Ravens vs. Chargers Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018

Ravens vs. Chargers Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Baltimore Ravens take on the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.

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70 Responses

  1. Sandul G says:

    Who else is here from Baltimore?

  2. SD Native LA Chokers says:

    Thank you, Baltimore! -SD Native

  3. jamesmontana29 says:

    Ravens are dangerous 410

    • sherley pastor says:

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  4. Alex Hendershot says:

    That 65 yarder was damn close…

  5. romeo depaso says:

    I have a feeling redskins will be picking up joe Flacco next season ??‍♂️

  6. Lastgreek18 says:

    Not only this games was big for Eric weddle but also Lamar Jackson don’t forget there one of the teams that asked him to work out as a WR hold this L Changers

  7. Isaiah Gregory says:

    Baltimore defense is championship quality. No one wants to play ravens in the playoffs.

  8. -Z3us - says:

    Only Skip Baylee’s believed in us , let’s go Ravens , let’s shock the country and bring the Lombardi back to B-More.

  9. Ryan Heard says:

    I hate to say this because Im a Chiefs fan but I gotta give credit where its due. The Ravens look very impressive. I honestly dont think its going to be good for us if we gotta play them in the post season. When they played the Chiefs earlier in the season, I noticed that they were relentless on both sides of the ball. They are a very tough team to beat right now. Theyve obviously made some changes in mid season that has made them look almost as good as the Chiefs going into the post season.

  10. Dominic Gomez says:

    i’m not a ravens fan but i’m happy to see lamar Jackson doing well!

  11. Daniel Knight says:

    8:09 I actually gasped at how beautiful of a throw that was. That’s a big boy throw. Jackson has an arm!

    • Volka Deus says:

      Daniel Knight yes so many Ravens fans are crying because “we need Joe” and “Lamar can’t throw”. Love my team and it’s fans but the haters are wrong about Lamar ??

    • The Animal says:

      Do you think after that throw Lamar said I’m a big boy now like that toys r us commercial

    • Matt Taylor says:

      He’s got great potential to grow into a great quarterback, although I’m not a big fan of quarterbacks running the ball like he does, it makes them VERY injury prone, I’d like to see him roll in the pocket more instead of just taking off. Not criticizing, I would just hate to see a qb with great potential get hit career cut short cause he took to many hits from running.. coming from a colts fan btw

  12. Liberty City El says:

    Remember when the haters said Lamar can’t pass? Well he managed to throw for over 9,000+ & 69 passing TD’s in college so he maybe he can throw the ball? lol… If the Ravens had better WR’s we’d be a Super Bowl contender, we have an ELITE Defense & Elite running game, but besides John Brown our WR’s are all below average.

  13. MOBROOKS says:

    Man I wanted Justin Tucker to set that record!!!

  14. h1tman03 says:

    Where’s the Ravens Flock at? ??

  15. lor herm says:

    loving the team right now Lamar definitely is active I think he needs just more help converting in the red zone though but just way till next season ?

  16. Oesman says:

    Ravens defense is championship worthy.

  17. Hussain14000 says:

    I told u ravens are the most underrated team

  18. Lor Dj says:

    Delusional Chargers fans wanna blame the refs it wasn’t the refs fault that rivers threw 2 picks and it definitely wasn’t the refs fault that gates fumble but when they beat the Steelers off of bad officiating they was saying no excuses.. Just take the L y’all ain’t face a defense like the Ravens all year and when y’all did y’all got exposed soo many people didn’t think the Ravens had a chance this game. This the team nobody wants to see in the playoffs the #1 defense in the NFL and that’s facts?

    • Pokemon Trainer says:

      Lor Dj I’m a chargers fan your d showed up and shut us down I don’t blame the refs what killed us most that gates fumble late in the fourth, I hope you guys win the division and we meet again in 2 weeks gg, good luck the rest of the way, except when you play us

    • PUBG MobileLegend says:

      Lor Dj yeah, you’re retarded. Ravens defense is ranked #1 in total defense, 3rd in rushing defense, and #3 in passing defense. They are miles away from the Bears in terms of how good their defense is.

    • Pennywise Wadford says:

      Refs were trash. NFL not gonna let Bolts host 30,000 seat home games in the playoffs. Losing out on more than half their money if we get home field. get over it.

  19. Thegodly timmy says:

    Why people sleeping on those ravens???‍♂️

  20. Dylan 6731 says:

    As a Redskins fan the ravens would be like 12-3 or 11-4 if joe Flacco never started

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