RAW: Protests in Denver continue into their 6th night

RAW: Protests in Denver continue into their 6th night

Protesters in Denver have been marching for nearly a week in response to the in-custody death of George Floyd.

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50 Responses

  1. TopoChico says:

    Bunch of 20 something year old kids

    • TheNickAyer says:

      @ClanBez do me a favor? Google social justice. It literally aligns with your beliefs that you just wrote lol

    • TheNickAyer says:

      @ClanBez sweet dreams 😘

    • TheNickAyer says:

      @ClanBez I just want equality for everyone and a society that allows people to pursue their dreams and not have to live in fear of anyone or anything. Something tells me we’re in agreeance on that. I believe that to be social justice. You call it whatever you’d like. As far as the subversive elements you mentioned, I don’t see that happening in the facts presented, and I won’t be able to believe it until I see conclusive proof. I’m a huge conspiracy theorist, but these are human lives at stake. We have a responsibility to verify things, especially when it comes to life and liberty. It’s the American way. No hard feelings on any of this. I’m just trying be supportive of a community that has been systematically oppressed for 400 years. Please, have a blessed night.

      P.s: the ghost edit thing is terrifying to the conspiracy theorist in me.

    • Milz Wan says:

      You just had some butthurt idiot comment on your comment 9 times, and when I post this probably another 20

    • TheNickAyer says:

      @Milz Wan no, clan benz deleted all her comments. Tell me your name on FB and I’ll send you the screen shots

  2. Brandon Cairns says:

    Detroit isn’t much better but lol

  3. Florry says:

    wanna be friends?

  4. daris boivin says:

    c vraiment rendu fou votre affaire

  5. Nick Hamby says:

    Can anyone explain to me why this looks like a hangout and not a protest?

    • Mark Johhson says:

      Because you are seeing it from a distance and not hearing the voices of the people.

      American media generally censor we the people. I have seen good coverage from australian and british outlets.

      What a shame. I have to go to australia to get good coverage of the usa.

    • Josephine Aldana says:

      The crowd was very big and this footage is the end of it where everyone was relaxing for a bit. Before that, we all walked together around downtown chanting and making sure it was a nonviolent protest.

    • Cato Fordham says:

      Most of them were payed by George Soros to be there

  6. Canadabot says:

    Why even have audio if it’s just horrific screeching and helicopter sounds for nearly 2 hours?

  7. YUNG SCUFFED says:

    do something about the audio!!!!

    • Will Archer says:

      Sure, it’s called volume control buttons. They’re on the side of your smart phone. You should try it. It’s all the craze. People turning shit up and turning shit down. It’s pretty fuckin nifty.

  8. BRISSIE CHICK says:


    • Will Archer says:

      @Mark Johhson oooooh! Mark, you’re such a rebel with “ftp” so brave and tough🤣

    • hellrazor 187 says:

      @Mark Johhson where has a Denver police officer or any officer in Colorado killed someone in the recent days?? So should we consider every person that has the same color hair or the same color of eyes or even works the same type of job as you a fuckwhit with zero brain cells and has no real chance at being a decent human being in this state? No we shouldn’t because even though they share similarities with a total shitbag human being they are their own person and have their own way of doing things a certain way! Is it fair to call you a Nazi piece of shit because your more or less thinking the same way Hitler did about the Jews except your spewing hate towards ALL police officers because of the actions of a few shitty officers have done! Your only excuse for hating all cops is because they share the same uniform and badge with a few cops who really are bad people… That logic behind you and everyone else who is holding officers responsible for things they have absolutely nothing to do with is so immature and a prehistoric way of thinking it’s quite sad!! and in all honesty I bet the majority of cops probably feel bad for George’s family! So GTFO with your stereotyping bullshit and go March your ass right into a college ] and learn something that you can use to contribute something positive into the community

    • Marshal S says:

      Where do you see them? Soon the capital will be in flames.

    • Milz Wan says:

      @TheNickAyer they also have to keep people from killing people, and not burning down a capital, again that’s hard work, you have a group of about 500 people and you have to watch all of them to make sure they’re not tryin to start a fight

    • TheNickAyer says:

      @Milz Wan we get it, you hate democracy.

  9. Your Mom says:

    I wanna see more social distancing going on

    • Lauren Wyatt says:

      and I want to see more justice 💅

    • Drew E says:

      This is a great example of *herd immunity* .. people who are willing to risk it to gain immunity which translates into a slower spread.

    • Katherine Easton says:

      Drew E Heard immunity is a completely unfounded theory that has no validity. Our own scientists have said believing is such a “magic cure” is reckless. Stop spreading lies.

    • Meron kibaKidus says:

      98% of us were wearing mask and 6feet apart. Thank you for your concern ❣️

  10. Mrs Wifey says:

    I’m impressed & it’s super organized I see the look outs on the bikes etc strategy is great 👍 guys no violence please ! But great job win the numbers that’s MASSIVE !!!!!!!!!

  11. RockyMtnRio says:

    Is this about George Floyd or George Soros??? Q

  12. Bobby Glander says:

    So thats how the 2nd wave happens…
    Okay ….

  13. Tomas Lujan says:

    Any1 get looters in the surroundings cities

  14. KXTA says:

    A peaceful night of protests. Glad to see so many people stand up for justice.

  15. Robert Frost says:

    In the 1920’s, Democrats lynched black men, burned their businesses, churches, and homes, claiming they were getting “justice.”
    In 2020, Democrats demand the lynching of cops, burn businesses, churches, and homes, claiming they were getting “justice.”

  16. Mike B says:

    This is what Martin Luther King fought for?

    Fought and died for?

  17. Milz Wan says:

    what’s Denver gonna do? Ask nicely to get them arrested? Get that outa other states, keep it localized, and we’re not gonna have a civil war over someone dying, 1 single person. Maybe if it was someone more important (no offense George Floyd) but when it’s someone with a decade long criminal history this is a bit excessive

    • Sleeping giant of Yamamoto says:

      The protest is just a smoke screen for the media. Let’s watch these commie’s while the rest riot, loot, burn, assault, murder, vandalize, and break every law and rule, except the mask’s those aid in the bedlam.

    • NA NA says:

      If you think this is about 1 single person you are part of the problem. Police kill about 1900 unarmed people annually in the united states. With dozens and hundreds of cases ON VIDEO. exactly like floyd.

    • Sleeping giant of Yamamoto says:

      @NA NA let’s get rid of police all together then. You got anything i want? I’m going to come take it by force, ya know… For justice.

  18. Sleeping giant of Yamamoto says:

    So the liberals get a block party but you can’t go to work. No one’s seen lord farquaad polis for days now.

  19. SKULL says:

    Damn looks like a zombie movie

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