Rapper Nipsey Hussle Killed In LA Shooting | USA TODAY

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Killed In LA Shooting | USA TODAY

Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle has been shot to death in Los Angeles, multiple reports say.

Law enforcement sources tell the Los Angeles Times, NBC News and TMZ that the 33-year-old rapper, whose real name is Ermias Asghedom, was shot multiple times Sunday outside his clothing company, called The Marathon Clothing, in South Los Angeles. TMZ was the first to report the shooting.

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Rapper Nipsey Hussle Killed In LA Shooting | USA TODAY

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68 Responses

  1. Aaliylah Isaac says:

    Only 33 man… we gotta do better.

  2. sky walker says:

    It sad that are real enemy is are own kind

  3. Nemo says:


  4. Avg Vet says:

    He should have won album of the year. Go back and rewatch his breakfast club interview.

  5. r Ivey says:

    Is it true he was doing a huge documentary on Dr. Sebi, who was also killed by the government?

    • James D says:

      +Shaun Kang They dont send a government hitman. They use someone to do the dirty work for them. If they did kill him they would have paid a rival gang to take him out or provoked them in some way. Thats how it doesn’t get traced back to them. Most assassinations are done this way.

    • V K says:

      r Ivey stop the conspiracy right now.. this guy was moving in the wrong circle.. most of the time attitudes get people killed.. sad but young black men have huge attitude issues.. they don’t respect anyone when talking

    • Kellz says:

      V K they just refused to acknowledge the wrongs in the black community.

    • Atr Dion says:

      Kristin Freedom ? it was a man that cleared Charlie sheen aids how you know he can’t do that ??

    • AKAndrea says:

      Gas & Diesel he didn’t have the cure for anything. You watch too much tinfoil vids and movies. It was a sloppy shooting.

  6. Whokidd Kazarez says:

    Rest In Peace Young man. sadly lost. FDT

  7. Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz says:

    Damn..I’m really gonna miss him..RIP Nipsey Hussle.

  8. p m v says:

    Rip..dont really listen to rap but its a sad age for any younge man to die .?

  9. Lia Y Schall says:

    My brother REST IN PEACE ON behalf of your Eritrean people!!????????

  10. virginia redbone says:


    • Tam B says:

      +Mike Eastridge everybody has their beliefs why knock someone in their time of mourning.

    • JOHN says:

      +DJWINDAGO ? and you know this how?

    • DJWINDAGO says:

      No disrespect Tam B I’m not the one going around saying there is one and a devil killed him. But people know he was gang affiliated. You don’t leave gang it’s a life long commitment you just can’t rebuff on your hood. Nip was a good man when you are successful you can be around the same people sometimes you have to do good from a far but that don’t always go right does it. But like all leaders they are taken out because our own kind is envy’s others or vice verse. Let’s see how our black community acts when He is put to rest. We will see if our blacks will change 10/10 it will not work we are done for well most of us.?

    • Tam B says:

      +DJWINDAGO yeah that’s why I said past catches you. What a waste if life.

    • Tyler Durden says:

      +Akhil Sharma make sure you don’t breed

  11. C marrow says:

    You can always tell the ones that are turning the corner, becoming a positive influence in communities meant to be forgotten. The ones fighting to give others a way out of life that was thrust upon them, pulling marginalized people kicking and screaming to success, knowing it would be easier to turn away from them and focus on themself. They are the ones that get taken, killed in the place that birthed them, built the survival skills and business acumen to become successful, but had the audacity to stay in that environment and try to promote change. #RipNippsey I’ve watched you for years push & grindto become something more.

  12. R-A-H_- says:

    “LA shooting” nah the government killed him because of a documentary he was going to do about Dr Sebi

    • Deezy Ankh says:

      +Byrd Man somehow, it’s amazing that you know everyone’s education level.

    • Clayton Clark says:

      +Manny B Black is the “new thing right now” & “white americans are going down”.. Bud give your head a shake, last I checked it was a black man who just died. Blacks will never organize and band together to take down White America. White’s run the government, banks and the prisons. They are not worried about some dudes shooting each other over crayola colors.. And White America loves “black culture”, dudes rapping about slaughtering each other over petty shit and treating woman like garbage, etc. They love the fact that your own people do their dirty work for them. It’s a shame what happened to this man but it’s people like you with your retarded comments who are the problem.

    • VertRnsk says:

      +Chase Jackson Why would gang members “ALL OF A SUDDEN” kill him now?
      Why not plenty of times, like the plenty of chances they had before..?

      Too easy.

    • VertRnsk says:

      +izzz guerrero Thank you.. why tf wait until now to kill him?

      Do you have an email to reach you at?

  13. Kota Kidd says:

    People will never understand what Nipsey meant too me!

  14. zeropointfusion says:

    He was inspiring, and I really hope he’s in a better place now because no man deserves death.

  15. Shayna Tailele says:

    “My thing is that I don’t give no person that much power over my path that I’m walking. Not one person can make or break what I’m doing, except me or God! -Nipsey” – RIP Brotha <3

    • Isaiah Ortiz says:

      Very sad, I’ve been a Nipsey fan since 2010 when I first heard and downloaded The Marathon on DatPiff. Dude was on his way to the top and was a very talented, and slept on artist. Breaks my heart. I felt the same way when Pac died back when I was 11. Now Nip? RIP NIP? We lost a good one…

    • Sandlin22 says:

      Seems like that didn’t turn out well. Since a person decided to kill him.

  16. S.CarolinaWoman76 says:

    Nipsey’s whole album is one you can listen to without hitting the skip button one time…..talented, community driven young man gone too soon. Peace blessings and prayers to his kids and family.

  17. Michelle says:

    How very sad! We are loosing our young men to hateful people! I weep for our kids and grandkids future! May Gob Bless his family and allow them to have peace and privacy during this horrible time! :o(

  18. Cuddyy says:

    “Tell me why the legends always gotta die quick” -Roddy Ricch

  19. BadWizzy says:

    RIP NIPSEY this shit feel real personal to me like I lost a part of my childhood. Never forget the summer in 2010 riding in my older brothers car and he was blasting your first mixtape. Precious memories for when my life was a simpler one and for that I thank you.

    Rest easy, you did good.

  20. Mira Anthony says:

    Turn to GOD indeed you never know what moment is your last.
    Make amends with him, GOD your maker, we will all go back to him oneday.
    Seek his forgiveness indeed he is ever accepting of repentance .
    And do not associate partners with him, indeed he is the lord of the worlds Praise to GOD.

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