Radiohead – Burn The Witch

Radiohead – Burn The Witch

Burn The Witch.

Available here and here

Director – Chris Hopewell
Producer – Rosie Lea Brind
Editor – Ben Foley
DOP – Jon Davey

Art Director & production designer – Chris Hopewell

Post effects and grading – Ben Foley at Buckloop

Key Animators – Virpi Kettu, Louie Mc Namara, Oli Putland
Animators – Aaron Hopewell, Andrew Stuart, Rosie Lea Brind, Chris Hopewell

Set construction – Holly Jo Beck

Puppets and props – Elaine Andrew, Virpi Kettu, Bonnie Griffin, Lucy Roberts, Ash Clarke, Ella Baraclough, Bec Coates, Rosie Lea Brind, Chris Hopewell, Andrew Stuart

Production company – Jacknife

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19 Responses

  1. Thymerishere says:

    3:22 JOBE’S? My hint alarm is ringing!

  2. Laryssa Figuereido says:

    I dreamed that they had released the new album. When I woke up, I saw that
    my friend had sent me the link of music. It looks like I’m still dreaming.

  3. HipnikDragomir says:

    I was watching the video, too, but the song just took me away. So gud.

  4. Leah Selman says:

    & so gender nuetral, I didnt even think about sex the whole time watching
    it (gag)

  5. REAL JAPANESE says:

    What does this video mean?

  6. Iwrote Somestories says:

    This song be about Trump I bet

  7. weatheranddarkness says:

    Has shades of House of Cards with the townscape being somewhat abstracted
    and cut short. Come to think of it there’s something of a similar vein in
    the cover art for Hail to the Thief and the video for Pyramid Song as well.

  8. Mars EXQS says:

    So nobody understand this song is about twitter ! The Blue bird for f*ck’s
    sake !! They deleted all their contents on facebook and twitter !! It’s
    quite obvious now ! This song is about the dogmatic behaviour of people on
    social media !

  9. SilverNOte Just No says:

    This is just plain demented

  10. Joeveno says:

    You kept me waiting, huh?

  11. Karina Gómez says:

    I love u Radiohead ??

  12. Lucien Light says:

    Sometimes music feels or looks like colour… Lots of white noise I feel

  13. Albert vincent Corgan says:

    Like si eres un Latino fan de Radiohead 😀 !!!

  14. Puregold STF says:

    wow, the first upload in 4 years. pretty damn good, i have to say.

  15. Connor Leary says:

    A bit underwhelming. It feels like Radiohead are on autopilot writing this

  16. Zachary Winstead says:

    The Wicker Man Anyone

  17. AhMorreDiabo0 says:

    isso é uma historia verídica?

  18. Spruce Bruce says:

    Wtf Thom Yorke, wtf man

  19. Daniel Oliver says:

    How do they still make music that hits me?!?! It’s been like 25 years guys!