accused of fits right in w/ the kind of narcissist, quasi-sociopath that he is. Watching him flip out and make it all about him, and he’s the victim. I just rolled my eyes and thought what do you expect. I just hope any and all kida made w/ him are kept far FAR away from him.

    • Miss Maynard says:

      +John Ward I wasn’t referring to this video obviously. Look up their interview with megan kelly.

    • K_Money416 says:

      +AprilReign And I totally agree with you its no suprise thats hes been a pedophile its just I didnt see how these parents actually trusted him around their daughters knowing hes always had a reputation for messing with underage girls it just dont make since to me trusting r kelly around my nieces or daughter is like trusting a bank robber at a bank lol

    • Jane D. says:

      +PS4 & Stuff ???

  2. Crystal Nicole Jackson says:

    What parent takes their young child to an R Kelly concert? I have a problem with that!

  3. Brande MIDGETT-CROSBY says:

    They’re family isn’t helping this case. Let the feds do their job. I thought the feds told them to stay out of the press.

  4. Savior of the Mind says:

    Did they just take Rkelly interview and made it about them? ?

  5. tyia loves says:

    Still using their children for gain… still putting them in front of the media

    • Karima Johnson says:

      Aszia Fisher IF she was kidnapped WHY DIDN’T the cops go get her WHEN HE GOT LOCKED UP especially WHEN THIS FAMILY SAYS THEY KNOW WHERE SHE IS!! Not ONE TIME did they say THE COPS WENT TO THE PLACE WHERE THEY SAY SHE IS TO RESCUE HER! Something isn’t right!!!

    • Karima Johnson says:


    • Katrin Kabrial says:

      They are DESPERATE. I assume you don’t have kids.

    • tyia loves says:

      +Katrin Kabrial no I have two kids and no matter how desperate I was I would not use my younger child to help my grown child that’s my job,a parents job ,not a childs job

  6. Christian Seamster says:

    I swear this mess is getting ridiculous.

  7. Ask Nathaniel says:

    These parents wouldn’t be here is R Kelly was paying them $10,000 per month

    • Christopher McMillen says:

      I agree

    • Hieros Gamos says:

      Ask Nathaniel I don’t understand. Jocelyn Savage is an adult am I missing something here. Adult children have the right to live their lives without being involved with their family. So why is this even a basis of their parents concerned? What is going on with this case really? If Jocelyn doesn’t want to communicate it is her right and these parents of course cannot accept it and are worried naturally because they can’t get closure. Parents are stalking.

    • Warrior Saint says:


    • caveman_35seven says:

      +Hieros Gamos I agree. Kids is one thing…but i, not going to cry ad cape for a grown adult. No way.

  8. Karen K says:

    The sad part is that when he goes to jail – she will be so angry at the family she wont see them

  9. LaTasha Scott says:

    I have read everyone’s comments. Regardless of anyone’s opinion the actions of RKelly do not make sense. If I was a person with as much as he has to loose, if all of these women are lying, then REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THEIR LIVES. There is not piece of a$$ worth this. So nevertheless, he needs to still see his role in this foolishness…and if he wanted it to end, he could. Where is the transparency! ??

    • Sunshyne & Rayne says:

      But the thing is this isn’t a case of missing logic or sense. There is deep psychology behind why the man does what he does and that’s why we can’t understand it and why he must do it.

    • T Ruschele D says:

      OMG a common sense comment.. Thank you!

    • DATING DIARIES says:

      Agreed…I would have kicked them out LOOOONG AGO…can always meet someone else who is nice and grown..

    • Candace Reynolds says:

      I been said that. If he would have kicked the girls out a long time ago he probably wouldn’t be here. But he’s one of those people u can’t tell anything to.

    • Kay Kay says:

      Exactly!! He should have sent them home when this first came out in 2016/2017. This makes me think he has a problem he can’t control.

  10. PHENOM The GREAT says:


    • DeeJai says:

      PHENOM The GREAT I could say that attorneys usually groom you to be ready for questions that will be asked and how you should answer them!

    • T Grip says:

      This ain’t nothing new I’m sure they have cried about this plenty of times before. Do you cry every time you talk about someone you lost?

    • Vitalis Shoniwa says:


    • Armando Sanchez says:

      Stop whining! Yeah they might be money hungry seeking attention but it doesn’t erase that R Kelly is TRASH and he’s going down!!!…

  11. Jeanette Jones says:

    This lawyers hair is irritating me

  12. MzKeeKee says:

    I see why she don’t want to be bothered. They doing to much.

    • MzKeeKee says:

      +SUPER EXTRAsixty Get her back from what. A relationship that they don’t condon. Cause you don’t like her lifestyle. Its her choice.

    • Lucy's Pearl says:

      +Lakeisha Rome – Like not choose R. Kelly to catapult her singing career?

    • Lucy's Pearl says:

      +MzKeeKee – Bad avatar! ?

    • Le Val says:

      Aszia Fisher She saw them in court and ignored them. She’s not held against her will. They knew his past but wanted their daughter to work with him for fame. Now they’re getting it. This is disrespectful to real victims held against their will. She has chosen not to speak to them. Just leave her alone. You don’t hear from the other lady’s family. These guys are making a media circus out of this. If they kept it private, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  13. D. Knight says:

    Why does this look rehearsed from the kids?

    • juju lewis says:

      Stephanie Tanksley First of all, the baby sister had NO IDEA what she was saying, that baby had her words all mixed up and didn’t know how to keep up with it all, they tried to rehearse that poor child into saying something, she made no sense what she said!

    • Debbie Manning says:

      +Stephanie Tanksley EXACTLY. Thats normal. Come on now.

    • Stephanie Tanksley says:

      +juju lewis Doesn’t matter, she was very brave to do this and I can only imagine how fearful she is of men after her big sis is with this bad man, that the police and news are chasing. She is after only 11. Most 11 year olds can barely get through an Easter speech let alone this high pressure situation.

    • Anastasia Brown says:

      D. Knight because it more than likely it is

  14. The Camari Show says:

    IF SHE wanted to talk to them…. How do we know she isn’t estranged from them BY CHOICE. I don’t talk to half my damn family right now. ADULTS DO NOT HAVE TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR FAMILIES.

    • Debbie Manning says:

      +Jovaughn Thomas TASHAK has interviewed his brother several times on here.

    • Debbie Manning says:

      +Hieros Gamos what you are missing is about 5 yrs. Thats how long girl has been gone. She stopped associating with fam 2yrs ago when she was “grown”. She was a minor when rkelly persuaded her to stay.

    • nyahmanis mommy says:

      Right & their’s a video of them yelling at her. Attacking her. Im giving this family the side eye.

  15. Alicia Johnson says:

    They said she called she called and the phone call was 15 secs then they said it was a text I’m confused ?

  16. StyledChic2 says:

    This is a hot ghetto mess.

  17. Ericka Carter says:

    These folks are tripping! They’re making the real victims look bad….OMG

  18. J Rich says:

    Where were the parents when she left the court in Chicago???

    • Sabrina Lee says:

      J Rich the police told them not to go

    • caveman_35seven says:

      +Sabrina Lee But then the police told them to get on the news and have a press conference, about how they cant see their daughter. Yeah…..makes sense.

  19. post peel says:

    Damn they want that reality show soooo bad ?

  20. The Money Management says:

    I don’t care how many tears ? R Kelly cries, NOTHING about this feels right. Absolutely shameful and tragic, nothing less.

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