Ralph Fiennes Discusses Playing Voldemort – The Graham Norton Show

Ralph Fiennes Discusses Playing Voldemort – The Graham Norton Show

Ralph Fiennes explains how he made a child cry when playing Voldemort.

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20 Responses

  1. Rachel H says:

    Harry Potter Deathly Hallow Part 2 Alternate Ending, 100% authentic:
    Death Eaters and Hogwarts Students/Faculty are gathered in the courtyard as
    Harry lays “dead” in Hagrid’s arms.
    Harry reveals he’s alive by zapping his wand, which causes a gust of wind.
    Voldemort’s robes are lifted, revealing lacy, black garters.
    Everyone cracks up, Fred comes back from the dead just to point and laugh.
    Nagini immediately abandons him out of shame. Voldemort runs away,crying,
    into the mountains.
    The scar never pained Harry again. All was well.

  2. Lina Gomez says:

    I remember I used to be scared by Voldemort. Good times.

  3. Rytis K. says:

    Amon Gott is it? Brilliant actor.

  4. Michin Sin says:

    He really kind of destroyed Voldemort for me right now 😀
    Man I guess I gotta watch HP4-7/2 again.

  5. Peter Harris says:

    regarding the fine role for mallory getting the pigs ear from the dame
    should of heard amy’s rendition of valerie first

  6. Ding Yuan Guo says:

    Ralph Fiennes just made thousands of fans’ fantasies come true.

  7. D Way says:

    “I can touch you now.”

  8. codenameGIZM0 says:

    TIL what a gusset is

  9. Harreh Pottah says:

    I still find the voldemort in the first movie scarier

  10. Greg Albuquerque says:

    when i see Ralph Fiennes all i can remember is


  11. Sabrina Faire says:

    still hot

  12. Mary Emerald Lazaga says:

    If Voldemort’s nose was horcrux.Harry would never find it.

  13. Maddie Siegmund says:

    “Bet you weren’t expecting…THIS!” [Voldemort as Yzma] x’D

  14. Josh Clancy says:

    The best British actor ! Long overdue an Oscar !

  15. Uncle Moose says:

    Fantastic actor

  16. Olebull93 says:

    Wow, Voldemort is as mean in realy life as he is in the movies.

  17. Drew Hardy says:

    What a magnificent accent <3

  18. Cinema Playground says:

    I’d enjoy what Ralph was saying if they hadn’t interrupted him so much

  19. Kyle Heslin-Rees says:

    Was the little child Jewish?

  20. Chetchet time says:

    Hagrad talks to Voldemort