RAPTORS vs WARRIORS | Toronto Wins First NBA Championship! | NBA Finals Game 6

RAPTORS vs WARRIORS | Toronto Wins First NBA Championship! | NBA Finals Game 6

The Toronto Raptors have defeated the Golden State Warriors, 114-110, to win the 2019 NBA Finals Presented by YouTube TV and clinch their first NBA Championship in franchise history, becoming the first non-U.S. franchise to win an NBA title.

Kawhi Leonard was named 2019 NBA Finals MVP, finishing with 22 points (7-16 FG) and 6 rebounds in Game 6 to become the third highest scorer (732 points) in a single NBA postseason in NBA Playoffs history, behind Michael Jordan (759 points in 1992) and LeBron James (748 points in 2018). Leonard is also the 3rd player in NBA Finals history to win NBA Finals MVP with two different teams (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – LAL and MIL, LeBron James – MIA and CLE) and the 4th player to win NBA Finals MVP in his first season with a team, joining Magic Johnson (1979-80 – LAL), Moses Malone (1982-83 – PHI), and Kevin Durant (2016-17 – GSW).

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82 Responses

  1. Goodguy 100 says:

    Guys Jeremy Lin got a ring before Carmelo Anthony ???

  2. Isaac says:

    Toronto won a champion without any lottery picks – great game by both teams

  3. Riceman says:

    now warrior fans know what it feels like to be cleveland

  4. Tony M says:

    A team from canada won, without a single player from canada.

  5. Angel Carmona says:

    Tommorow on First Take:
    -How does the Warriors losing the finals impact the chances of LeBron recruiting Anthony Davis?

  6. car dude88 says:

    As a Cleveland Cavs fan I’m just happy the warriors lost. Congrats Canada ??

  7. MidWest Ent. says:

    Warriors :
    “we didn’t have kd or Klay”
    “curry had no help”

    *LeBron* : ??‍♂️

  8. American Paisa says:

    Congratulations Toronto.
    Congratulations Canada.
    You guys earned it.
    Job well done.

    • Jo-Ryan Salazar says:

      @CarlosEdu And Leonard and Lowry.

    • Max Bear says:

      Except that there are no Canadians on the team

    • BennyWinZ says:

      CarlosEdu Ok and?? They beat the cavs with injuries. Than they tried hiring every all star in the nba. The Raptors are the 2019 NBA Champions. Don’t take that away from them u bandwagon bum. Injuries are part of the game. I bet u bandwagon warriors fans were hype when Chris Paul got injured.

    • Alex Taco says:

      @CarlosEdu look you can’t make any excuses you lost the championship and you still had 3 All Stars playing in this game even after klay left.

    • edgy princess says:

      CarlosEdu butthurt

  9. Stephen Stumpf says:

    My passion for the NBA is restored. Congrats Toronto ?

    • BORDER WALL says:

      @July Stylez ya, I get it. But people don’t like fair weather fans either. It was good for the NBA, I’ll admit. But as just another fan, it’s just as much my right to root against and laugh at what I see as being an uprunner.

    • BORDER WALL says:

      @July Stylez honestly, people like underdogs too. That’s why sports make such good stories

    • Dats a paddlin says:

      Hate Spreader They exit how they entered. Life finally gettin back to normal ?

    • noah wright says:

      @Hate Spreader ?

    • BORDER WALL says:

      @July Stylez by the way, you must be one of those middle aged mothers

  10. ツtyler says:

    very happy that cousins didn’t get that ring/championship that he wanted all along. lets go Canada!

  11. kevinerosa says:

    Kawhii just joined Joe Carter in never having to pay for a meal in Toronto again.

  12. Garbage Time Videos says:

    No free ring for Boogie.
    How sad! ? ??

  13. Robby F says:

    Kawhi restores balance to the force. ?

  14. DDMSteveB says:

    Ibaka getting a ring before Westbrook and harden was not what I expected. I’m totally okay with this.

  15. deEZ NutZ says:

    Kawhi got the first laugh of the season and final at the end

  16. Akshay Kallur says:

    Finally I get to see some emotion on Kawhi’s face!!

  17. Sulay11 says:

    Jeremy Lin got more rings than Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, James harden, Russell Westbrook, Vince Carter combined???

  18. Carolyn Crawford says:

    Wow! Such an amazing game. Congratulations to the new NBA champion’s! #lovethatleonarddude

  19. Damian Lillard #0 D.A.M.E says:

    *Raptors win championship*

    Nick Nurse: Lemme call this timeout real quick!

  20. Taimoor Shehzad says:

    Demarcus cousins – ” i want an easy ring”
    Kawhi – ” no shortcuts for success big dog”

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