Random Job Reference

Random Job Reference

When calling a random number to see if they’ll be a strangers’ job reference, we’ve accidentally found the best bloke in Australia…

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19 Responses

  1. Marcus Hudson says:

    Legend has it that if you are early Hamish and Andy will reply. Is this

  2. I ship you not says:

    It’s worrying how good at lying people can be :’)

  3. Jack Hamilton says:

    Absolute bloody legend James

  4. Sahar H says:

    We don’t deserve James. He is too good for this world.

  5. lordsysop says:

    please say that bloke was rewarded.

  6. MrBorderdown says:

    The feedback says this is fake, since the caller was listening to the

  7. jlg395 says:

    This is fantastic…makes me want to move to Australia.

  8. sei fuku says:

    Australian of the year

  9. Clarky says:

    Classic stitch up

  10. The Tiger .Sandokan says:

    James a bro for sure

  11. Frankie P says:

    If I ever meet James drinks on me.

  12. Jp Slim says:

    James for President…of anything. And Tim for Treasurer, naturally.

  13. 72vince27 says:

    James a real one. 80% of the people would´ve replied “who are you? and no”
    When they first called.

  14. JonnyPew says:

    This was brilliant!

  15. You're* says:

    In before this shit goes viral.
    James is a God among men!

  16. Neel Parmar says:

    Dear James, if you ever need an extra reference when you apply for your
    next job, I’m your man

  17. Vladibear Pony says:

    Can someone do subtitles? I hardly can understand what James says.

  18. Joshua Rafanan says:

    I can’t even get my real references to talk so highly of me…

  19. Jeffry Maiato says:

    I fuckin love this guy