Raspberry Pi 2 – Photoflash Glitch

Raspberry Pi 2 – Photoflash Glitch

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16 Responses

  1. Michel Leunen says:

    Le Raspberry Pi2 est timide, il reboot quand on le photographie.
    Il semble qu’il soit photosensible et réagisse au flash de l’appareil photo.

    #raspberrypi2 #flash 

  2. Lagspike99 says:

    Hi my friend, what is that song? :)

  3. woswasi says:

    You may not take pictures of the rpi2. Because of reasons :P

  4. Derek Dickerson says:

    Did you unhook all of that crap first to take out all the variables instead
    of hooking everything up?

  5. Gintoki Sakata says:


  6. Gradinkov says:

    Another video that could’ve been fit into 30 seconds lol

  7. Le Bublerkin says:

    Why did they remove composite video connector? It was the only reason I
    bought model B.

  8. Markus Blechschmidt says:

    Have you tried other light sources?
    I think that the elctronics in your camera generate a mini EMP that kills

  9. Markus Blechschmidt says:

    A Xenon flash circuit usually contains a capacitor that is charged up to
    350V. At this voltage Xenon isn’t conductive, therefore you have to ionise
    it. That is done by transforming a fraction of the 350V to over 2000V. To
    to this a little transformer ist used which is basically a coil. Ethert the
    field ov the 2000V or the magnetic field of the transformer may harm the

    I also think that not only the RPi B 2 will have this reaction to a Xenon
    camera flash. Any complex device might have these.

  10. Erik Domínguez says:

    Interesting discovery my friend!

  11. Rudde says:

    What the fuck?

  12. Максим Неизвестный says:

    Here is a clear example of specially laid vulnerability with electro
    magnetic radiation, so that in cases of war, the enemy appeared big
    problems with technology !

  13. Max utFOURunf says:

    This issue with on-board LEDs. All leds light when voltage is applied, and
    also can generate voltage when you make spot light directly to LED.
    So if light source too powerfull LED works as short circuit. It’s known
    Actually it is not a big deal. 

  14. Tobias Karl says:

    Diese Entladung erzeugt einen elektromagnetischen Impuls von Radiowellen.
    Im Nahbereich bestimmt in einem großen Sprektrum. Dieser erzeugt einen
    Spannungpuls auf allen elektrischen Leitern, so wird dann schnell aus einem
    digitalem 1-Pegel ein 0-Pegel und umgekehrt. Kann mir vorstellen dass von
    den Längstwellen bis zu den Mikrowellen alles dabei ist. Mit dem Handy geht
    das auch. Gewitterblitze machen das übrigens auch. Der Mensch ist also
    schon immer Radiowellen ausgesetzt gewesen.

  15. UXXV says:

    What was the name of the tune in the background ?

  16. Milos Lukic says:

    Nemojte da slikate Raspberry Pi 2 sa uključenim blicem 🙂